Obama Appointee Hid Details From Media On Extravagant Event

One of President Obama’s lackeys or shall we say political appointees was so embarrassed of information that was related to overspending at a recent event. According to a newly released report by the agency’s Inspector General, the General Services Administrations(GSA)conducted a champagne soaked employee “team building” conference in Las Vegas in 2012.

Prior to the videos being released a concerned employee who was worried the videos were wasteful and of huge distaste was demoted to the General Services Administrations daycare center after speaking out. The items that were being withheld were emails about massive employee bonuses and videos, including one where employees pretended to be monkeys. Officials had to then be brought in after it was identified that public information was being stonewalled and must be released.

The reports and emails were finally produced in January 2013, but did not receive full political clearance for 11 months. It has been noted by the IG that, “the amount of time taken was not necessary to the proper processing” of the request.

The videos that were finally released show Ben Kochanski, GSA’s Deputy Regional Commissioner for the Public Buildings Service, making a movie reenacting scenes from the movie “Rocky” on Manhattan streets. More videos reveal GSA officials rapping and playing what appears to be explosives, as they act out Mission Impossible. A last video shows a “GSA employee conducting a seminar for a room full of screeching GSA employees/monkeys who continue drinking and partying until he joins them in the dance routine.”

Ultimately, it does not appear at this time that any course of action has been taken with any employees or political appointees. The White House “did not alter or expand what was redacted,” according to the IG. It should be noted that by the time the report was released it was such old news that people had already moved on.