Trump Supporters To Boycott Oscars


(The Telegraph) Just over a month into the presidency of Donald Trump, hostilities are expected to be resumed between the new incumbent of the Oval Office.

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Mr Trump, perhaps conveniently, will not be watching as he and the First Lady will be attending the Governors’ Ball in Washington.

But his supporters have already made it clear that they will have no truck with people they regard as “Limousine Liberals”.

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  • KingDon

    The Oscars is simply a get-together of entertainment minions where they compete for a little shiny trophy and give those in America who have no real lives something to occupy their minds for a few hours one evening each year.

  • Henry L

    I do not understand why people still watch their garbage.

  • June1991

    Haven’t watched for years. Couldn’t tell you what movie has ever won for the last 15-20 years. All garbage anyway. It’s just a pat-each-other on the back fest.