The Six Most Powerful RINOs In The United States Senate: Mitch McConnell (2 of 5)



Senator Mitch McConnell has been involved in politics since the 1960s; He has served in various political positions and elected offices since college. McConnell was elected to the Senate in 1984, and was elected to his sixth term in 2014. From 2003-2007 he served as the Republican Whip. He has been the Republican Leader of the Senate since 2007. After the 2014 election, McConnell was selected as Senate Majority Leader. In addition to his leadership role, he sits on the Appropriations, Agriculture, and Rules and Administration Committees.

According to the Conservative Review:

“As GOP leader of the U.S. Senate, assessing McConnell’s conservative record goes much deeper than analyzing his votes, as he plays an outsized role in shaping Republican priorities and positions. While attempting to tack right over the last couple of years on style and substance, analyzing the long arc of McConnell’s career finds the shift is not grounded in conviction, but is rather an opportunist capitalizing on the resurgence of the conservative movement. McConnell is the consummate D.C. insider and calculated politician who rarely lets conviction get in the way of a “good” political move.

While quietly voting with conservatives throughout his career on issues related to life, guns (although he has taken a number of bad votes), and most tax issues, McConnell has failed to lead for conservatives on most critical issues during his time in leadership. In the few instances where he has publicly or privately spearheaded an initiative, it was for some of the most unpopular causes with conservatives, such as the Wall Street bailout, fiscal cliff tax increases, and debt ceiling increases.”

McConnell occasionally votes conservatively, but he has never used his leadership position to lead the Republicans against questionable policies, such as amnesty for illegal aliens, the war in Syria, and large spending bills. The only time McConnell has significantly led a conservative fight was in the battle against McCain-Feingold and other efforts to limit free speech. He has been active recently in fighting against the Obama administration’s war against coal, but only because it impacts his home state of Kentucky.

Senator McConnell’s career peaked after becoming Senate Majority Leader in January of 2015. As a result, it has become difficult for him to stay out of the center of attention on key issues. He has consistently faltered as the Republican leader in the Senate as he has to choose between aligning with the conservative base or satisfying his K Street donors and lobbyists.

Unfortunately, he regularly chooses the latter.

  • Sharpshooter

    The first time Obama makes a sharp right turn, McConnell will probably break his neck!

    • Edchero

      I held my nose & voted for this POS last year. If you could only have seen the stupid b—h running against him, you would understand!!

      • survivor33

        Edchero, nobody could be worse than Ovomit and administration. Anybody would have made a better pres than Ovomit/Moocher-elle or Hitler-y.

        • Edchero

          You mis-interpreted me! Of course, obama, hillary, etc are the very pits. I was referring to McConnell when I said I held my nose & voted for him. His opponent was a woman named Allison Lundergreen-Grimes, a Kentucky version of hillary!!

          • survivor33

            OK, sometimes my mind is going faster (or slower) than my reading. Glad we’re on the same page.


    mcconnell has been in Congres WAY too long and needs to be fired. He is a rino and kisses obama’s butt every day and asks him what else can he do for obama to help destroy America.

  • USMCret

    And here is another POS who is a traitor to his constituents and every citizen of this great REPUBLIC ! ! ! ! !

  • Most Rev. Archbishop Gregori

    Personally, seeing how the Republican members of the House and those of the Senate have refused to make any kind of move to stop Obama or to impeach him, and not stopping the GOP from allowing three constitutionally ineligible candidates from running for president, I believe that EVERY member of Congress, House and Senate, are traitors and anti-constitution.

  • flicker66

    Useless piece of crap.

  • JBRoux

    Mr. McConjob, you’ve had a very prosperous career, now goodbye.

  • chillbox

    McConnell makes me sick to my stomach! We need to get rid of him