The Six Most Powerful RINOs In The United States Senate: John McCain (1 of 5)


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There is no debate that Senator John McCain is a war hero. Born in Panama Canal Zone on August 29, 1936, McCain graduated from the United States Naval Academy and the National War College. During the Vietnam War he served as a U.S. Navy pilot and was a prisoner of war in Vietnam from 1967-1973. During that time he was tortured, and after being released he received numerous awards, including the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, the Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

John McCain was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1982, served for two terms, and in 1986 he was elected to Barry Goldwater’s seat in the Senate. Senator McCain is currently serving his fifth term.

For the past 15 years, McCain has notably moved away from the Republican Party platform and seems to take pride in the nickname of “maverick.” As a member of the far-left Republican Main Street Partnership, he embodies the group’s unstated mission statement of destroying conservatives within the Republican Party.

His influence is significant as he is the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Indian Affairs committees.

So what has he done to earn the ire of conservative Republicans?

According to the Conservative Review:

• McCain is the lead author of the bill to regulate modern campaign finances (McCain-Feingold), a move that was universally condemned by conservatives as unconstitutional and tendentious to incumbent politicians.
• He has also been the leading voice within the Republican Party for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.
• He opposed the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts, and is widely blamed for watering down the cuts and forcing sunset provisions that have caused some of the tax rates to expire.
• As a member of the Commerce Committee, McCain pushed for global warming and cap-and-trade style regulations on energy output, in addition to opposing some proposals to drill for oil.
• He has also been more open to federal mandates and regulations on private industry and weak on certain liberty issues.
• His advocacy of limiting campaign contributions and regulating tobacco shows a penchant for using robust federal powers and big government to limit freedom.

McCain has always taken the lead on foreign policy and as a member of the Foreign Relations and Armed Services Committees, he has pushed for very interventionist foreign policies, including supporting all insurgency movements attempting to displace dictators in foreign countries.

Not only has McCain been weak on tax and regulatory issues, he has been a vote for Democrats on many other key issues, while helping to strategize and secure votes for them against conservatives. Ultimately, it is clear that McCain is no conservative and even jokes that his “real” constituency is the press core.

  • PLW

    These Republican Rhinos can be voted out of office… They have failed in their duties to the American Citizens !! Vote these Rhinos our of office !!

    • tnetcenter

      Voting them out of office would be FAR LESS than they deserve! Firing Squad comes to mind!

      • Chris G

        Question is, who would REPLACE them if they were voted out of office: A Democrat? Another RINO? Both of whom I would call a PROGRESSIVE.

        • Gerry Costa

          Any real and true Conservative would be better than these 6 sh!tbirds.

    • Chris G

      Did you — or ANYBODY on this board — vote for Juan McCain back in 2008?

      I warned people how anti-Conservative McCain was back then, & I got 3 responses: “You’re just shilling for Obama!”; (2) “I didn’t vote for McCain, I voted for Palin”; & (3) He’s better than Obama!” (which isn’t saying much, IMHO).

      • believe

        People in AZ have tried to get rid of him for years. He is a REPRESENTATIVE OF DIRTY POLITICS.

    • Jeanne Ballard

      They almost got Thad Cochran last session . but Mississippi relented and reelected this old fart

      • Bonnetblue

        Yes, through fraud perpetrated by Rhinos. Quite a disgusting but successful plot.

        • Edward Perkins

          WE must never forget that Sen. Mitch McConnell was heavily involved in Sen. Cochran defeating Chris McDaniels by approving NRSC funds being used to BUY the votes of democrats to vote for Cochran and vote AGAINST McDaniels.
          Sen. McConnell is the most dispicable rino Senators we have AND he is up for re-election in KY. Down with Cochran and down with McConell.

          • SofiesVoice

            McConnell is one of those who have been in DC way too long. Kentucky, get real and get rid of this despicable character….He is a danger to our country.

    • Juan TwoTree

      You’ve got that right, PLW!! I will NOT be voting for that dirt-bag John McStain this time around! He’s an embarrassment to the entire State of Arizona!

  • CCblogging

    Vote these scumbags out!

  • Sgt. York

    This should be known as the RINO rogues gallery against Christian Americans and friends of liberal communist Muslims.

  • ICorps

    It’s a deterrent to believing anything stated in an article when that article begins with a blatant lie: “There is no debate that Senator John McCain is a war hero.”

    McCain may or may not be a war hero, but there IS a debate over that status.

    Prisoners of war may be extremely courageous and stoic, and certainly deserve the greatest admiration, but “heroes” are generally understood to be those who risk their lives to accomplish exceptional exploits. Being a prisoner of war does not fall within that description.

    • tnetcenter

      He was a war hero! However, that was a LONG TIME ago, and since then he’s become one of the most CORRUPT politicians in the World!

      • SofiesVoice

        Whether he was a war hero or not does not negate that he is a corrupt RINO now and should be voted out. He no doubt made hay with the rumor created by his family that he was a war hero, furthered along by his father. He fooled a lot of people!!!

  • wapitihunter

    He is batshit crazy. He should be strung up till he dies. I don’t care where you put the rope. Thinks he is a war hero because he was captured by the enemy and collaborated.

    • Chris G

      The voters of AZ should be ashamed of themselves for re-electing McCain into office as many times as they have. Was there not ONE Constitutional Conservative who was 30 y/o or older in the whole State of AZ that could go up against this guy? Wasn’t his involvement in the Keating 5 decades ago enough for the voters to say, “We can easily find someone better than this”???

  • Michael Mayben

    These Rino voter betraying legislators must be put on conservative voters “DO NOT REELECT” list when these liberal issue supporters run for reelection!

  • Josephine Mauro

    The GOP nominated McCain back in 2007, that’s how we got stuck with Barrack Insane Obama. Washington is the most corrupt institution in America.
    Shut them down. Going into the 2016 election, Trump is the only candidate that can be trusted. The rest of them have I.O.U’s on their backs.

    • tnetcenter

      Washington isn’t an institution, but I do agree that it’s the most corrupt City in the country!

      • Clifford Neeley

        I think it is an institution–Mental maybe

    • Chris G

      From what I’ve seen, Trump is mildly Conservative…only when he has to be.

  • TJB

    Notice they’ve all be there FOREVER. Time for a change … in people and laws.

  • pinnie


  • tnetcenter

    EVERY RINO in the Senate should be included in the list of CORRUPTOCRATS

    • Clifford Neeley

      The republican party should put pressure on the Republicans in the senate to censure these Rhinos–They can even remove them from heads of committees

  • George Blumel

    Until we get term limits on congress there will always be these career pols. Most of the Republican members are fairly conservative when first elected but shortly they begin to make decisions based not on their oaths, the party platform or their campaign promises but to doing what is necessary to insure reelection. Lobbyists move in and promise the money if they vote a certain way to benefit their special interests and it just gets worse –as these six demonstrate. Voting them out is extremely difficult as the advantages of incumbency are so great that a challenger has little chance–93% of incumbents are reelected! We must term limit congress and US Term Limits has a plan to do that –check it out


    “His influence is significant as he is the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Indian Affairs committees”…And don’t forget to mention that he is a member(ventriloquist) of the Council On Foreign Relations.

  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    Johnny ‘Wet Start’ McCain should have gone to prison…..He’ll always be known as ‘The Songbird of Vietnam!” He’s no war hero…..he’s Admiral daddy cover up his crimes!

  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    The good news is these OLD reprobates are OLD!

  • Sharpshooter

    There have been rumblings that he wasn’t near the “patriot” that he claimed to be while in captivity. Upon his admittance to Congress, he has been a very poor representative of the Republican party. Personally, I think he has been a traitor for a great many years!

  • Richard Bruce

    War hero? Hahaha that’s rich! It’s a matter of record that this traitor rated out his friends while he was a POW and received privileges while his brothers where being tortured. Being the son of a full bird would guarantee anyone else a tortured time in Vietnam pow camps but not John the traitor McCain. Look it up there are several news and videos of fellow service members who like him where captured except they where not sniveling vaginas. He should jump off a bridge fucking coward.

  • Richard Bruce

    Trump is the only canidate who isn’t owned by his donors and lobbies.

  • Rosech Levy

    Only 6? I thought there were many more idiots who hate America and don’t want to lose their riches and power by allowing conservatives to truly serve and represent us in either House nor the White House!

  • Patriot41

    Every one of those six Senators are avid members of the good ole boy club and everyone of them lead the GOP establishment. They all need to be retired, the sooner the better as they have done enough destruction to the GOP!

  • Jesus
  • bobby1122

    McCain was involved in the fire on the USS FORESTAL – a fire which killed 134 Americans.– McCain’s Admiral daddy got the POS off the ship before he could be questioned by NIS ( now NCIS)-

  • Lynn Thornton

    Cochran likely would have been gone last time had the RNC not pulled some nasty tricks…the rest need to have good primary opponents next time around. It’s time these guys were retired!


    john mccain is a liar. He was not a war hero. Just ask any of the POWS who knew him. He disobeyed orders and was flying too low and that was how he got shot down and broke his arm. He was not tortured as stated but again hisi arm was broken when his plane crashed. He’s a wanabe and a disgrace to the military he served and to the people he represents in Congress.

  • brabbie2002

    I knew McCain would be in there. I am so ashamed he is from AZ!!!

  • TAM44

    They are without a doubt all scum sucking pieces of human waste that deserves no respect what so ever.Go Mr. Trump all the way to the white house and teach the obama butt kissing scum a lesson.

  • Jeanne Ballard

    The usual suspects

  • Dmdjaj

    His time has come!!! Bye bye!

  • psych warfare

    The stench of these 5 together is overwhelming…..The faster they are removed the better.

  • redneck01

    All conservative “R’s” need to wake up in each one of these senators states and vote new people in!!

  • bigjet

    People, you who live in their district/state get off your A$$ and vote against these frauds of our republic! The III percent.

  • tarbella

    To me, people like these are no longer[ and haven’t been ] Republicans for a long time and should not call themselves that.

  • onefour

    They can be removed from office ONLY IF their constitutes are paying attention and enough of them vote them out

  • Stan Joy

    The more I think about the Pilgrims coming over to a new world/country, the more I am amazed about our founding fathers and how they set up our government, I mean yes God had everything to do with all of this! Right?? They even knew what and how our citizens would react in certain situations. They knew how people/humans who would be in power would also react. Now they knew all this and set our system up to face or stand or react to all kinds of situations. As many here have suggested that some of these folks in power should be shot. We don’t have to do that as our forefathers created different ways deal with government dealings. Problem — yes !! Our forefathers,as brilliant as they were, never foresaw what was to come –liberalism!! They all had to work back then for everything, neighbors and churches would come to the rescue of their neighbors who was in trouble. Now the government gets involved, with all kinds of hand outs, Our Supreme Court which is SUPPOSED to be NON-POLITICAL to enforce our constitution, have been bitten by this illness. Please, save us Lord. God Bess.

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    John McCain is a war hero like Benedict Arnold was, only Arnold was executed for his treason. Ask the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth what a hero McCain was (the philandering adulterer and expert as crashing expensive jets). Many of those veterans were in North Vietnamese prison camps with waggling-tongue John. Tell the families of the MIAs how McCain and John Kerry, representing the insurance industry, consigned almost 1,000 MIAs to permanent torture and disgrace at the hands of the North Vietnamese with overwhelming evidence of their existence and survival in Southeast Asia. Undoubtedly, some of those MIAs are still alive today.

  • 1bobolds2

    PLEASE – If these ” RINOS ” are in your district , help to vote them OUT or recall them – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • k9


  • rayhause

    There should have made it seven and included one of my own Senators, John Cornyn.

  • edward gamils

    Get rid of the SOBs now.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    The author of the mcKainnedy tale of heroics left out a lot of facts.

    He thought he was a hotshot jet jockey, destroyed 3 aircraft through pure stupidity.

    ADMIRAL McCAINs son had a lot of crap forgiven due to daddies popularity.

    Wet started his plane on an aircraft carrier to jot the rookie pilot behind which resulted in a missle being accidentally launch setting fire to the carrier with substantial loss of life. little jonni was immediately transferred by helicopter to a different carrier to keep him alive.

    Over Vietnam he again played hotshot and got shot down.

    The NV offered to release him from captivity but daddy told him to stay and suffer.

    Had he came home he would have been court martialed for his actions resulting in loss of life on the Carrier and his actions that resulted in being shot down.

    His hero status is politically created and driven.

    A lot of money and daddies coattails helps a loser out of a lot of jams.

  • DangRight

    2-holes all!

  • stan lee

    What a Rogue’s Gallery they make! These are the boys known as “Old Establishment Republicans.” They would rather have a Democrat win a political contest than for the winner to be a Conservative Republican.
    They are still elected by “Habit Voters” in their states. It has been their time to go long ago, but too many American voters are so darned uninformed that these RINOS are saved by voter lack of facts every senatorial election.

    For God’s sake, America, what are you doing to yourself?.

  • kid721952

    ALL OVER THE HILL and out of touch with the people

  • Leland Fortner

    Which are members or sympathetic toward The Council On Foreign Relations. And that is NOT the Congressional Council On Foreign Relations!

  • Phyllis Elliott


  • Matt

    HOW ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY LAST ONE.

  • armydadtexas

    Another one is John Cornyn from Texas. He has completely lost touch with the Voter. He is now McConnell’s personal ars kisser and boot licker.

  • Gerry Costa

    That word ” hero ” gets thrown around a lot in this day and age. All 6 of these obozo butt kissing traitors need to be out of a job ASAP.

  • TOM

    the repub’s are doing everything they can to keep Trump from being the representative of the Party. Haley’s Bullspit speech the other night, south Carolina, being the 3rd state in the primaries, the repub’s are going to try to get a foothold against Trump in that state. Watch to see if Haley makes an endorsement in the next couple of weeks. South Carolina, when it is your turn stand proud, and don’t put a Rhino in position to win

  • 4USA2

    These six turncoats are perfect representatives of why we need to change the number of years the elected officials can serve. TWO TERMS and then they should pack their bags and head home.

  • Beedogz

    There IS debate on John McCain’s war hero status. His first nickname was “Crash” McCain. Without daddy the Admiral, Johnny would have lost his wings for his crashes and mishaps. His 2nd earned nickname was “Song Bird” McCain.
    War hero? Hardly!

  • SofiesVoice

    Please wake up people…..get rid of this RINOS! Long overdue, especially McCain, McConnell, Graham….they have been glued to their chair way too long….grab a crow bar and remember their names next time you go to vote!!!!!


    John McCain is not a hero. When he was flying he disobeyed orders and was flying too low and got shot down. That is how he broke his arm, not from torture. Just ask any of his fellow prisoners.

  • Dave

    Vote all Rhinos Out. Elect Trump 2016

  • newsnose

    I shared this on F.B. with the comment: If these man are running for office you might think twice about voting for them.

  • Patriot1

    The citizens of Arizona, Kentucky, South Carolina, Utah, Missouri and Mississippi all need to vote these RINO’s, McCain, McConnell, Graham, Hatch, Blunt and Cochran out of office and send them home permanently. None of them truly represent the citizens of their party, they just represent themselves to stay in power and keep collecting their overpaia salary!

    • Lynne Tessin-Sanders

      Ah see, WE agree on something, lol.

  • Tony Love

    Any real and true Conservative would be better than these 6 sh!tbirds.

  • crazyfreddie


  • Joseph Anthony

    McCain shot his own plane down. He fired rockets then didn’t break – he flew into them.. Kind of like John Kerry firing a M-79 too close and got a minor shrapnel wound.

  • Clifford Neeley

    There is some doubt as to whether he was a great of a hero in Viet Nam–Seems he may have co-operated more than anyone knoww

  • Ron

    No surprises here!

  • mdwarren67

    They have disgraced their Oath in defending America and the Constitution but have continued rapping the American people. In passing the Anti-American trade bill TTIP/TPP, Hatch was paid $4.2 million in cash; McConnell was paid $9.2 million and Graham $3.4 million. They should all be hunted down in the streets and eliminated. With their rampant destruction of the Republic, that day is quickly coming.

  • TOM

    best excuse I have ever viewed as to why we need term limits. twenty thirty forty years, you think you are the government at that point, not making decisions on what the people who put you there want

  • USMCret

    Even though this person was a prisoner of war during the Viet Nam crisis he has turned traitor to his country and its CITIZENS ! ! ! ! !

  • Nikita63

    It isn’t JUST the RINOS like McCain who need to go; If American were smart; they would vote with their minds not their hearts and rid this nation of EVERY SINGLE INCUMBENT IF EACH OF THE NEXT 3 ELECTIONS MINUMIUM, to clean OUR HOUSES of the trash flowing in the corridors and the vermin who have set up shop there to prey on the constituencies, not SERVE their needs. We are a nation 19 TRILLION dollars in debt thanks to mostly Democrats but, they could not possibly have done the damage to our economy, freedoms, religious faith, racial solidarity the influx of those Inimical to us by the millions in illegals and Jihadist Muslims and they have been held Neither responsible nor accountable since :THEY MAKE THE LAWS! Well , they cannot make or force them upon us if they are no longer in office now, can they? It really IS that simple. Unfortunately, so are most American citizens! WE , UNITED IN COMON CAUSE, CAN AND SHOULD TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THESE PRIVILEGED PARASITES AND CRIMINALLY COMPLICIT COWARDS AND WE CAN: ALL THAT IS NEEDED IS THE WILL TO ACT IN UNISON TO ACCOMPLISH A COMMON SENSE GOAL TO BENEFIT US ALL!

  • Omar Kahlid

    As a vet I find McCain a disgrace and an embarrassment to all veterans. Money and power corrupted a good man’s soul for ever. May God forgive him the damage he has singularly caused this country, for I cannot.

  • flicker66

    Mc Cain is a traitor to republican conservative values. He has managed to undermine what the republican party represents. He is useless and should retire . Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • mdwarren67

    BULL SHIT. They all have to go – dead or alive but they must all go.

  • chillbox

    Vote them out especially McCain! Useless

  • Bayez

    Add ,Sherrod Brown,Ohio,to that list….

  • Carol

    These RINO’s are absolutely disgusting! They have done more harm to the American people than good. They MUST BE VOTED OUT of office……….the Congress MUST be cleaned out and these men are a great way to start!

  • SirWilhelm

    Almost everyone in the government in DC is a traitor. They all know Obama is an illegal alien occupying the Office, and they all know Cruz is ineligible to be President, because he was born in Canada. McCain was vetted eligible by the Senate, by saying he was born in the Canal Zone, but, the hospital he was actually born in, was located outside the Canal Zone, on Panama soil. Obama was not vetted by the Senate, at the same time, because they knew he was not eligible. McCain’s vetting was a distraction. They are all violating the Constitution, whenever it suits them, making it a useless piece of paper, unless they need to use it against their real enemies, the American People. We need to go into DC, and clean it out, and start over with all new people. Even then, it will be hard to tell the traitors from the patriots, but we must try.


    This is exactly why we need term limits in Congress. They have gained too much power from spending their entire working lives in DC and I don’t believe they could have made it in the private sector and that is why they made politiics their career. Also, some of them marry into money so they can live the DC lifestyle while gaining their power and money. They are so corrupt and do not give a damn about the voters but only their only personal power base and wealth. FIRE ALL OF THEM!!!!

  • Gerry Costa

    Great list and exactly right. We need to start with these six and then go from there because there are more following in their footsteps. They have not only failed to do their jobs and uphold the oath of office they all took, they have absolutely betrayed the American citizens who voted them into office. It is past time to vote them OUT of office and then set term limits on these career crooks who think it is a job to get rich in by doing ” special favors ” for anyone who will fill their pockets.

  • Stan Joy

    Getting rid of these six would be a great start to bringing our country back to where it was. I have to agree with the person who said being a prisoner of war made McCain a hero. They all, along with other RINO’s need to be replaced if we are going to make America great again. Texas is still thinking about session, why do we or Texas have to resort to that, when our country has seceded from from us??? At my age (85 in May), I more than likely will not see devastation that lies ahead of our country under the liberals!! That is why I am pushing Trump and I am not so sure that we can bring our country back, but he is my hope. Your children and grandchildren are the ones who will pay for what we have allowed to happen. God, help us all!

  • wapitihunter

    Yes these must go as well as John Cornyn from TX. He has stabbed his party in the back so many times and those he claims to represent.

  • jimbo124816

    You forgot Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire. She ran as a Conservative Republican, was supported by the Tea Party, and promised that she would go to the Senate to clean it up.

    So far she votes with the Democrats, and votes against anything conservative. She turned out to be the exact opposite of what she ran as.

    It took her less than a year to turn against her constituents.

  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    Just think of all the funerals we’re going to be able to celebrate before long. We have so many OLD PARASITES that have spent a lifetime on the government teat. they should start dropping like flies from old age!

  • edward gamils

    These Republican RINO”s need to be shown the door ASAP. It is frauds like these that have let Obama get away with breaking our laws without punishment. I am also concerned about Paul Ryan and the slime balls that signed the pledge that they would support who ever won the nomination. Hey Bush and Graham what losers you are.
    Trump was right about these guys just like he is correct about dishonest Hillary.

  • wapitihunter

    John Mcqueer is no war hero. Hero’s don’t cooperate with the enemy and do not sell out the other POWs. All of these should stand trial for treason.

  • ferebetv

    All controlled by the child raping Jesuit human blood parasites!

  • believe


  • Dennis B Anderson

    I would hope that we the people will again have some say about who gets voted in. I recall things going south back around 1968. The majority didnt want seat belts or the helmet law, and it was voted down time and again till the people of California ignored it. They voted it in behind their backs. I want to see people behind bars for espionage and treason charges. I want Obamas head on the chopping block and removed for what he and Hitler-y has accomplished in the name of the muslim terrorists. Theres something wrong when a entire religious sect wont stand up against the muslim radicals????
    In my minds eye it colors them all with the same color paint they are all guilty.
    Like Trump has said he wants to deny muslims until we can figure this out.
    Were not getting any help from the muslims on this. So now they are screaming discrimination. About what? Wanting to take over our country and to kill us infidels? With a mind set like that stay on your sand hill and pound sand.

  • Zewdie Teruneh

    They all are crock and corrupt Leaders..They make thier bank account fat on the working class That is they are fighting.

  • Jay Pierre

    Thad Cochran faced his first real primary opposition and needed democrat crossovers to stay on the ballot in the last election. McCain faces his first real primary, McConnell will be kicked out. Frankly we need to primary out the RINOS and bring Tea Party conservatives to the party. Time for the RINOS to learn it is open season on RINOS at the primary ballot box. Bye bye rinos.

  • sue garrity

    It is time for these RINO’S to retire. This is a perfect example of why we need term limits.1hey think they are so great which they are actually stagnated. So many of the politicians just run around tooting their own horns. For example if the politician that was responsible for vetting Obama the birth certification, or resolved the foreign student issue. If the job was done instead of stagnat in the job we would not have had to endure the current administration for the last 8 years.
    We need term litsx

  • JBRoux

    John McCain, thank you for your service, goodbye.

  • chillbox

    John McCain should be exposed publicly to every American citizen as to how he’s voting on different issues! Most people don’t really know John McCain! John McCain needs to retire yesterday!

  • Joseph Le Bard

    I want the truth of mcshame to come out I want to see those 32 film’s he made for the N vietnamese there nick name for him was songbird he was in the lap of luxury other pow’s witnessed this an suffered torment while mcshame gave up military positions an armament an look what he’s done with the V.A it’s corrupt I experienced it myself I was medvac from Serbia to Frankfurt an spent 8 month’s at Fort Sam Houston burn ward then home to Phoenix where I was treated like crap for year’s ( by the way it’s gang infested ) an how his father got him into office he is so corrupt . I hope Trump’s pick for vice isn’t a politician .

  • Dennis McLain

    Fire these RINOs when they come up for reelection. They have no business “representing” the people of this country. No one promised them a lifetime job and they should move on to other endeavors because they are deaf to the people’s voice on what they want done. What we have is taxation without representation in that mode, and that is why we had the Revolutionary War. Our founding fathers would not put up with it, why should we? We don’t have to.

  • Jim

    I don’t blame these thief’s I blame the idiots in there States that keep voting them back in,

  • 9thgenerationamerican

    Show me six who AREN”T !!!!!!!

  • allen g. english

    The man that gave us isis , Their such nice people .

  • Rodger K. Shull

    They need to take their SORRY RICH A$$E$ to the house an stay there, an retire for politics, GO HOME an DO NOT COME BACK, you are over paid under worked, LIARS an CRIMINALS , you have failed in your oath of office an duties to the citizens of AMERICA , KEEP AMERICA CLEAN, dump the CORRUPT POLITICIANS

  • ltc444

    He violated his oath to his fellow veterans in that he did not bear true faith and allegiance to them.

  • Richard Cook

    Oh, for term limits!!

  • Elizabeth Davis

    It is time for them to go Been there to long and have been corrupted

  • Robert Barnes

    All these RINOS should be hung for treason. And video should be brodcast world wide

  • ricckky

    Another reason we need to weed out RINOS like orran hatch,roy blunt,thad cochran, lindsey graham, micth mc connell and finally john mccain-Mr, Trump will find this out ASAP–as soon as realizes who these guys really are they will be irrevelant –just like he found out about christie –which we all knew–where is christie now?—hee, heee, heee!!!

  • Sandy Nagel Griffin

    Mc Cain is WORTHLESS

  • Dave

    Come on guys, this post really makes us look bad. Think about it. The headline says the six rino members in the Republican party then it says, John McCain (1 of 5) what do you think the libs would do with that?