The Real Reason Megyn Kelly Left Fox News… It’s Shocking


(NewsMax) Megyn Kelly’s long jump from Fox News to NBC was reportedly fueled by unhappiness over a long-running feud with Donald Trump, ex-CEO Roger Ailes’ sex harassment scandal, and strained relations with boss Rupert Murdoch.

New York magazine writer Gabriel Sherman, citing unnamed sources, reported “The Kelly File” host’s relationships with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity in particular “had completely broken down.”

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“Bill hated her,” one unnamed Fox host told Sherman.

According to Sherman, Murdoch balked when Kelly asked for $25 million to stay at Fox in contract talks that dragged on through Kelly’s much-publicized book tour.

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  • bkbht

    I miss Greta Van Susteren but I will never miss Megyn Kelly’s reporting.

    • knowledgeisgood

      I’m with you on that comment, but Greta could have done much better than MSNBC.

    • sara

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