The 13 Leaders Of The Socialist Movement In Congress: Mark Pocan




Mark Pocan is the First Vice-Chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Pocan was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1964. In November 2012, Pocan replaced Tammy Baldwin in Congress when she was elected to the U.S. Senate. Coincidentally, he also replaced Baldwin in the Wisconsin State Assembly when Baldwin was first elected to Congress.

Pocan, who is a card-carrying member of the AFL-CIO self-identifies as a “progressive Democrat.” Openly homosexual, he was one of the most active members of the Wisconsin State Assembly on the so-called “same-sex marriage” debate and was considered to be one of the most “progressive” members of the Wisconsin State Assembly.

On November 24, 2006, Pocan “married” his long-term partner, Philip Frank in Toronto, Canada and has received distinguished awards from Planned Parenthood, the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, the Wisconsin Aids Fund, the ACLU and a number of other left-wing organizations.


Inclusion on this list is not based on the opinion of the authors or, in effect, the subjective opinions of any third party. Inclusion on this list is based upon present or past membership in the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), a caucus within Congress that has long-standing and deep ties and, in the opinion of a number of political scholars, was an arm of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) at the time of its inception. According to David Horowitz’s website: “Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) are undoubtedly socialists, though most shy away from the label. The CPC has long had ties to the far-left Institute for Policy Studies, Democratic Socialists of America (the largest Marxist group in the country), and the Communist Party USA.” Additionally, a number of authoritative articles have been written on the historical connection between the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the DSA and we encourage the reader to do independent research if the topic is of further interest.


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  • flicker66

    A progressive homosexual . Enough said

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  • donl

    IF he had his way he would spend his time under obama’s desk.

  • JosieCat

    Thanks for this information.
    But I need to point out your staff writers the repeated misuse of a particular word in this piece: “presently.” “Presently” does not mean “at present,” despite a plethora of people who use it that way. PLEASE don’t do that. (I assume your writers do want us to believe they are well-educated?) “Presently” means “soon,” “in the near future,” as in: “Presently we will go to the store.” (I’m an editor; what can I tell you?)

  • 9thgenerationamerican

    Hey Mark…..wanna go duck hunting ???

  • sfcpete

    Is the love of his life related to Barney Frank?

  • edward gamils

    Why are these A-holes in our congress, we are a republic for the people by the people. These A-holes SHOULD BE SHOWN THE DOOR POST-HASTE. What the heck is the problem here? I wish George Washington was still here, he would dispatch these A-holes now.