The 13 Leaders Of The Socialist Movement In Congress: Barbara Lee



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Many socialists prefer to hide behind the term “progressive,” but Barbara Lee doesn’t hide; she wears her socialism proudly on her sleeve.

Joseph Farah, the publisher of WND once stated: “The values Lee promotes – and has always promoted – are the values of socialism, communism and anti-Americanism.”

According to the website WikiKey, “Lee’s radicalism dates at least to the early 1970s when she was a confidential aide to Black Panther Party ‘Minister of Defense’ Huey Newton.”

WikiKey also mentions that Lee was an “Executive Board member of the Communist Party USA,” and David Horowitz’s website,, lists a number of Lee’s far left affiliations and positions over the years.


Lee is not simply a Socialist, she is, without argument, one of the most dangerous socialist presently serving in Congress.


Barbara Lee was born Barbara Jean Tutt on July 16, 1946 in El Paso County, Texas. She is the daughter of recently deceased Mildred Parish Massey and late Lieutenant Colonel, Garvin Alexander Tutt.  Her biological father, James Lewis, was a veteran of the Korean War.

Lee has two sisters, Beverly Hardy and Mildred Whitfield. A DNA analysis revealed that Lee descended from people of Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau and she grew up in the Southwest with her grandparents.

As a young girl, Lee enjoying sewing, making dresses and fencing. Her mother paid for her Catholic school tuition, piano, sewing and ballet lessons, along with Brownies and Girl Scouts activities. She attended a private Roman Catholic school, St. Joseph’s, from the first to eighth grades.

In 1960, following the death of her grandmother, Willie, Lee’s family moved to California to live near her two maternal aunts. While attending San Fernando High School, Barbara challenged a district policy that prevented her from trying out for the cheer leading team on the basis of her race. Lee’s endeavors proved successful and she became the first black cheerleader in her school district. As a teenager, Lee won two music achievement awards from the Rotary Club and the Bank of America. She graduated High School in 1964.

Prior to attending college, Lee lived in the San Francisco Bay Area with her two children. Her three person family received public financial assistance during that period. While enrolled in Mills College in Oakland, Lee became the president of the Black Students’ Association. She also acted as a leader in the region’s primary civil rights movement. In 1973, she earned her Bachelor’s degree from Mills College. Two years later, Lee was granted a Master’s degree in social work from the University of California, Berkeley.

Lee’s two sons currently work in the insurance industry. Tony Lee is the chief executive officer of one of the United States’ largest African-American owned insurance brokerage and consulting firms, Dickerson Employee Benefits. Craig Lee is a long term senior executive at State Farm. Barbara Lee continues to reside in California to this day.


Inclusion on this list is not based on the opinion of the authors or, in effect, the subjective opinions of any third party. Inclusion on this list is based upon present or past membership in the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), a caucus within Congress that has long-standing and deep ties and, in the opinion of a number of political scholars, was an arm of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) at the time of its inception. According to David Horowitz’s website: “Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) are undoubtedly socialists, though most shy away from the label. The CPC has long had ties to the far-left Institute for Policy Studies, Democratic Socialists of America (the largest Marxist group in the country), and the Communist Party USA.” Additionally, a number of authoritative articles have been written on the historical connection between the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the DSA and we encourage the reader to do independent research if the topic is of further interest.


  • Sharpshooter

    You know, I read articles like this, and knowing these are just a very small example of what sits, and (takes bribes in Congress) for what ever special interest groups wants laws passed to favor them! And then we have to consider that the majority of the rest of Congress are loaded up with, “with deviants of every nature”, “child molesters”, murderers, traitors, America-haters of every, make, model, and color! The “Congressional Black Congress”, with their collective IQ of 41 immediately comes to mind. Every one of them need to be incarcerated, put on trial and then hung by the neck until dead! Now when you wonder how this country came to be in the shape it is in today, look at what we have for leadership, a bunch of derelicts that can’t get a real job! These type of people are doing their best to get rid of Trump, because they would then be in danger of losing their jobs, going back where they belong, and have to give up all of their freebies bestowed upon them by the Dem’s! Now if any one asks you why our country is in this shape, you have the answer!

    • faxxmaxx

      Still don’t quite understand how Trump will rid congress of these deviants but Im right there with ya

      • ekim

        It has never been addressed before so we do not have a clue as to how it will be done BUT we do know it must be done ! …. The same folks say removing the illegal entrants in this country is impossible BUT IT MUST BE DONE and until we close the open borders that are now being invaded and begin the removal it will only get worse, there have been laws on the books to deal with these problems BUT neither democrat nor republican administrations have taken the initiative to apply the law to its fullest extent !

        • MARYSWEET

          Those who are saying the illegals cannot be removed from our country don’t want them removed. But it will be easier than most people think. It will be expensive but not as expensive as keeping them here and paying their housing, healthcare, welfare, free phones and everything else they demand. So it will still be easier and cheaper to send them all back where they came from and then we will see a lot of difference in the budget as we will not be supporting 42.1 million illegal immigrants (census bureau figures).

          • Susan Agati

            Right on!

          • NoCoincidences

            Deportation costs would be miniscule compared to those MARY SWEET listed above, in addition to all of the crimes, confinefinement, amount of court time wasted, translational services, childrens’ education, overcrowded classes, more need for transportation, more law enforcement, and the list goes on- THEY ARE NEVER SATISFIED WITH WHAT THEY ARE GIVEN, {NEVER EARNED}.
            ((((Never ever content, EVER!))))

          • MARYSWEET

            Absolutely, the costs would be a drop in the bucket as to the care of the illegals and all the children they will have and they will have. It never ends and it will be forever if we don’t send them back. The costs to let them stay here will be more than the national debt but the cost to return them to their homes would be nothing in comparison. And that isn’t even counting in all the crimes they commit and how our legal citizens are affected for the rest of their lives. They are raping and murdering our legal citizens and no one is lifting a finger to stop them. In fact, obama has been letting them back on the streets to recommit crimes.
            There is a detention a few miles from where I live in San Antonio and they are suing our government and making demands for benefits that our legal citizens don’t even have.

          • NoCoincidences

            No doubt you can probably hear those things chanting and yelling for their ‘rights’… I have watched, written, spoken out, as well as demonstrated my defiance to this illegal invasion for the past ten to fifteen years to no avail, until now… Nobody bothers to look beneath the surface of the problem, because it didn’t affect them directly, unlike my early wake-up call to what was happening around my apartment complex, grocery stores, shopping plazas, etc. One would have to be deprived of his senses NOT to realize the infestation, along with the side effects..

          • MARYSWEET

            I know just what you mean because we are in the same boat and apparently without a paddle. Until we can get rid of obama I don’t see anything changing. There have been houses raided near me where they have found illegals stashed. One house was a new big house owned by a woman in California and rented to who knows who and apparently for stashing illegals. The politicians don’t care because they are getting cheap labor. We need to keep doing what we’ve been doing until obama is gone and then maybe we can send them all back where they came from.

        • NoCoincidences

          Actually, both urgent issues have been addressed before back in the 1950’s. Senator Joseph McCarthy sought to rid the United States of communist infiltrators after WWII. And, Operation Wetback, under President Dwight Eisenhower dealt with illegal invaders then…
          Well, it is way past time that these two, previously unmentionable, problems be handled with finality, in favor of the United States of America, the Constitution, and her legal citizens.

      • ONTIME

        If the “D” was serious about this, it would be easy for him to demand a BC and credentials from B’OB the “unknown” and then with non compliance have all of his acts ruled null and void…B’OB was never to date a legal candidate…..this is a edict that could not be avoided, if there is the stones to declare the act….

        • MARYSWEET

          I think Trump will definitely look into that after he takes office as he will have assets available to him then that he does not have right now. I think a lot of stink and scandals will be uncovered and made public once Trump takes office.

      • charles17121

        It is very plain and simple , Donald Trump is a Capitalist and the ” deviants are socialist . Where one exist the other cannot survive . Make Donald Trump the next US President and this Constitutional Republic come back stronger then ever and the socialist will have no place in our society . In a capitalistic society there is no free lunch ! Until the last fifty or sixty years US citizens were a strong and independent people who never looked for handouts from anyone or any government programs . Back before all of these government programs people who came here from foreign lands knew they could be anything they wanted to be as long as the worked for it . We have people now crossing our southern border to take advantage of the socialistic government programs now in place . Working for or earning a living is the last thing on their minds .

        • Susan Agati

          Also, as President he can alert the populous to what back room deals are being carried out.

          • shebajblackwell

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          • CJeanne

            Getting rid of lobbliests and term limits should be placed decrease term limits for each vote related to the lobby,. Crowd of corruption around the government gets millions of SS of kickbacks to legislatures would be big step!!! Examples:: ALL legislatiors who voted yes to TPP, received $430,000- ! !! In addition, the US paid Iran $420,000+each day just t0 get Iran to the negotiating table!!! We don’t have that kind of money! obama gave it all away already!
            And now the refugee crisis is no longer a crisis as Obama got enough illegals in that he’s slipping ISIS in with each x # of refugees, and it has become a migration invasion!!! No Christians can get into America, but any muslims ones are wide open!!! We are NOT stupid people!!!!! Thousands of muslims men with no women or children are not immigrants —-it is an ISIS invasion!!!!! With the Irans having the nuclear bomb, the end is near! Get things settled. Make emergency preparations. Keep your eyes and ears open, and remember . THERE ARE MILLIONS OF RUSSIANS HERE, IN THE WESTERN MOUNTAINS AND ALSO DOWN THRU TEENIHESE AND BAD LANDS IN TEXAS. SOME THINK RUSSIANS SET SOME ELECTION OF THE HUGE WESTERN FIRES WE’VE SEEN THIS YEAR!!!

          • Bob Trower

            CJEANNE, MILLIONS OF RUSSIANS????????????? Come on Jeanne.. you smoke too much. I know we are a stupid bunch but not quite that stupid.
            Now Muslims are a different thing. We do know that Obama is bringing in as many ISIS Muslims as he can get here. But they aren’t hiding in the hills or desert. They are out in the open and doing their dirty deeds and proud of it.

          • Judy

            Maybe we’ll find out about all the favors he’s bought and all the backroom deals he’s made with congress over the last forty years. You people ate idiots if you think he’s going to turn on the establishment he’s supported his whole life. He’s just as crooked as they are.

        • Busdriver Bill

          Yes, Charles, but they have no place in government today, as what they advocate daily is unconstitutional – AND, the Constitution IS the ultimate “Law-of-the-Land.”
          Were there an honest judiciary at any level in this country, a large number of folks in Washington would be awaiting execution, or long-term incarceration.
          I swore a very similar oath, 16 November, 1956, Lubbock, Texas, when they pinned the gold bars on my cadet uniform (having just had the wings pinned on), and I still get goose bumps just thinking about what it means to me still. I want to kick butt when I read about these real terrorists (not the pre-manufactured kind from the middle-east, nor the false-flag type we seemingly encounter every other month). The real insurgency is this thing called “Progressivism,” or more correctly identified as anti-morality, anti- western civilization, anti sovereignty. We are fighting a civil war, right here in our country, and don’t see it as such – due to a compromise of public information by the enemy.
          Do what you can to awaken the sleeping sheep.

          • Arthur Russell

            If the president has to swear to uphold the constitution, then socialists shouldn’t even be allowed to become presidents because their agenda is to rip it up and do away with it because it goes against their socialist ways. Socialism should be outlawed and they should be made to register just like sex offenders. They have no place in our congress, senate or White House.

      • WSBrown

        If either establishment party candidates are elected, neither would ever investigate, indict, or convict anyone in our government because they have been bought by campaign contributions and are keeping each others’ secrets. Trump hasn’t.

    • Rosech Levy

      Our bad because we voted for the garbage and didn’t truly vet them, their background, their true politics, etc. We have a lot to clean up and we need to get started today and rout their slimebags out of office everywhere. Let them go to another country and live under socialism and communism and if they wish to come back, no way, Jose. You made your bed, so now lie in it. To allow them to stay in office is a direct insult to our Founding Fathers and all they went through to make this a great country, but not with slime like these in any office!

    • GrumpyOleMan

      We only have OBozo, Clown in Charge (not Commander in Chief) because of people like Reince Priebus who gave us electable candidates to run against him. Look at every GOP defeat and you get someone that the party grass roots never wanted. Robert (he paid his dues) Dole, John (he paid even more dues and it’s his turn) McCain, and the biggest disappointment of all Mitt (I had OBozoCare first) Romney. This last one personally crowned by Mr. Reince (PeeWee) Priebus in Tampa Florida using all kinds of trick and slight of hand in 2012. We do not choose who we vote for (or usually against), we vote based upon who the party bosses give us. Which is why the non political candidates are outperforming the political ruling class by almost two to one.

      • ekim

        The republican caucuses are a JOKE, the north rules over our selected candidates and the GOP bosses decide how they are voted in ! Here in Texas we do not even vote prior to the selection made by the GOP !

    • Lance Lucius

      Now wait just minute, how can you give a collective IQ of 41? There is only one brain cell between them, and it must do everything. I most humbly suggest a more believable score of 2, any objections?

    • Suzanne St. John

      Precisely why we need Term Limits on all these career animals now more than ever. They sell their votes to the highest bidders to line their own pockets with our $$$$$$$$$$.

    • Richard Graziano

      The real issue is not money or sex or low IQ it is control. The progressive left is guided by Marxist Science. The failure of people to recognize this has ushered in Obama and is destroying our nation. Boehner and McConnell are complicit in the Marxist agendas to “fundamentally transform America” as Obama stated the destruction. Marxism

    • mspatdev

      I totally agree with what you have said. She came from a great family, but to bad she could not uphold her families name. I heard her name a lot in Calif. when I lived in the L.A. area with the Black Panthars. Everyone is trying to get rid of the top GOP as they are outsiders and they don’t want them in congress. They have a lot of people gunny for them. This is why hillary is still loose and causing a lot of troubles. obama and his A.G. will protect her and if they don’t, obama could be a lot of trouble also. Especially with Benghaki.

    • Paul Allen

      Well, the root answer is stupid, ignorant, idiotic voters because they put these ass-hats there.

      Most of those are Demoncraps I think (considering these are all Demoncrap politicians).

  • Lizard

    They need to be removed from congress along with American hater Obama

    • bonnie


      • ekim

        At one time the sentence for treason was ” the firing squad ” ! Problem is the majority of those elected to office are bought and paid for and follow the qualms of those who paid for them !

      • Lance Lucius

        Same cell in prison for them. They are all fruitcakes anyway.

  • Rosech Levy

    Progressives are communists and not socialist! Socialism is different from communism, but both want to control us although they are OUR employees and We, The People, Are the Government. I lived and worked under socialism and spouse escaped communism, so we know the difference and neither is good nor should even be part of our Republic in any way, shape or form. These men and women need to be booted out of our Congress but unfortunately we have a lot of voters who are ignorant of what the person really is and believe the lies they spout. We need Trump to clean out the whole darn White House (lot of disinfectants for sure), and Congress and we need to do the same at our local state and city legislatures. This is the moment in time to make a true difference of our America and ourselves.

    • ekim

      IGNORANT is the appropriate explanation as to the viability of the American voters and the TRUTH as to how our beloved America has become so ” UPSIDE DOWN ” ! They have become IGNORANT because the socialists have taken positions in the education of our young and warped the reasons America IS SO GREAT ! THE SEED was planted long ago and it will take time and perseverance to UPROOT the stem !

  • bobvelon

    These Socialists need to be removed from Congress as they are a threat to this country…Put them on trial for treason and then hang them…

  • Will Harden

    For those who believe in Socialism here is one fact.
    Russia’s grain crop of 1913 was not matched until 1965.
    So in other words, despite all those glorious promises,new tractors collective farms, five year plans, visionary planners and doubling of the population, the grain harvest did not pass the amount it saw under the last year of the Tsar until 52 years later.


    This administration cares nothing about qualification, look at who is handing out these jobs but they use nepotism, cronyism, favoritism and family graft as though they have a legal right…..

  • Spark1845


    • NoCoincidences

      And, I don’t know why they didn’t include ‘ol nasty maxine waters- I guess she may be second string…

      • Spark1845

        Very GOOD point Maxine is a beauty. Isn’t she??

        • NoCoincidences

          She’s something alright, just don’t know what…

  • Mamatex

    These people in Congress are like termites.

  • betsy ross

    What Socialism, Marxism, Communism is in degrees of control and how the control is accomplished. All are more interested in the COLLECTIVE rather than the INDIVIDUAL. They restrict the POTENTIAL of the individual’s talents in lieu of the masses. These ideologies remove the incentives of the INDIVIDUAL to achieve their maximum potential by equalizing rewards ex: same pay for everyone whether you have experience or not. Imagine working for 10 years in a field and finally earning $20/hr based on experience, knowledge, work ethic and now a supervisory position and the new hire comes on board at the bottom tier with NO experience and is making $20/hr. Everyone in your field is now making $20/hr whether or not they have responsibility and experience. You worked hard to get where you are in your field but WHAT HAVE YOU GAINED if everyone is getting the same hourly rate. What if someone is rewarded for adhering to the IDEOLOGY by getting special treatment and benefits while you are stymied in progressing because you have INDEPENDENT thoughts other than the PARTY line. These IDEOLOGIES create human robots, restrict growth of an INDIVIDUAL and an economy, and CREATES two (2) classes – the POLITICAL ELITE (they know what is best for you) and the masses (the rest of us) which don’t warrant any control over their own lives. THese IDEOLOGIES are all about POWER and CONTROL. I will decide what is best for me not some POLITICAL ELITE who doesn’t even know me. What will you do? Do you want SOME POLITICO control you like a puppet on a string?

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    I would like to know how many of these “so called” communist has ever lived under a communist regime. I think if they had they might change their minds. I think they only thing they like about it is they feel like they have power to make everyone else do as they want them to do. Which is BS. That is not going to happen here even when herr obama declares martial law and takes over as dictator. He sure has had enough practice since he first took office.

  • con_c_kwense

    Well, I guess it’s good that these web-sites are starting to highlight what’s been known for many years…I haven’t
    read this whole article yet, but it’s been obvious for years, that the communist congressional black caucus are running the show…along with the muslim czars…with the blessings of the racist homosexual muslim in the white
    house…and electing another black – Ben Carson – will NOT APPEASE the black supremacists (which is why most whites who are thinking of voting for him are doing so, which is the same reason they voted for obama)

  • mjmaf

    These sub-humans have violated their Oath Of Office – they should be dismissed and prosecuted for violating that oath!

  • flicker66

    Lee is an vicious and vile black democrat . Her resume reads like an anti American who is intellectually challenged . She is a dangerous politician who loves feeding at the public trough

  • Busdriver Bill

    Just exactly how much does the “Oath-of-Office” matter, when one evaluates a member of government as to his (her) loyalty, or even qualifications for public office? Having gone through this list of traitors, carefully, I find that absolutely none of them are qualified to be in government. When they swear their oath of office, they betray their country with every breath. In my opinion, they should all be behind bars, awaiting the firing squad.

  • DaBULL

    These basturds need to be fed to the hungry dogs at DOJ with Tray Gowdy with a knife and fork in both his hands after Trump sics em’ on them.

  • blackhawk132

    Will it ever change ? I doubt it .We will lose America because we look the other way on illegal immigration and people of different color vote for those who GIVE them the most .We truly a melting pot but that pot ,like its name, has a melted hole in its bottom that lets Democracy excape. Look at our Congress . It’s made up of a bunch of old crooks that make the Mafia look like santa clause.Look at the States that want Trump to sign that he wont run as a 3rd party ? Real Democrat and Republicans need a new Patriot party ; One that puts America 1st BUT THEY HAVE ALL THE MONEY from their crooked deals and will always win.America is losing the battle and our children will wake up someday and be a third world country. Those who fought for and died will have died in vain.Take the scales off your eyes or watch our country fall like Rome and others thruout history. Can we stop it ??? I doubt it with all the goodies and dead votes. Term limits will help but not only for Congress .Remember the Alamo is dead and gone.I’ll be dead but we leave out children in a cesspool of coruption . Will Patriots win . I doubt it .The takers will never vote for American values while the devil keeps handing out FREE STUFF . GOODBYE AMERICA ; It was nice knowing you.

  • flicker66

    I bet she could be drummed out of office if a little investigative effort was made and exposed her and her penchant for taking bribes

  • scott

    nigg-rs wetbacks,gooks and whores and gay white trash.who would have guessed

  • real talk 1

    Well when we take back the rainboe house we put laws in place and put decent people in place to implement the laws , Make the constitution relevent again kick the bullshitt to the curb !!

  • edward gamils

    We are not a socialist country. What in the devil are these A** HOLES doing in our Congress. How stupid are the American people for voting these jerks into power. Nancy Pelosi is BATSH** crazy, what about the rest. Perhaps that Cuba is open again they could seek employment In that socialist country. How did that work out for the Cuban people. Most of them live in Miami USA and have become legal Americans.

  • flicker66

    Should be classified as a traitor

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  • the American

    Any openly self-confessing socialist in government should be stripped of any authority, it’s strait treason… has no place in a liberty loving America, PERIOD…. if it sounds like socialism, if it looks like socialism, if it acts like socialism… it probably is socialism… please anyone I dare you to tell me that the founders ever had this vision for America, because I know God damn well they didn’t…. they would have hung these people for treason and that’s exactly what they deserve…. if you support socialism you’re nothing more than a common thief

  • 9thgenerationamerican

    Bawba Lee….what can I say…….NOTHING anymore I guess……

  • donl

    I see a family resemblance between her and Bill Ayers.

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