Soros Slams Trump… Calls Him Con-Artist And Dictator


(Daily Mail) Billionaire financier George Soros lashed out at President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday, calling him ‘a con artist’ and a ‘would-be dictator’ whose election this past November was a ‘powerful boost’ to the ‘forces of disintegration.’

Soros, the Hungarian-born magnate who supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy as well as other liberal causes worldwide, says that the rise of Trump and his affinity for rulers like Russian President Vladimir Putin threaten the open society model championed by the European Union.

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‘Democracy is now in crisis,’ Soros writes in Project Syndicate. ‘Even the US, the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president.’

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  • Robert E Bezanson

    I find Soros laughable… Obama was his puppet but Trump will NOT be…

    • Gisela H Fehr

      That’s why Soros is badmouthing him, because he knows he will not have any influence over him. I wish I could remember how many countries Soros has brought to ruin, but I forget! Only that working on breaking down America isn’t his first effort.

      • Mikichowie

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  • Bernfrin

    Someone needs to tell this Hungarian born idiot that true Americans do not support the Open Borders European Model. That is why true Americans rejected Hillary Clinton and elected Donald Trump – to return our country to the people. Obama was a Soros puppet and did everything he could to destroy America,

  • Busdriver Bill

    And George? Are you not one of the world’s richest shell-game operatives? Were I in need of an example of just plain EVIL in its rawest form, your image would come to mind first. Aren’t you old enough already? Shouldn’t you be in a line for euthanasia – voluntary, of course?

  • Effenexes

    Sorry George Soros has been in the forefront making his mark and money in many countries fomenting his evil schemes to disintegrate civil society as it stands today. Now that he can no longer hoodwink the normal process formed by We the People, we can now hope that Putin follows through with a request for extradition on this anarchist and that Trump honors that request. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • willr3

    President Trump should join with Russia who already has a price on Soros head. I’m sure the two toughest nations in the world can bring down this nazi scum.

  • ogreim

    If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black.
    George very upset with all the money he has Trump is too strong to be broken.
    Soros is those rich pathetic unhappy people.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Soros is functioning as a propogandist. Everything he’s accusing Trump of doing is exactly what Obama and the democrats have been doing. Soros is a POS one world government proponent designed to be run like a loose dictatorship with the big money people at the top. Of course Soros claims that Trump will disintigrate the Soros’ type of democracy. That’s exactly what we want Trump to do. Soros’ idea of “democracy” is we’ll force you to run your life as we Elites tell you, for your own good, of course. If you don’t, we’ll punish you by taxes and fines You will adapt our way of thinking (political correctness). You will eat the foods we allow you to eat, i.e., Michelle Obama’s school lunch menu… for your own good, of course. You will have the health care you are approved to have. If you don’t need it you don’t get it. If you don’t buy the inefficient health care program, we will fine you. The common thread with Soros and the democrats is that they want to shove their socialistic agenda down our throats, for our own good of course. Has anyone noticed that the elites who push for socialism are the most non-socialistic people around? What do they have to gain? Answer: more money.

  • Gisela H Fehr

    How many Americans know the sordid history of Soros? Did you know that during the 2nd WW, when the Nazis rounded up the Jews in Hungary, Soros betrayed the Jews, told the Nazis where they had stashed their fortunes, and the Nazis paid Soros a certain percentage of the stash he’d let the Nazis to. That’s how he made his fortune. Now seriously, would you take the word of this guy for anything? Even if he said the sun rises in the east, I’d go out and check on it to be sure I heard the truth. Once a Judas, always a Judas, remember that!

  • CAPT Caltrop

    Soros should talk. During WWII, in Hungary under the Nazis, he’s alleged to have worked for one of the two ulitmate dictators of that time and that’s why he changed his Hungarian name to the Greek name of Soros.. Oh with his knowledge of dictators he should know better.

  • Jack Leonard

    George loves dictators so it must be something else.

  • jackpiner

    Soros dead man walking or crawling…Give him to the JEWS!

  • Henry L

    Soros calling Trump a dictator. He has no room to talk.