Roy Moore Tax Troubles?


(Washington Post) The Alabama charity once led by Senate candidate Roy Moore did not report to the Internal Revenue Service that in 2011 it guaranteed him $498,000 in back pay, according to an income report provided to The Washington Post by the charity itself.

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Five tax law and accounting specialists said it appears the guaranteed payment should have been reported as compensation, a disclosure that would have triggered a federal tax bill of more than $100,000.

Moore and his campaign have not responded to questions about whether he paid the taxes, or to requests that he release his income tax returns.

John Bentley, a board member and former chairman of the charity, the Foundation for Moral Law, said Moore once told him that he had sought advice on the financial arrangement from an accountant. Moore said he was told the compensation was not taxable until he cashed in on the promised back pay, Bentley said. Moore has not yet done so, he said.

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  • Brother Flood

    It is not taxable until you get the money.

  • reggiec

    I have been guaranteed a certain amount of money for a piece of property I own. Do I have to pay taxes on it before I get the money?
    No Way!!!!