Pro-Gay Bishop Pushes Homosexual Agenda At LGBT ‘Family Mass’


(LifeSiteNews) Two left-leaning Catholic bishops, along with “married” homosexual partners, celebrated a special Mass for “Families of the LGBT Community” in San Diego last weekend. The event commemorated the 20-year anniversary of a controversial U.S. bishops’ letter on homosexuality that was censured by the Vatican within a year of its release.

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Bishop John Dolan, an auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of San Diego, presided over the October 7 mass commemorating the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) letter on homosexuality “Always Our Children.”

The mass, concelebrated with San Diego Archbishop Robert McElroy and 16 other clergy, took place at St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church, located in the heart of Hillcrest, the historic epicenter of homosexuality in San Diego.

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  • jimdarnall

    It’s time to ask the question. That being this. Why isn’t the Catholic Church, if truly a church following God’s word, condemning this intentional sin against God and His church? To not do so says a lot about the Catholic religion and it’s humanist agenda. God makes it clear as to the sin of homosexuality and what will happen to those not repenting from it. For the Catholic church to continue to remain silent about what’s happening within the church will not fare well for its outcome. I believe true followers of the church should be speaking out against what’s going on. As we all know each and everyone of us are of a sin nature. Knowing by believing this and asking God’s forgiveness through faith in Jesus gives us a special hope. To intentionally sin without acknowledging that mistake doesn’t bode well in His eyes. Pray for the church.