Planned Parenthood Scrubs ‘Prenatal Care’ From Website After Being Caught In A Big Fat Lie


(LifeNews) Last month, a new investigation showed employees at the Planned Parenthood abortion business denying women prenatal care. In fact, at almost every single one of the 97 Planned Parenthood facilities investigators contacted, prenatal care was not something the Planned Parenthood clinics offered.

After LifeNews and other media outlets reported on the investigation, Planned Parenthood has scrubbed its websites have any mention of prenatal care. Here’s more from LiveAction:

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Since the release of Live Action’s investigative video exposing the lack of care Planned Parenthood gives to pregnant women who want to keep their children, Planned Parenthood has been busy purging their websites of the term “prenatal.”

As a small sample of screen grabs from Planned Parenthood’s websites shows, the term “prenatal” in bold on the left-hand side captured approximately one week ago has disappeared from Planned Parenthood sites, as shown in the right-hand images captured on February 3, 2017.

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  • daveveselenak

    They are nothing less than Satan’s work-shops and if they are allowed to continue their acts od infanticide then God will judge America and will hand out the punishment it truly deserves – guaranteed!