Washington Post Caught Peddling ‘Fake News’


There is one thing that seems to be clear when it comes to fake news though. The individuals who are adamantly denouncing fake news are the same people who are aggressively spreading it.

Recently there was a Washington Post article plugging a new anonymous group and its supposed black list of pro-Russia news outlets. This post was a glaring example of a disgusting article that was mindlessly spread by countless journalist. But these journalists love to decry fake news, despite the Post article itself being centrally based on such “news”.

Now the public is privy to one of the most key examples of such fake news. In October, Wikileaks released John Podesta’s email archive. The Clinton campaign decided the best thing to do was to outright lie in an attempt to cover up the scandal. The campaign’s officials and media spokespeople adopted this strategy and claimed the emails were doctored or fabricated with no footing whatsoever and that any information uncovered should just be ignored.

This staggering example from the Clinton campaign was aggressively enlarged through MSNBC personalities such as Joy Ann Reid and Malcolm Nance. The Atlantic’s David Frum and Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald were also among those that amplified these lies. The claim that these emails were all lies doctored by the enemy were a classic fake news example that spread like wildfire and were clicked on and shared by thousands those who did not take the time to research the truth.