Megyn Kelly Calls Out Bill O’Reilly Again On Sexual Harassment


(Variety) Megyn Kelly went on the offensive against Bill O’Reilly and Fox News on Monday, calling out the cabler for what she characterized as its failure to address complaints about O’Reilly’s behavior during his time at the company.

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Kelly, who left Fox in January for NBC News, went so far as to single out Fox News media relations chief Irena Briganti for “vindictiveness.” Kelly alleged that Briganti has spread negative information about some women who accused the late Fox News founder and CEO Roger Ailes of harassment.

Ailes was forced out in July 2016 following a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson — an action that spurred the current wave of harassment claims against powerful media and entertainment industry figures. O’Reilly was fired in April after the New York Times detailed his history of settling harassment claims. On Saturday, the Times delivered another bombshell report about O’Reilly’s personal $32 million settlement with former Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl. That settlement came one month before O’Reilly signed a new $100 million, four-year contract with Fox News.

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  • John J. Mulhall

    Why am I supposed to care what this democrat operative thinks? She is a presstitute for Hillary and the DNC.

  • Edward Perkins

    I’m tired of hearing from Megyn Kelly. She needs to get on with her life like Bill O-Reilly has. I’m beginning to believe she wants to continue to milk this for whatever she can get out of it.

  • Ronald Starkey

    Let me see if I got this right, Bill and Fox settled a lawsuit for $32M. What damned business is it to Megyn. She needs to shut her ugly mouth and worry about her own failing career.

  • hunterforlife

    Let me get this straight Megan, women are to be applauded for acting like women – meaning using their sex to get ahead & men are to be punished for acting like men – meaning trying get women to have a physical relationship with them.

    Megan, can you name a woman who has ever been punished, much less criticized for falsely claiming sexual harassment when the claim was made against a conservative, especially a conservative of color?

    Has there ever been a woman of any color who has been punished for making a false claim of rape in any part of the world not controlled by Muslims?

    Oh, foolish me. I forgot that sexual harassment & rape are whatever a woman thinks it is.