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“Rubio is further to the ideological left on gay marriage than his rhetoric would suggest.” may have said it best, but whether or not such an assertion is correct or fair, one thing is certain; the mainstream media has complained consistently over the years that getting a straight (no pun intended) answer on the issue of “gay marriage” from Florida Senator Marco Rubio is difficult.

The lead from a recent article by reads: “Sen. Marco Rubio’s fledgling 2016 campaign got a lesson in presidential politics when he drew fire for potentially contradicting himself on whether he had ever supported a nationwide ban on gay marriage.”

Likewise, Buzzfeed writes: “In extensive comments on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights, Sen. Marco Rubio on Tuesday avoided taking strong positions for or against — leaving his view on federal legislation unclear…”

Back in 2010, when Rubio was battling Charlie Christ for the United States Senate seat he presently holds, the Christian Coalition’s Voter Guide listed him as supporting a Constitutional amendment to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Likewise, lists, as an “inferred position,” that Rubio supports the view that marriage is between one man and one woman.

However, during an April 11 interview with MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt, Rubio emphatically stated: “I’ve never supported a federal constitutional amendment on marriage.”


What is clear, at present, is that Rubio, like Jeb Bush and a handful of others, is now content to say that it’s “the law of the land,” (it’s not) now that the Supreme Court has issued what many critics have called a lawless ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges.

What is unclear is how his recently stated positions can change present political reality.

Rubio claims that while he personally believes that marriage is between one man and one woman, he has always held the view that the issue of defining marriage should be left up to the individual States.

Such a statement appears redeeming on the surface; however, when one considers that the voters in 31 states proclaimed at the ballot box that marriage is between one man and one women (and a total of 38 states prohibited so-called “same-sex marriage” until recently), before activist courts stripped that decision from the people, one would be hard pressed to understand the practical application of Rubio’s statement.

Saying, for instance, that the legalization of abortion is a decision that should be left up to the states is not going to change our present-day political reality; just as saying, after the Supreme Court rendered the Dred Scott decision, that the question as to whether or not Blacks should be considered property should have been left to the states did not change the political reality over a century ago.

When the horses escape, some are only willing to preach on the importance of keeping the barn doors shut; while men of action go out into the field to retrieve the horses.

Some would say that such empty statements of principle are simply attempts to avoid an issue; and such sentiments appear to be well-placed when one considers Rubio’s latest answer to the query of what can be done to reverse “same-sex” marriage: “As we look ahead, it must be a priority of the next president to nominate judges and justices committed to applying the Constitution as written and originally understood.”

Translation: I’m totally content to express outrage on this issue, but I plan to do nothing to resolve the issue.

  • Nancy Emmons

    Eliminated for consideration

  • tom

    Just another senator. Our presidents should have run a state as governor or a non-politician.

  • N. L. Brunhoeber

    I am sick of this business of marriage straight people only or gay allowed etc., it isn’t the business of anyone except the adults in question, where does it seem right to anyone else, the Govt. NOPE, the State:
    NOPE the church even NOPE, 2 consenting adults are the ones to decided.

    It isn’t going to matter since we are not reproducing our species if it is a woman & a man to be correct, & the argument the same sex people are less able to be good parents isn’t necessarily true (we sure see many people that are a Man & a Woman who aren’t good parents, so being different genders isn’t a guarantee, & it has been proven many times over, gay people do not make gay children, nor prey on them. As for predators of children, it has been always sick predators that do it, regardless of of their sex choice, & is even usually been married or straight people that prey on babies, & children for sexual pleasure, not gay people. Come on this has been going on for years &years, and we don’t live in the backward, uneducated middle ages anymore, stop acting like it folks. Just as it has always been that every few years for yrs and yrs, males insisting on WOMEN to have BABIES, & it is time to realize, MEN get out of the idea you & you alone should decided this issue, it is We women’s bodies, our entire lives rearing children, NOT YOU MEN, you leave all the work up to women, to carry them, take care of them until they or we die (you don’t ruin your health having them & often don’t pay the child support & when they come back home to live, the wives still take care of them & their children while you run off to work leaving the women work & take care of the children forever. LET GO OF THE CONTROL & LET the WOMAN decide her own decision for her own body & her own life, MEN CAN NOT NOR SHOULD THEY MAKE SUCH A DECISION. If she wants them let her decide, NOT YOU, HER it is her body and her life, until you smart men decide & figure out how to be Mother’s, let the women decide for themselves. After all we do not live in the Middle Ages anymore, where the decisions are still ALL MALE DOMINATED because WOMEN can’t think for themselves, or are allowed to, we are past that age. Women die in childbirth, never have heard of a male willing to die, or spend his life 24/7 taking care of children, never will do it anyway, if men had to have every other kid, betcha we would all be 2 child families. They’d never do it a second time, we women will, we do &I we have forever done so, therefore we should make the decision, not you whiny males. Get OFF THE “I’ll Make The Decisions In This Marriage” throne & out of the Middle Ages Time Zone. I’m old enough to say what I think, & with good knowledge of what it is like to be able to.

    • DEE

      OMG! You are the only one living in the stone age here! You must have a horrible life. For at least the last 30 years, men have been taking on equal responsibility of caring for the children that they and their wife decided to have together. They share in the house keeping, laundry, taking the children to school, daycare, etc. But God blessed women with the ability to nurture, care, and be loving mothers, the father is to protect and provide for his family. In this day and time it takes both to do both and it is very evident in today’s society that is what is happening. Still 2 men or 2 women can not produce a child together because that is not the way God planned it. Marriage is between a man and a woman, no matter how you look at it, however if gays want to become a union, then that is what it should be called a union. That would still give them the same rights as a married couple, but described as what they are a union, not a marriage. But of course liberals believe in everything and anything goes. No morals on that side of the spectrum.

  • N. R. Posten

    Yeah, Folks quit living in the middle ages, about marriage decisions and who gets to and about babies and who gets to decide on that too

  • http://n/a John Bourque

    Tom, is exactly right about that. If we elect anyone for the WH, he should be a governor, or non-politician. We have grown a government of “lifetime politicians” who most of them have never worked an honest day in their lives! That is why Perry, or Dr. Carson are my two picks. One has the record of running a successful state government, and the other, has never ran for a political office before, but is highly intelligent, and capable of leadership and has those skills from 25 years as a leading surgeon at John Hopkins. Rubio is also pro-choice, and voted with Obama on the open border policies here in America. Both are opposites of Conservative politics! I have no idea how he can even consider himself a Conservative in the first place! He breaks all the rules as one really. So either he should run as a Democrat, or just hang it up, and give more room for other more capable Conservative men who are running for 2016.

    • Florence Millard

      The name of that hospital was JOHNS HOPKINS HOSPITAL……….please Do your research

  • Syl

    The Bible says even those who SUPPORT homosexuality are given over to a reprobate mind. If a president has a reprobate mind (like Obama) it affects ALL decisions he makes. All decisions are coming from the same reprobate mind. So it is important that voters know where candidates stand on homosexuality so we can vote accordingly. Stop trying to protect them on this issue. Voters have a right to know.

    • daveveselenak

      Amen, he is taking the country down and the (opposition?) does nothing! I had warned that a military coup should have occurred long ago before he rid the military of those supposedly loyal to the constitution to ” protect the country from enemies within”! Armr==============================?

  • Clint Rhodd

    Jeb Bush is a Skull and bones like his Grandfather, Father, Brother. If you have an oath in skull and bones how can you take another oath Government????

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  • Aunt Dot

    I was supporting you …… until this article!!!! Sorry, now I need to find another solid, moral man to support!!

  • chillbox

    I’m not voting for anybody in Congress! As far as I am concerned everybody in Congers needs to hit the road! especially all rhino Republicans and start all over!

  • Ranchman

    I cannot support any candidate who is for homosexuality, neither can I support one who flip-flops on issues because this shows an unstable or insecure mind. I won’t support anyone in any way if they change their minds because of a shift in political currents. You’re either a moral person, trying to live a righteous life, or you’re not.

  • Rodger K. Shull

    A NO VOTE for Rubio.


    Not a chance in hell

  • Elizabeth Craine

    Another reason alone with the gang of 8 amnesty bill that I will not support him.

  • Stan Jackson

    Rush Limbaugh said: “(Ted’s) conservative through and
    through. Trustworthy, strong, confident, leader, and somebody in whom you can
    totally depend.”

  • hangman57

    I will not vote for anyone who votes for same sex marriage .

  • mwood13

    why not, you will never get my vote

  • Bill Krueger

    This is why I have never mentioned Rubio in my discussions about Presidential candidates. If you aren’t man enough to stand up for what you believe then I can’t vote for you. Also, as a Christian, if you are in favor of same sex marriage I won’t vote for you. That would be an insult to God and I won’t do that. I’d rather offend Rubio and others who go along with disobeying God’s word. The people of this country should be VERY CAREFUL who they elect for any leadership position from now on. And Christian values should BE MOST IMPORTANT when deciding because it’s their leadership that will shape (or reshape) America. Remember the Flood and Sodom and Gomorrah; when the people went this far away from God. If we continue to elect leaders who advocate for sinful behavior we will get the kind of country and cities of those times, and I for one don’t want to live in that kind of culture. Dr. Carson is my choice, but that’s my opinion.

  • Mwalltexan

    He’s a Smarmy little toad…………. Like the little Mexican dog…. What’s it called? Oh Yeah, a chihuahua.
    Full of false bravado and useless frenetic energy…. scared of it’s own shadow…
    I like the nickname 8 oz. it recalls his “Gang of 8″ fame.

  • angelkisz

    He’s a liar liar pants on fire. No vote here

  • DangRight

    Rubio is quite slippery. Hard to pin down on anything.