Karl Rove Calls For Eradication Of 2nd Amendment


When Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked him how we “stop the violence,” the Republican that Democrats love said the only way to guarantee that violence will stop is to “remove guns from society.”

  • Salvatore R LaRosa

    Karl Rove is a fool. The only way to stop violence in America is to eradicate poverty, drug dealing and illegal guns. Jobs, the strongest penalties for selling or using drugs and stronger and lasting penalties for illegal guns. Also and possibly foremost Border Security.

  • http://aol MalcolmX


  • Ed Shick

    The constitution was written by some very Patriotic Men , It has worked for many years before Karl Rove was Born, Guns do not kill , People kill People , we have never been at a Place where our Politicians want Power so bad ,

  • http://yahoo Bob

    They can have my gun but they will have to take it from my dead cold fingers

  • Sandra

    Does Karl Rove think the criminals will gladly give up their guns too! Oh yes, by all means, let’s get smart and take away any chance of protection a citizen might have and let’s make the criminal element that much more powerful……

  • http://Americaconservative Bernie

    Hey Karl Rove.Get the hell out of the Republican party.You are a disgrace to the Conservative movement.Take Boehner and sing along with Mitch with you.All of you are traitor’s to the Republican’s.The other Bush Jeb,has a liking for immigration,and Common Core Education.CCE has been taught by the Liberals in our public schools for the past 30 yrs.Why do you think the kids hate America.That’s what these progressives have been teaching them.

    Why havent you open your mouth about Impeaching Obama Karl Rove? He has committed more crimes to American citizen’s and our country than any president in history of America.

  • E. Myers

    I live and work in Chihuahua, Mexico where guns have been “removed from society”. Need I say more? I have trouble believing that Karl Rove is that big of an idiot. But, if he said it… again, need I say more?

  • http://america'sconservative Dennis Perry

    Tell Karl Rove that the right to keep and bear arms is a God given right and shall not bee infringed upon.
    I am totally agtainst Karl Rove and for what he stands for.

  • http://albarrs.wix.com/usandfamilyhistory Al Barrs

    Karl Rove has finally come out of the closet and has finally shown his Marxist colors. And Trump is right, Rove doesn’t have a clue! Rove doesn’t have a clue about what will happen to the U.S.A. and its people if our 2nd Amendment right to “keep and bear arms” without government infringement is repealed… Already our government under Communist Muslim Obama is trying, through hook and crook, to disarm America to pave the way for his illegal army to complete a coup da tat to rule the U.S.A. as a new communist nation under Islamic law and Muslim rule. Does Rove want another Nazi nation like his ancestral home Germany allowed? Germany’s citizens’ guns were confiscated by Hitler and the Nazis? The German people nor the Jews in Germany had no means for defending themselves and millions died because Hitler and his handlers had the same attitude a Karl Rove and did what Rove, Obama and his communist co-conspirators want. Rove is a has-been a traitor to freedom and independence and certainly is not a patriot American! Rove is part of that elite establishment Republican Party faction that allowed Obama to win the presidency in the first place and it was he who failed to support conservative candidates who had won their Republican nominations in states by refusing them campaign aid, money and even supported Democrat liberal candidates over the Republican candidates. He is a turncoat and has been since leaving the government… The 2nd Amendment is the only amendment. law or right in our Constitution that allows us to enjoy all the other Amendments, rights and powers of an independent, free nation of individuals. The U.S.A. will rapidly become a nation of warlords ruling with an iron hand and one thing you can count on is that they will have guns… The U.S.A. will become a third world nation with few jobs or industry… something world and U.S. communists’ have been fighting for, for decades.

    Rove failes’ to recognize the problem with a lack of attention to mental derangement in the U.S.A. and the dangers of “gun free zones”, which are tools used to drive the assault on our 2nd Amendment right to protect ourselves and our nation from foreign and domestic attacks…

    This is why we no longer donate to the Republican Party nor Karl Rove’s political organization. Everyone should stop and only give donations to individual candidates who care about our independence, freedom and individualism and not self-serving corrupt traitors to conservatism in the U.S.A.

    NOTE: The Dailycaller has taken my comment off their Website and I have since posted it on WND.com’s Website. We will see if they too trample on our 1st Amendment Rights…

    But, today I saw the entire interview and the last comment by Rove was not published by most news media… Rove said that he “did not agree with it” meaning he did not agree with repealing the 2nd Amendment.

    Not even Abraham Lincoln and his pro-industry new Republican Party leaders attempted to try and pass an amendment to repeal the 2nd Amendment, nor repeal the U.S. Constitution guarantee of the institution of slavery in the United States of America…

    • Ken Sommers

      As you correctly noted, this condemnation of Rove for suggesting that the 2nd Amendment be reversed was totally unfair, since at the end of his statement he clearly emphasized that he was not in favor of such a move. Our “conservative” news sources need to report accurately, and stress the more significant problems with the “progressive” movement, like the ever increasing control of government over our lives, and the resulting increase in its size. What ever happened to states’ rights, and the Constitution?

      We need a candidate who is serious about attacking the status quo in Washington, and has a real plan to drastically reduce government, in both size and scope. I like Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and John Kasich, all of whom have experience and track records that make Hillary’s candidacy look like a bad joke.

    • tazz89103

      good post, do you know theres been more mass shootings from 2009 to 2015 than 25yrs before from 2008 -1983

  • Robert Branscome

    Karl Rove is a piece of shit. He is no republican. As a matter of fact most of these so called republicans are not real republicans. This is why I say we have to form a third party ( Tea Party or Conservative Party). We can do this and never give a dam dime to them. Without our money and votes they will fold or switch parties and become what they really are Democrats. I say we should and say to hell with that bunch.

  • T. Ferebee

    Rowe like Col. W. House (Wilson’s Chief of Staff) are both card carry Nazis/zionists

  • Wildman

    Millions and Millions of us have weapons that have never been used in a crime, or had a accident. Carl Rove must belong to the one world government people like Boehner, McConnell, Obama, Bush Senior, Bush Jr. Hillary, and many more of our elected Politicians in both parties. George Soros also belongs as do many other eliet rich do here in America and Europe. Another traitor .

  • BMcKee

    Karl Rove DID NOT call for the Eradication of the 2nd Amendment!!! This was taken completely out of context….that’s just nuts to say that!!

  • Chiefatk

    If that would ever happen, I would like to see the weasel Rove be the first person to confiscate someones weapon. He is a RHINO for sure and no one believes a thing he says. He is a wimp and a mouth piece for the liberal camp.

  • Tedski

    Another Moron, What’s next? pencils and toothpicks?

  • http://yahoo Robert Haines

    This butt head RINO, should just shut up, no one cares what he says, he is just another mouth piece for the current clown in the White House. the way to stop this is to execute those who commit crimes with firearms, give them a 15 minute trial and then waste them as they wasted there victims. any thing short of quick justice will not work. guns Are not the problem, bleeding heart liberals are the problem. what a sell out from rove and his ilk. Of course old fat Hill jumped on the bandwagon as well.

  • Lance

    I never liked Karl (Marx) Rove. Never did he inspire confidence, and always talked from both sides of his mouth. He has proven what I had suspected from the first time I heard him speak, he is a left leaning liar. Now he thinks he has the answer, disarm the USA. That is by far the most insane comment I have heard except from the far left, the camp he has now joined. Stay out of our lives, coward, we do not want or need you and yours. You and your left are destroying the greatest country to have ever existed, and you do it with lies and deception.

  • Don Janofskey

    If the second amendment is repealed, which amendment would be next?.The first, or any of the other amendments.

    • http://conservativeamerica-online David Kledzik

      All of them. As we all know the 2nd Amendment isnt for hunting, because back in the old days if you didn’t hunt, you didn’t eat. Its the line of defense against a tyrannical government. If they were to repeal one, they would certainly repeal them all, because their would be no way to stop them period…

      • asoro

        your right Dave, the 2nd is the one that holds them together, Thats why they put it as the 2nd A, It was that important to the founding Fathers, Jefferson would not sign the Constitution unless it was up very high, He may have wanted it to be the first A.But being the 2nd A, out of about 29? I think is pretty high and powerful. Obama is trying to get around it thats for sure and sooner or later hes going to make a big move on it, he was trying it with the UN S.A.T. thing and the UN thinks we are a part of it because he and Kerry signed it, But it has not been past Congress yet and never will.

    • tazz89103

      most likely all of them sooner or later

  • Jim

    Mr. Rove is just another politician who understands that the rights of the citizen set forth in the Second Amendment to our Constitution is one of the most important rights that an American Citizen possesses. The Second Amendment was placed in our Constitution to guarantee that our citizens would have the means, force of arms, to oppose an oppressive government. It should be apparent to every person who can rationally think that the only reason that our politicians are trying to remove our Second Amendment Rights is so that they, the politicians, can then assume dictatorial powers over the citizens of this country. If you have a better answer, let us hear it.

    • http://conservativeamerica-online David Kledzik

      None come to mind, I think you covered it quite well.



  • mwood

    i heard what he said and you have to strech it to go there

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