Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill to Force Christian Schools To Hire Abortion Activists


(Lifenews) California Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed legislation Sunday that could have forced churches, Christian schools and pro-life organizations to employ abortion supporters.

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California Assembly Bill 569 would have prohibited employers from requiring their employees to follow a moral code of conduct, such as no sex outside of marriage and no abortions. It also would have prohibited employers from disciplining or firing employees for actions that violate the mission or beliefs of the group.

The bill did not provide any exceptions for employers, meaning pro-life organizations, churches, religious schools and faith-based groups could have been forced to keep on employees whose actions are contrary to their faith or mission.

Brown vetoed the legislation Sunday, despite being an abortion supporter. He said the concerns addressed by the bill already are covered under current law, The Sacramento Bee reports.

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  • jimdarnall

    Give unto Ceasor that which is his. Give unto God which is His. The left and especially in California have become totally and morally depraved. The time will come when all will have to answer to a much higher power.