Is Hillary Clinton Dying?


A photograph was captured with Democratic presidential nominee having to be physically helped up a moderate flight of steps. The picture immediately took to the internet with many questioning her health. The jury is still out on whether she needed the assistance due to her frail body or due to her documented brain injuries which may be disturbing her ability to carry out mundane daily activities.

Clinton’s health concerns started back in 2009 when at the age of 61 she slipped and fell on her way to the White House to meet with President Obama. The fall caused her to undergo surgery for a fractured elbow. In 2011 she fell when she was boarding a plane and also suffered from a concussion from a number of fainting spells and what appears to be a blood clot.

The concussion and blood clot seem to have left a lingering stream of long-lasting symptoms. Between the general odd behaviors necessitating her to remain in a controlled environment and coughing fits as well as incredibly low energy, Clinton’s mental and physical health is starting to be questioned.

There have also been absences from debates and reporter interactions that offer solid evidence that something is not quite right with Clinton’s current health. The public was even witness to a seizure as reporters were asking her questions simultaneously. Clinton tried to play it off and her campaign consistently assures the public that she is in good health and can serve as President of the United States.

Her cognitive illness doesn’t just stop at seizures, facial tics and random spills. In an email from Hillary’s long-time aide and confidante, Huma Abedin, it was mentioned that the former Secretary of State is “often confused”.

Many of Hillary Clinton’s behaviors can be explained away by stress and overstimulation. Speculation about her health is not new as she has a long report of oversleeping, odd outbursts of anger and overall odd behavior. However, with the recent footage of Clinton’s physical oddities, the increase in concern is noticeable.