Did McCain Just Call Trump A Dictator?


(NewsMax) Sen. John McCain on Saturday took a broad swipe at President Donald Trump’s attack on the media, warning that “how dictators get started” is by shutting down the press.

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In an interview to air on NBC News’ “Meet The Press,” the Arizona Republican conceded the media and elected officials often have an adversarial relationship; the Trump administration has repeatedly sparred with reporters and Trump himself has labeled media organizations “fake news.”

The remarks were posted ahead of the airing by NBC News.

“A fundamental part of that new world order was a free press,” McCain said, adding laughingly: “I hate the press. I hate you especially. But the fact is we need you.”

McCain’s comments came in response to a Friday tweet from Trump in which he chillingly branded news outlets – the New York Times, NBC News, ABC, CBS and CNN – “the enemy of the American People.”

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  • rickwash4

    Damn you McCain!! What to critique Trump, fine, but quit giving your dishonest opinions as ammo for the enemy!! 8 yrs you stood silently by, while O-Blowhard lied & screwed the American people, actually the press too and the world. He’s the actual radical dictator and you didn’t dare go there with your cowardice & hypocritical PC BS!!! You don’t deserve re-eletion, you’re part of the Grand Ole Party of Go along to get along. It doesn’t work with the hateful, dishonest and radical left that has control of the DNCommie Party.

    • ruthecarney

      He has been here too long, go home McCain,You may be a hero, but not in my eyes for your obstructionist politics. GO HOME>

  • Mike S

    Shutting down the independent media is what John McCain wants because he voted for the defense authorization act that included funding to attack any news outlet that George Soros (via David Brock) defines as “fake news”. When Trump stands up to the lying fake news media and calls them out, that is not shutting them down.

  • allamericanpatriot

    It’s actually just the opposite of what McCain stated ‘that shutting down the press is the beginning of a dictator’ …the fact is that during Obama’s reign in office he got ”CONTROL of the press/putting them in his pocket (excluding Fox of course)….so the Press could help brain-wash the people based on what Obama wanted them to hear’. THIS was the beginning of ‘dictatorship’ (which would have continued had Hillary been elected). Obama’s method of ‘shutting down the truth’ was to constantly belittle Fox News, Glen Beck and other Truth Tellers, so people would feel embarrassed to even mention their name…., just as he developed the term “Birthers’ to belittle those who questioned his citizenship status. So…. ‘NO’….. Trump is not ‘shutting down the press….he is simply wanting them to be honest for a change….but after 8 years they have already forgotten how. If we the people stop listening to Obama’s fake news stations, they may eventually go out of business.

  • game50

    McCain is nothing but a blow heart . He set back and let the Fraud Obama take us under. He loves taken monies from George Soros …he nothing but a sell out.If anything he’s the one that’s a Dictator or should I say a dick taker…remove and arrest him for Treason against America…enough of his madness on America.