Democrats Calling Psychologists To Talk About Trump’s Mental Health


(Buzzfeed) A member of the House Intelligence Committee is going where many of her colleagues have not: reaching out to people in the mental health field to talk about President Donald Trump.

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“It’s one thing from my non-professional, non-clinical standpoint [to] believe that someone does not have the capacity to do the job, it’s another thing to talk to experts and [those] who can deal with mental psychosis on a daily basis, so I wanted to hear from them,” Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat, told BuzzFeed News.

While many Democrats have steered clear of speculation about Trump, Speier appears not to be alone in talking to mental health professionals. Half a dozen lawmakers have contacted Bandy Lee, a psychiatry professor at Yale, to talk about the president’s mental state over the past several months, Lee told BuzzFeed News. Although Lee wouldn’t identify the politicians, she said they were Democrats in both the House and Senate.

Speier said she has not spoken with Lee, but that she reached out to two experts to discuss Trump’s mental health, including John Gartner, a psychologist.

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  • reggiec

    These Democrats are the ones suffering mental illness! When their darling Hillary lost the election, they plunged into an irrational and delusional sea of excuses. This latest “President Trump’s mental state” idiocy is a last ditch effort to undermine his presidency because if he is successful to any degree it will set back their Liberal/Progressive/Marxist agenda for a very long time.

  • J Bryan Jensen

    Now what sort of diagnosis would you expect a COMMUNIST psychologist to give for President Trump? Everyone and everything trying to bring our President down will be ignored as the lying, useless drivel that they are.

  • sanford paris

    Only a looney liberal could come up with this underhanded scheme to defame our President. Who else has a critical shortage of integrity other than a liberal. Who else has a shortage of conscience? Who else is a functional moron? They want to fight from behind their frocks. Start drafting women. They will come to grips with reality faster than any mamby pamby method. You have a right to speak! You have a right to serve in our military to defend that right!