Democrat Gun-Grabber Goes Ballistic Crazy… Screams At Gun Owners To Shove It


It was a despicable rant. He just didn’t say that if you own a gun, “you’re rich” and “you don’t love your city,” but this Democrat went off the deep-end and started pointing his finger and screaming at gun-owners to “shut up… shut up.” ……

  • mwood

    when there is no defense for your position all you can do is scream like a spoiled brat

    • B

      I agree. The moment he either starts having a tantrum or resorting to ad hominem attacks, he has lost the battle and has made a complete fool of himself to boot.

  • Mike F

    Lock this ranting Idiot up, where he can’t hurt anybody~! ! Hitler sounded much the same!

  • Darwin L. Doll

    Molon Labe!

  • rp

    The problem with the councilman’s argument is: 1) it is against the Constitution. 2) laws that they are trying to enact have been used for more than 40 years now. Exactly what has it accomplished? People aren’t afraid of one of their gun laws working, they are afraid that it takes their rights away to defend themselves. The gun laws they want to pass don’t work and liberal idiots like him don’t want to hear the truth. The main reason violent crimes have gone down steadily for more than 20 years, has been the enactment of concealed carry and the fact that people are finding out that guns make them safer.

  • Lynette

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  • Pansy

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