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“I want to be clear, I don’t agree with the way it was done, but it’s been done, and those of us that take an oath have a responsibility to abide by that oath.”

Why is it that whenever a politician says “I want to be clear” can we typically assume that clarity is the furthest thing from the politician’s mind?

Like all of the other potential marriage betrayers, Christie was quick to criticize the High Court’s decision but pledged to follow it without reservation.

The political-class in Washington D.C. calls that triangulation. Normal people call it talking out of both sides of your mouth.

But Chris Christie has been down this road before.

WND reports: “The governor [Christie] dropped his opposition to gay marriage in New Jersey after the state’s Supreme Court upheld it in 2013.”

Christie did veto a bill that would have legalized “gay marriage” in New Jersey and then softened his stance after the New Jersey Supreme Court decreed that it should be legal.

Liberals cheered him for his “pragmatism.” CNN praised him for “back[ing] away from his opposition to same-sex marriage.”

Conservatives, on the other hand, were not convinced.

As the left-wing reports: “But for a GOP base that already views his conservative bona fides warily, his decision not to go down swinging against a court decision that has legalized gay marriage in his state could prove problematic.”

Problematic indeed, Christie has a reputation as a hell-raiser, a straight shooter; so when he massages his position on any issue, he draws attention. It’s tantamount to E.F. Hutton whispering.

And now that the High Court has issued its lawless decree, Christie is back to his old scrappy self. In contrast to a number of GOP presiential candidates who are offering moral support to those who believe they should defy the tyranical SCOTUS decree, Christie is ordering county clerks in New Jersey to abide by the ruling, or else.

Ben Johnson wrote for “In a tone usually reserved for busting teachers’ unions, Christie told clerks who hold traditional values, ‘You took the job, and you took the oath.’ He would offer no exemption for an individual whose conscience would not allow him to participate in a union the vast majority of the world’s religions deem sinful.”

So let’s see, Christie was against gay marriage before he was for gay marriage and he might, possibly, be against it again, but even if he is against it, if it happens, he will honor it.

That sounds clear enough.

  • Ruth


    • Joley643

      Ruth is right – Christie should never have thrown in his hate – for a number of reasons – likewise with Lindsay Gramnesty, Huckabee, Santorium, etc.,

    • http://google Bruce

      When did a politician ever stand by the oath of office

  • Nancy Emmons

    Decided when he hugged Obama and when all that braggadocio speech at the Republican Convention when the spotlight should have been on Romney.

    • Edchero

      I think Christie should be shown that actions have consequences. When he couldn’t wait to kiss obama’s rear end and when obama was on the ropes for the 2012 election, I decided right then that I would never vote for Christie for ANYTHING.

  • tom

    Had Crispy Creme had cheeked out the U.S. Constitution he would know the justices can’t make laws. Article 2 Section 3. Judges are to interpret not make laws. this was and is an illegal law.

  • http://n/a John Bourque

    I totally agree with Nancy here, and like Tom’s comment! Both are right on! Christie is nothing but a lifetime politician, and that is what is exactly wrong with Washington DC today! There is too many of them there as it is! He is loud and critical, and at times, just plain beligermentive!! We don’t need anyone who “hugs” Obama as he did that day on CNN. If you are in anyway close with Obama, then you are way too far apart from the conservative right to be considered for president! I believe Nancy is with me on that one. No way Christie! Stick with Jersey and mess them up, and leave the rest of the country alone!

  • Maxx

    Christie is a loudmouth blow hard that thinks people have forgotten how he showed his true colors when he was kissing every liberal a$$ he could find when the Bridge Gate issue was front and center. I would not vote for that Rino if he was the only candidate.

  • Syl

    Arrogant! Does not respect conservative citizens.

    • ArmyCombatVet

      Just another crooked politician who in his case has never learned the term everything in moderation… food for instance! Does he have a conveyor belt feeding him. Must be because he obviously has no time to read the Constitution where it clearly states that Congress makes law, article three, section two! The Supreme court upholds and rules on existing law. Just as the Supreme Court has not the power to alter a constitutional amendment or add one. It takes two thirds of Congress and three quarters of the states to accomplish that feat! Crispy Creme Christy is an ignorant balloon, not even Governor material!

  • chillbox

    You don’t have to worry about being president anyway! Especially now!

  • Ranchman

    It’s funny how his oath to uphold the law means so much on this issue, but not on other issues like the 2nd Amendment, huh Christie? New Jersey has probably the worst record in upholding Citizen’s 2A Rights than almost any other State. You’ll NEVER get my vote, Chris.

  • Rodger K. Shull

    A NO VOTE of the Jobba the Hut from New Jersey, a life time politician criminal.


    Fat chance……Next

  • klesb

    Amazing! Not one of them was on my “would vote for” list! And, since Cruz is Constitutionally ineligible (dual citizen Cuban-U.S.) as are Jindal and Santorum, it seems I am down to Trump and Fiorina! Who would have thought?

    • SEB

      Cruz is NOT ineligible…why do you all continue to spread this nonsense. He is eligible and the best one for our country. I am sorry to see Carson’s stand on this but it is what it is and I won’t vote for him. Cruz is the Conservative this country needs. He will surround himself with Mike Lee, Adam West, Trump for Economy, Gowdy for Attorney General and Carson where he belongs – in fixing the health care system and tossing bummycare out. Cruz will bring Conservative values and God back into this country. You don’t like my opinion – I simply don’t care because you have either not educated yourself, or, you have not educated yourself and I hate to repeat myself but….. Fiorina…naaah not so much.

      • klesb

        The controlling definition of “natural born citizen” is someone whose parents were U.S. citizens at the time of his/her birth. Cruz does not meet that standard. The Founders fully understood the dangers of a divided loyalty based upon birth heritage. Barry Soetoro could not be a better example of what the Founders were concerned about. Ted Cruz may be a contrary example of the very reason we should change our Constitution to remove this eligibility requirement, but our Constitution has not yet been changed!

        I have several times written Cruz’s campaign asking for Ted’s written explanation as to why he himself considers himself s natural born citizen, but there has only been silence. Ted is thought to be an expert on our Constitution. Why the silence?

        No one, including Alan Keyes, a competing candidate, has been found to have legal standing to challenge Soetoro’s eligibility in court, Were a conservative like Ted to be nominated, it is a certainty that a court could be depended on to suddenly find such standing. Then what?

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  • angelkisz

    Ugg , I would take Bush over him if that were the only two choices . Sure glad there are more to choose from.

  • DangRight

    What oath does any politician adhere to? If you’re talking about to defend and protect the constitution I’d say there are d@mn few!

  • marlene

    Absolutely wrong about Christie. He refused to sign a bill that would allow children (CHILDREN!!!) to seek counseling for their doubts about their sexuality, yet he delivered funds to the LGBT for their depravity.

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