Hillary Clinton Makes Stunning Promise To Al Sharpton

(Daily Caller) Hillary Clinton will empower the Department of Justice and Environmental Protection Agency to fight against “environmental racism” through “stronger enforcement” of environmental regulations, she announced on Wednesday.

“Across America, the burdens of air pollution, water pollution, and toxic hazards are borne disproportionately by low-income communities and communities of color,” states a memo on the climate justice initiative released by Clinton’s campaign.

The candidate herself introduced the plan during her speech at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network earlier in the day.

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Is Black Lives Matter Protesting Our National Pastime Now?

(WND) Minnesota Twins fans were delayed en route to their team’s opening ceremonies after scores of Black Lives Matters protesters circled the train station and blocked entry and exit points, preventing their transport to nearby Target Field

They chanted, Breitbart reported: “No justice, no peace,” as well as “prosecute the police” and “white silence equals violence.”

The ‘Stop Hillary’ campaign is on fire! Join the surging response to this theme: ‘Clinton for prosecution, not president’

One Minneapolis protester going by the Twitter handle of Black Lives MPLS wrote: “They have begun to arrest peaceful protesters demanding #Justice4Jamar 7 end to @Target slave labor.”

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Former White House Staffer Spills The Beans On The Clintons

(Daily Caller) A former White House staffer said he wouldn’t want to work for Hillary Clinton if she becomes president.

Skip Allen was an usher in the White House for 25 years before he retired in 2004, and during an interview with Vanity Fair about the 2016 presidential race, Allen recalled when Bill Clinton was president and Hillary was first lady.

“The Clintons can’t make up their minds about what they really want,” Allen said. “You never knew what they were going to ask for or when they were going to ask for it.”

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