Fourth Judge Rules Cruz Eligible to Run for President

(NewsMax) Ted Cruz is a “natural-born citizen” under the U.S. Constitution and is eligible to run for U.S. president in New Jersey’s June 7 primary, according to a state judge.

“The more persuasive legal analysis is that such a child, born of a citizen-father, citizen-mother, or both, is indeed a ‘natural born citizen’ within the contemplation of the Constitution,” administrative law judge Jeff Masin said in a 26-page decision reported by

A group of New Jersey residents, joined by a Catholic University law professor, questioned whether Cruz was a U.S. citizen and eligible to run for president, since he was born in Canada, although his mother is American.

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Cruz Accuses Trump Of Threatening Delegates

(NewsMax) Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blasted rival Donald Trump in a radio interview Tuesday, accusing the Republican front-runner of being a bully, inciting violence and using dirty tricks to intimidate voters and delegates, as Trump continued to rail against a nominating system he says is crooked and rigged.

Using some of the harshest rhetoric of the campaign to date, Cruz said his billionaire rival is a bad businessman who has been surrounded by sycophants his entire career.

“Donald’s whole pitch is he’s a great businessman,” Cruz said in the wide-ranging interview on the Glenn Beck radio show, adding that given how he runs his campaign, “it appears he can’t run a lemonade stand.”

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Watch Another Top Trump Surrogate Admits He’s A Democrat

This top Trump surrogate just revealed that he can’t vote for his boss because he is a registered Democrat. This revelation follows the news from earlier this week that 2 of Trump’s children, Ivanka and Eric can’t vote for their dad either…

Megyn Kelly And Donald Trump’s Secret Meeting

(Daily Caller) Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly met with Donald Trump Wednesday in a meeting brokered by Fox News chairman Roger Ailes.

The two met at Trump Tower in New York, CNN Money reports.

Kelly and Trump have been feuding this election cycle ever since the first debate in August. Trump in that debate said Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever.”

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Cruz Could Block Trump On Second Ballot At GOP Convention

(NewsMax) Ted Cruz has a good chance of winning enough delegates to deny Donald Trump the GOP presidential nomination on a second ballot during July’s Republican convention, The Washington Post reports.

That means it’s essential for Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, to amass the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination straight out, according to the newspaper.

Trump senior advisor Paul Manafort said he’s confident the billionaire developer will win before the July convention.

“There’s not going to be a second ballot,” Manafort said.

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