Somali Refugees Coming In At A Staggering Rate

According to the State Department’s website, there is a staggering amount of so-called Somali “refugees” entering the United States. In fact, America is seeing the highest rate ever in the first two months of the fiscal year 2017. From October 1 of this year until now, a whopping 2775 Somalis have entered the United States.

This rate is more than 30% higher than any year since 2002. The State Department website does not provide information prior to that year. Since the fiscal year of 2002 over 100,000 Somali “refugees” have resettled in the United States according to the interactive website and a whopping 99.9% of them being Muslim.

If the resettling continues in this manner, there will be almost 15,000 additional Somali “refugees” in the United States come the end of September 2017. That total would be higher than the highest total so far which was 12,892 in the fiscal year 2004.

So where are these people settling? The top five destinations are Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, New York and Arizona. In the last two months it has been Minnesota, New York, Kentucky, Ohio and Arizona. The inauguration of president-elect Trump is bound to change the statistics as he has already promised to temporarily pause the resettlement of refugees from countries that are hostile to the United States.

The record of domestic terrorism from Somali refugees in the United States is unsettling. Therefore, Somali is likely to be among the countries Donald Trump will consider pausing new arrivals.

In September Dahir Adan, a Somali refugee in his twenties that attacked 10 people with a knife at a mall in Minnesota before he was shot and killed by an off duty officer. In November, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, another young Somali refugee, attacked fellow students at Ohio State University with a car and butcher knife before being shot and killed by a campus police officer.

These are just two of many examples over the last year that involved a Somali refugee who had fled the economic and civil unrest in their homeland.

Recount Picks Up An Embarrassing 5 Votes For Clinton

It is reported that in Philadelphia Jill Stein’s much touted recount in the blue state of Pennsylvania initially brought in only five votes for Hillary Clinton. The recount has ended as it only yielded an embarrassing number of extra votes for the Democratic presidential candidate while Donald Trump’s number remained the same. The totals for Independent candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s numbers remained the same as well.

The City Commissioners Office recounted votes in 75 of Philadelphia’s 1600 plus voting divisions. The recount had been put in place after Stein pleaded with residents with over 250 of them answering her call. Stein asked for three petitioners in each of the voting districts to file the recounts to aide in attempts to get a statewide recount through a Commonwealth Court and then Federal Court lawsuit.

Stein was hoping that the recount would bring up evidence of voting fraud or hacking of the system. However, the district level recounts turned up no instances of either. City Commissioner Al Schmidt emphasized the difficulty of hacking voting machines that are not even connected to the internet. “We have primitive voting machines here,” Schmidt stated.

The 5 extra votes for Clinton came in from paper provisional or absentee ballots that were undetected by the optical scanner that counted votes in the days following the election. Schmidt admits that this can happen when people don’t mark their choices clearly on paper ballots or do not use the required blue or black pen.

Most of the 75 districts that were part of the recount took place in Center City or the Greater Center City areas. These areas are overwhelmingly Democratic even by blue state standards. Stein is moving forward with the federal lawsuit but unless she prevails at that level and a statewide recount is enacted, Philadelphia is done totaling its votes for the 2016 presidential election.

How Did Pelosi Maintain Her Iron Grip Of Control?

Nancy Pelosi was re-elected by by House Democrats despite the disappointment some felt over the party’s performance in the elections earlier this month. The 76 year old Californian lawmaker was forced to promise changes to the caucus to answer complaints from other lawmakers that felt like they were being pushed away by those in the upper ranks.

While a handful of Democrats delivered testimonials nominating Pelosi, the disenchantment was very evident. The elections were meant to be held before Thanksgiving, but were pushed back to allow Democrats to process the surprising election and consider the best path moving forward. Most were disappointed at losing the chance to maintain the Oval Office and many are upset with the smaller than expected gains in Congress.

“I believe we must do more than simply paper over the cracks,” said Representative from Arizona Ruben Gallego. He was one of the handful to endorse Tim Ryan. “We can’t just say the right things – we must take concrete steps to move our party in the right direction.” Regardless, Pelosi was confident entering the vote as she is known for her vote-counting skills.

“Leader Pelosi is honored to receive the overwhelming support of her colleagues,” said spokesman Drew Hammill of the 134-63 vote. Other leadership posts are going uncontested while some of the older generation are not seeking re-election and making way for younger lawmakers to make their move. Republicans are on track to hold at least 240 seats in the House next year while Democrats picked up only 6 seats. They will remain in the minority with only 194 seats.

With the liberals losing momentum, it comes as a shock that Pelosi will remain in position of leadership when Democrats are long overdue for a change. Democrats spent a vast amount of time and resources on pointing out Trump’s flaws rather than developing a strong economic message that would have galvanized dispirited middle-class and blue collar workers.

‘Pro-Migrant’ German Official’s Daughter Raped And Murdered By ‘Refugee’

The body of a 19 year old medical student and migrant home volunteer was found in a river in the town of Freiburg. The sad irony apparent in this heinous crime was the fact that Maria Ladenburger was the daughter of a “pro-migrant” senior European Commission lawyer. The investigation spurred mass interest in the public putting pressure on police to find the individual responsible for such a grievous crime.

Sixty-eight detectives followed a reported 1600 leads and interviewed a staggering 1400 potential witnesses. Police revealed in a recent press conference that a 17 year old migrant was arrested but not named. What has been released is that he recently arrived to Germany from Afghanistan as an asylum seeker last year. Officials stated that the person arrested does have a prior criminal record, having been investigated for “illegal entry” and that he was staying with a local German family who had taken him in.

Police have not stated whether the victim and the refugee had any prior relationship or if they had met in the asylum that Miss Ladenburger volunteered at. They have said there was DNA found at the scene as well as hair, a scarf and a bicycle.

The mayor praised the police for working diligently to make an arrest so efficiently but warned the public not to place an association with the immigration status of the killer to the rape and murder of the young woman. “It is good for the police to have [worked on] this cruel and terrible murder so fast,” said the Green party mayor. People should “not use the origin of the culprit to make generalizations about migrants, but instead see this as an isolated case.” That proves even more difficult in this particular situation as attention has been brought to the father of the victim who is a senior EU official and lawyer for the notoriously pro-mass migration European Commission.

Dakota Pipeline Tensions Still Alive As Easement Is Denied

The United States Army Corps of Engineers has decided to not grant an easement for the oil pipeline in southern South Dakota and the denial is a temporary victory for the radical Left.

“Although we had continuing discussion and exchanges of new information with the Standing Rock Sioux and Dakota Access, it’s clear that there’s more work to do,” stated Assistant Secretary for Civil for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy. “The best way to complete that work responsibly and expeditiously is to explore alternate routes for the pipeline crossing.”

But what does this mean for the four-state, $3.8 billion project? The project is largely complete except for the now blocked segment that lies underneath Lake Oahe, a Missouri River reservoir. Energy Transfer Partners is the Dallas-based company that is constructing the pipeline.

The protests have caused a social media storm and there have been many protesting on the front lines alongside the tribe. Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier’s department has done the vast majority of the policing regarding these protests and has stated that “local law enforcement does not have an opinion” on the easement and will continue to “enforce the law”.

The federal government has ordered people to leave the encampment on Army Corps of Engineers’ land by Monday. However, demonstrators say they are fully prepared to stay while authorities say they will not be forcibly removing them. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the Department of Justice will “continue to monitor the situation” and is “ready to provide resources to help all those who can play a constructive role in easing tensions.”