Michelle Obama Makes Stunning Admission About Barack’s Birth Certificate

(WND) It has been nearly eight years since Barack Obama was elected to the White House, but the president’s wife is now admitting she is still very bothered by an issue that has haunted her husband since he burst onto the national political scene: his legal eligibility to serve as president.

On Saturday, first lady Michelle Obama revived the issue of natural-born citizenship during a commencement speech at Jackson State University in Mississippi.

According to ABC News, Mrs. Obama lamented the vitriol directed toward her husband over his term as president, including the “birther” conspiracy theory widely promoted by GOP front-runner Donald Trump just five years ago.

“And then there’s the countless times when that language gets personal and is directed at my husband – charges that he doesn’t love our country,” Michelle Obama said

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Obama Building A National Police Force?

(WND) Police departments around the country have signed on so far to the White House-pressed Police Data Initiative, a plan by President Obama to make crime-fighting more technology-driven and accountable to higher-ups, but that is seen by critics as a not-so-subtle federal takeover of community policing.

The program, which comes by way of a recommendation from the Task Force on 21st Century Policing that Obama launched in December – which was created by the White House in response to widely reported instances of police-community clashes and alleged cop discrimination against minorities – is aimed at enhancing “data transparency and analysis” among police departments around the nation.

In White House jargon, according to a May 2015 Launching the Police Data Initiative press release: “Through the initiative, key stakeholders are establishing a community of practice that will allow for knowledge sharing, community-sourced problem solving and the establishment of documented best practices that can serve as examples for police departments nationwide.”

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‘Transgendered’ Bathroom Police? You’ve Got To Be Joking…



(Daily Caller) As the debate intensifies nationally over which bathrooms transgender people should use, the District of Columbia’s city government is asking people to report private businesses that have single-occupancy bathrooms that aren’t “gender-neutral.”

“If you see a public bathroom with one stall that is not gender-neutral, just tweet us the business name and location using #safebathroomsDC, or fill out our five question form,” states the website of the District of Columbia. “It takes just 20 seconds to play a part in making DC a more enjoyable place for transgender and other communities!”

A 2006 D.C. law requires businesses and other places with single-occupancy public restrooms to change signs that say “men” and “women” to just “restroom.” The website includes a button with an image of toilet paper that says “report a bathroom.”

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Did Nancy Pelosi Just Endorse Donald Trump?

(NewsMax) Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi predicted that the Republican Party would face an “implosion” if it handed off its presidential nomination in a contested convention to someone other than front-runner Donald Trump.

“If they reject the public will, they will really hand us a bigger victory than I’m even anticipating now, because that will be an implosion of the Republican Party,” Pelosi said at a press briefing, The Hill reports.

Trump is the leading contender, but if no candidate hits the 1,237-delegate threshold, it’s possible that the Republican convention could be contested.

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