Ignorance On Immigration Policy Amid OSU Attack

The Somali refugee responsible for the attacks on Ohio State University was deliberately brought into the country by the nation’s federal immigration policy. The scale and impact of these refugees from foreign cultures that are underdeveloped are still coming as a surprise to some politicians.

Over the last 15 years, almost 100,000 migrants from Somalia have resettled in America. The migrants come from a nation in which Female Genitalia Mutilation is still seen in a large percentage of women ages 15 to 49 and where homosexuality can be punishable by death. In just a single year, the Republican-led Congress approved and funded visas for close to 300,000 Muslim migrants – temporary and permanent.

The US government invited Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the OSU attacker, into our country where he was able to obtain federal benefits and eventually would have given him voting rights. Some Republicans are still unable to see the social, cultural and political ramifications of large-scale migration has had in their own backyards. Just last year Ohio Representative Jim Jordan was asked about the threat of Ohio girls being subject to Female Genitalia Mutilation. “In Ohio? Wow,” Jordan responded.

Jordan, who is the chairman of the House of Freedom Caucus, is just one of many Republicans who are having a difficult time seeing the possible threats these migrants cause. When Jordan was asked if about his views of the nation annually doling out visas to more than a quarter of a million Muslim migrants, he responded by saying “I’d have to look at that closer. I have not looked at that particular.”

It is likely that Jordan’s office is now regretting not having looked farther into “that particular” nation’s federal immigration policy responsible for the attack on Ohio State University’s campus. However, he was not the only person from the House of Freedom Caucus that admitted to being unfamiliar with the basic aspects of US Immigration policy.