Veteran Facing Prison For Displaying American Flag

(WND) A government watchdog in Washington is wondering whether President Trump’s new attorney general, Jeff Sessions, will continue to allow taxpayer money to be wasted on prosecution of a veteran for putting two small American flags on a fence at a Veterans Administration facility.

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The case brought by the Obama administration is over a pair of “four-by-six-inch American flags,” explains Judicial Watch.

They were placed on a fence that is part of the “Great Lawn Gate” marking the entrance to the Los Angeles National Veterans Park on Memorial Day in 2016.

“Will Jeff Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ) continue wasting taxpayer dollars to criminally prosecute a 74-year-old U.S. Army veteran for posting two American flags in a southern California Veterans Administration facility?” Judicial Watch asked Tuesday.

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Trump Supporters To Boycott Oscars

(The Telegraph) Just over a month into the presidency of Donald Trump, hostilities are expected to be resumed between the new incumbent of the Oval Office.

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Mr Trump, perhaps conveniently, will not be watching as he and the First Lady will be attending the Governors’ Ball in Washington.

But his supporters have already made it clear that they will have no truck with people they regard as “Limousine Liberals”.

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Mexico Strikes Back Against Trump Deportation Threats

(Reuters) Senior envoys of U.S. President Donald Trump are likely to receive a chilly reception in Mexico on Wednesday, after the United States issued new immigration guidelines that deeply angered its southern neighbor the day before bilateral talks.

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security unveiled plans on Tuesday to consider almost all illegal immigrants subject to deportation, and will seek to send many of them to Mexico if they entered the United States from there, regardless of their nationality.

The tension over the timing of the rules mirrors an outcry when Trump tweeted that Mexico should pay for his planned border wall shortly before President Enrique Pena Nieto was due at a Washington summit in January.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly were due to arrive in Mexico on Wednesday afternoon for talks the White House said would “walk through” the implementation of Trump’s immigration orders.

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Sell-Out? … Liberal Facebook Funding CPAC

(The Daily Beast) A pillar of famously liberal Silicon Valley is underwriting Washington’s biggest gathering of conservatives.

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Sources with direct knowledge of the matter tell The Daily Beast that Facebook made a six-figure contribution to CPAC, the yearly conference for conservative activists which will feature President Donald Trump, White House advisor Steve Bannon, NRA president Wayne LaPierre, and other right-wing favorites.

Facebook’s contribution is worth more than $120,000, according to our sources. Half of that is cash, and the other half is in-kind support for CPAC’s operations. Facebook will have a space at the conference for attendees to film Facebook Live videos, and will also train people on best practices for using the social network and Instagram.

Matt Schlapp—chairman of the American Conservative Union, which funds the gathering—told The Daily Beast his group welcomes Facebook’s participation.

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Milo To Be Booted From Breitbart?

(Fox Business) Milo Yiannopoulos, the provocative conservative journalist who is often portrayed as a champion of the far right, is facing possible dismissal from his employer, Breitbart News, over comments he once made about underage sex, FOX Business has learned.

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His possible dismissal could could come by the end of the day, sources from the conservative website told FOX Business. Earlier Monday, Yiannopoulos was disinvited to speak at a gathering of the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) scheduled for this weekend.

His official title is Technology Editor for Breitbart, but Yiannopoulos is best known for his political statements on social media and television. Indeed his CPAC invitation drew outrage even from some conservatives given Yiannopoulos’ past remarks about race, sexuality and other issues.

Breitbart was founded by conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart, and later expanded under the direction of Steven Bannon, now a Senior Advisor to President Trump. The news organization has consistently defended Yiannopoulos’ statements on issues such an immigration and race, which many say pushed the envelope of proper discourse and veered into outright racism. He has been officially banned from the social-media outlet Twitter after statements he made about “Ghostbusters” actor Leslie Jones.

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