Judge Gives Rapist Custody Of Woman’s Son After She Refused Abortion

(LifeNews) If you haven’t been following the news, a Sanilac County judge granted custody to a convicted rapist for a child he conceived following the 2008 abduction, torture, and rape of a young girl. Years later the mother was trying to get some federal aid for her son when her story turned into a legal battle against her attacker.

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Thankfully Tuesday the same judge who ruled for joint legal custody overturned his decision.

This is something that should have never been a problem to begin with, especially because in Michigan we already have a law on the books called the Rape Survivor Child Custody Act. This law was put into place in 2016 to allow rape survivors to terminate the parental rights of their attacker, even if the rapist was not convicted. A mother can go to court and terminate the rapists parental rights using a “clear and convincing evidence” standard, the same used for child abuse or neglect in custody hearings

Instead of focusing on the victory for this rape survivor and mother, the pro-abortion news website Rewire attacked the lawyer who took her case. Rewire writer Imani Gandy posted a story bashing her lawyer, Rebecca Kiessling, for also being a prolife speaker.

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Democrats Calling Psychologists To Talk About Trump’s Mental Health

(Buzzfeed) A member of the House Intelligence Committee is going where many of her colleagues have not: reaching out to people in the mental health field to talk about President Donald Trump.

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“It’s one thing from my non-professional, non-clinical standpoint [to] believe that someone does not have the capacity to do the job, it’s another thing to talk to experts and [those] who can deal with mental psychosis on a daily basis, so I wanted to hear from them,” Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat, told BuzzFeed News.

While many Democrats have steered clear of speculation about Trump, Speier appears not to be alone in talking to mental health professionals. Half a dozen lawmakers have contacted Bandy Lee, a psychiatry professor at Yale, to talk about the president’s mental state over the past several months, Lee told BuzzFeed News. Although Lee wouldn’t identify the politicians, she said they were Democrats in both the House and Senate.

Speier said she has not spoken with Lee, but that she reached out to two experts to discuss Trump’s mental health, including John Gartner, a psychologist.

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Bomb Threats At Major Pro-Life Event

(LifeNews) Pro-life leaders in Dallas, Texas are urging volunteers to be cautious after a bomb squad was called in to examine a suspicious package near a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil on Friday.

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WFAA News 8 reports the Dallas Police Department later determined that the suspicious package was a hoax, quite possibly meant to scare pro-life advocates who peacefully pray outside a nearby abortion clinic.

Becky Visosky, executive director of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee in Dallas, told LifeNews that there have been several hostile incidents recently during the 40 Days for Life prayer vigils outside the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center, an abortion facility in Dallas.

The most recent incident appears to have been an attempt to intimidate pro-lifers who pray outside the abortion clinic 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Megyn Kelly Calls Out Bill O’Reilly Again On Sexual Harassment

(Variety) Megyn Kelly went on the offensive against Bill O’Reilly and Fox News on Monday, calling out the cabler for what she characterized as its failure to address complaints about O’Reilly’s behavior during his time at the company.

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Kelly, who left Fox in January for NBC News, went so far as to single out Fox News media relations chief Irena Briganti for “vindictiveness.” Kelly alleged that Briganti has spread negative information about some women who accused the late Fox News founder and CEO Roger Ailes of harassment.

Ailes was forced out in July 2016 following a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson — an action that spurred the current wave of harassment claims against powerful media and entertainment industry figures. O’Reilly was fired in April after the New York Times detailed his history of settling harassment claims. On Saturday, the Times delivered another bombshell report about O’Reilly’s personal $32 million settlement with former Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl. That settlement came one month before O’Reilly signed a new $100 million, four-year contract with Fox News.

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Abortion Clinic Offered Bonus To Staffers To Sell More Abortions

(LifeNews) Marie Stopes International, one of the largest abortion chains in the world, reportedly gave its staff incentives to encourage women to abort their unborn babies.

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A new watchdog report from the Care Quality Commission found the British-based abortion chain allegedly offered bonuses to staff who urged women to go through with an abortion, Kent Online reports.

The new allegations are just one of numerous problems uncovered at Marie Stopes. In 2016, the British government partially shut down the abortion chain after inspectors found egregious health and safety violations. However, it lifted the ban several months later after Marie Stopes leaders promised that they were correcting the problems.

Now, the new CQC report indicates even more problems at the Marie Stopes International Maidstone Centre in England.

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