Abortion Activists Promoting ‘At-Home Abortions’


(LifeNews) There are numerous stories of complications from abortions, or the horrifying stories of abortions gone wrong, even when performed by licensed medical professionals. However, one British physician is advocating for changes in abortion law allowing for women to be able to perform drug-induced abortions in so-called comfort their own homes.

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“That first pill could be taken at home and the second one too, in selective cases. This would make it less of an obstacle course,” Dr. Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, clinical lead for abortion services at Cambridge University Hospitals told the Daily Mail. “It would make it simpler for women who are already in a difficult situation to access something they do have a right to.”

Dr. Goldbeck-Wood is also calling for nurses to have the ability to sign abortion consent forms rather than requiring the signature of a medical doctor. She believes nurses are more likely to have conversed with the patient about the decision.

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  • jimdarnall

    Can these people become any sicker or evil? I think not..