#9 – Don’t Expect Donald Trump To Shake Your Hand


Donald Trump greatly dislikes shaking hands. While he claims that his aversion to shaking hands is based upon a dislike of germs, some psychologists have suggested the dislike of shaking hands is actually a natural survival instinct, born from the innate knowledge in human beings that some germs are spread only through human contact. 

And, to the credit of that theory of survival instinct, and little known to a lot of the American electorate, historically, many world leaders have shunned handshaking.

In fact, the very first President of the United States of America, George Washington, did not shake hands.  George Washington was born in 1732, well before the discovery of Penicillin, when germs couldn’t be treated with a simple pill from the doctor. Instead of shaking hands, he would say, “Sir, I do not take the hand” and bow to the person he was greeting. Most historians actually credit this habit to his proper, traditional upbringing. Regardless of the true reason for his not shaking hands, it was viewed as very old-fashioned by George Washington’s contemporaries.

The founder of Fascism, Benito Mussolini tried to actually ban handshaking. For the Italian Dictator, it was a matter of misguided principle, not a fear of germs. In an attempt to make Italians a harder breed, and as part of his Fascist, anti-Bourgeois tendencies, he wanted Italians to return to what is called the “Roman Salute.” So, Mussolini outlawed handshaking, instead insisting that every Italian raise their arm and hand in the air as the greeting upon meeting.

In his 1997 book The Art of the Comeback, Trump wrote, “One of the curses of American society is the simple act of shaking hands, and the more successful and famous one becomes the worse this terrible custom seems to get. I happen to be a clean hands freak. I feel much better after I thoroughly wash my hands, which I do as much as possible.”

And, who can actually blame someone for being leery of germs, especially when one of their family members died because of germs? Trumps paternal grandfather, Frederick Christ “Fred” Trump, Senior, died prematurely at the age of 49 during the virulent world-wide Flu Pandemic of 1918.

On many occasions Trump has referred to handshaking as “barbaric.” And, if you look at over half of the world’s population in Asia, they would agree that the practice is not only unhealthy, but uncivilized as well.

  • Isirio Abelon

    Who cares, if a Trump don’t shake hand, that’s his prerogative. I still vote for him.

    • Ron Warren

      Me too!

      • Name

        Me too!

        • HadEnough

          Me Too!

          • florida3guy

            Me four.

          • Matt

            Me five!!!!!

          • florida3guy

            Me six

          • Michael

            Not me . I want Cruz!

          • survivor33

            We need Cruz AND Trump

          • k9maiden

            Not me, this time around I want an adult and a man who says what he means and means what he says. I could care less if someone is a great debater, says many things when running but when push comes to shove and they get your vote and the office they were running for, then they do as they please. I trust Dr. CArson, and he is the only candidate, the ONLY candidate that has had to make life and death decisions at the snap of fingers. Just because he doesn’t yeel, scream, insult and continually interrupt doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he is doing. I want a man who will not get bent out of shape EVERY TIME anyone says one thing against him, that’s what BO does! There are many more people for Dr. Carson than most of the Trump and Cruz fans overlook. They are much like he is, we emulate the great man, Dr. Carson, and KNOW he would be disappointed if his support base were bashing everyone who didn’t back him. Polls mean nothing, if they did, then Kerry would have been POTUS and so would Gore. Some of the polls taken, a person or rabid backer can vote onwards up to as many times as they want and it still counts. It is a shame that many Trump supporters have become as bad as liberals, in that they get bent out of shape if anyone dare not back this bully, bragger, who was as strong liberal just a few years ago. PC, he got that from Dr. Carson. He certainly did not make fans with any of the other people who backs other candidates except for maybe Cruz fans, who the HELL does he think Carsonites will vote for after he slandered the most honest and wise man running with a complete and utter lie, then turn around and insult all the people in Iowa if they don’t back him. Sorry, he lost me, and he lost a lot of other people. I had thought I may vote for him at one time if Carson wasn’t the candidate, but his infantile bullying finally did it for me. Isn’t that what we have now, BO, an infantile liberal who can’t take any flack from anyone, who chasitses everyone who crosses him, who behaves like a child and refuses to take advise and does what he wants to do? Now you people are HELL bent on putting another BO only with an R behind his name. I remember the hype and how many Conservatives bought the Hope and Change with BO. I guess I saw through BO way back then, and I see right through Trump now. He sure has a lot of people snowed though. I will sit back and watch the show, but at the very least, he really needs to grow up and stop behaving like the school yard bully.

          • survivor33

            Yes Carson is a good man and a very talented Dr but is he really bold enough to stand up to all the bad things that has to be taken care of with the other countries that Ovomit has created? He seems to kind,quiet & mellow for the task. All the candidates, Rep & Den’s are calling everyone in the running names and saying things about each other….so have to look past that and vote for who you think will really bring our counry back.

          • I’ve Had Enough

            bush created…and cheney

          • Mark Plenn

            Had enough of Idiotolges like you!

          • Judy Fraizer

            He can’t even talk.

          • Bruno

            Cruz fits the bill exactly, but with dignity, decision and good humor. (:

          • ArmyCombatVet

            Not constitutionally eligible!

          • Mosting Hteam

            We need a school yard hero, because the school yard is already filled with bullies, who ignore the will of their constituents and do as they are told by the $ they are beholden to.

          • I’ve Had Enough

            well said

          • ArmyCombatVet

            Carson can’t win! He’s too far behind, too soft spoken and lacks visible leadership qualities. We need a bold, get the job done leader that will close our borders, create jobs, rebuild our military, deport illegal immigrants, reduce our debt and go after our enemies both at home and abroad. Someone who can out negotiate those foreign leaders who are lying through their teeth trying to forge deals and/or treaties that only favor them! Carson would be a good surgeon general, period!

          • Da’BULL

            You’re right Bro, IMO you just described TRUMP 2016!

          • ArmyCombatVet


          • ittlebite

            I was for Carson but when he said the pyramids were built for grain. That did it.

          • I’ve Had Enough


          • Bruno

            OK, I’m with you! Cruz to the White House.

          • Kirby

            Cruz has the perfect balance. As much as I like what Trump says, I don’t particularly trust him. He’s always been a Progressive Democrat until lately. Trump’s entry makes the perfect combination to split the vote opposing the Democrats. I’m almost smelling a rat.

            Americans were far to quick to jump on the Obama wagon because he said what everyone wanted a presidential candidate to say. That didn’t work out so well for those who jumped on that nightmare horror train.

            The Democrats are looking weak and vulnerable as far as getting out a popular candidate goes.

            Putting circumstances and all the particulars of Trump together looks pretty fishy to me. I’ll whoop and holler over everything Trump has to say, but vote for him – ? Naw.

            CRUZ – savvy, integrity, guts, focus, and experience.

          • Bruno

            Well said Kirby!

          • ArmyCombatVet

            You people just don’t get it read the freaking Constitution, Cruz is not eligible. By choosing to run he has violated his oath to the Constitution. We have an ineligible, ignorant tyrant whose been selling out our country for almost eight years. Enough is enough! Cruz could be attorney general……that’s it. But that would be a reach because his campaign violates election law……..he was not born in America on US soil and was a dual citizen for most of his life……Canada and America with a Canadian birth certificate. This just doesn’t wash!

          • Mark Plenn

            Michael; Cruz was my first pick but, he is a sore looser and lost my respect – Trump in 2016.

          • Mosting Hteam

            Me nine!

      • Da’BULL

        Me too among millions and millions!

    • Ibulena

      Not a fan of shaking hands or kissing strangers, even on the cheek!!!

      • Mary


    • jer1041


    • Mary

      ME TOO

    • Conservative

      Well I will vote for CRUZ but if TRUMP wins, I’ll celebrate that too.

    • Da’BULL

      This ‘story’ is full of BS. We see the Donald shake hands with EVERYBODY he comes in contact with at ALL his rallys, including mixing with the crowds.

  • runnindeer

    I personally don’t like to shake hands either. When I must I do but I never want to and don’t instigate it first. Apparently the practice has been ( pardon the pun) handed down for generations and some people still think that you can judge someone by their hand shake. I prefer to judge by other means that are much more trustworthy and sanitary. After all, our health is important when we don’t have time for illness and when illness cost as much as it does now especially.
    How about Ohomo Obama ? He likes his GUM chewing so much that he doesn’t seem to be able to avoid it even when with royalty or very important foreign dignitaries. how presidential is that…….
    (My vote will remain with Donald J. Trump 2016! )

    • Ron Warren

      And I likewise!

    • CCblogging

      Actually, the handshake came from England but it wasn’t a sign of friendship, it was a sign of distrust. It was started when fellow travelers usually on horseback would shake hands to show they had no weapon in their hands. That is how the handshake started.

      • Mark Plenn

        That where the hand salute began ,razing an empty hand to show good intent.

    • Susiev

      He’s probably bedn sneaking smokes & his breath stinks!

    • k9

      did you say GUM or CUM
      from what I hear, he likes BOTH

      • Jerry Pappe

        LOL, yes, I do believe he likes both!

  • game50

    Tell us 10 real thing about Barry Soetoro… Ooo…I mean Obama …

    • toddyo1935

      Fat chance!

    • Matt

      HAHAHAHAHA – true!

    • Martin Altria

      he’s a mudslime

    • mesaman

      You mean Bammiebutthole, the charading, worthless, spineless president of the US of A?

  • harrydweeks

    Can you believe this article, Who cares about this trivia . One thing you forgot to mention is that he has a spine unlike our current President and all but a few who are running a against him. Get a life.

    • mesaman

      Do you get the impression America’s Conservative News has borrowed the MSM technique of dissing the candidate they don’t like? So how is this different from Pravda or al’s jezeera? Methinks the scumbag of the left has infiltrated the scumbags of the right. When you have to dig this deep, zoom in the microscope this far, and stretch truths to the point of breaking, where does it leave us, the readers?

      • Bruno

        Mesaman…well ja! (:

      • Jim

        Good point.

    • Mary

      Nothing wrong with that my doctor does the same thing, imagine the amount of handshakes he has in a day, he can’t afford for some nut to plant bad germs and shakes hand with hime to get him out of first place, GOOD FOR TRUMP, THAT SHOWS HE HAS A LOT OF GOOD SENSE.

      • Conservative

        Trump does not smoke or drink alcohol either. Obama does it all as well as being a weak pervert. Obama and Hillary shake everyone’s hands passing everyone’s germ to infect the entire auditorium. Maybe those hand shakers should provide a spray of Lysol on the hands of everyone so silly to want a handshake. That is just so insignificant.

        • Valor

          One should have a spray of Lysol from just being in the same room with them.

    • http://www.obamasucks.tv/ John – Atlanta

      > he has a spine unlike our current President

      I see Obama has manipulated you too. What the “Cacodemon In Charge” is doing is intentional, meant to raise up the locust army in the flesh. Satan promised him POTUS, now Obama is delivering on his end.

      • ittlebite

        Wow, some truth.

    • Sashineb

      Yeah he won’t think twice of using nuclear bombs. He even said he will use them against ISIS. Get ready for the retaliation. Other nations won’t put up with him doing that.

  • Hector Montes

    The detail is interesting, but I don’t see nothing wrong with that.

  • Dirty Daug

    I would not shake hands with a Muslim as they wipe their ass with their hand.

    • DSmith6605

      I won’t shake hands with a N er they are filthy dirty pigs.

      • Mark Plenn

        yes they eat with the right and wipe with the left – thus left wing.

    • Susiev

      Then their face.

    • Conservative

      I would not shake hands with a Socialist/Democrat, Alinsky follower.

    • shamu9

      they wipe their ass Their Left hand, they eat with their Right. But– They’re Krap-eaters, so its all the same

      • Da’BULL


  • mspatdev

    Any time the rag media wants to make a statement on somebody it is Trump as he is number 1. obama and the liberals do not want him or the 3 people to run for prez. The reason why, is they are not part of Washington D.C. You can’t have your cake and eat it to with the same ole people that can help you destroy the USA.

  • Ronald R. Hajny

    I read in one of the books about Trump that he has an eye for detail, and if something isn’t done just right he wants to know why and what it going to be done about it, and if you think that is the end of the matter you can think again, because if someone says they will take care of it, you can bet that Trump will check to see if indeed it has been taken care of…

  • frank jackson

    At least he is not bowing and kissing the butt of a muslim leader.

    • chillbox

      Amen to that one!

    • survivor33

      Really frank Jackson? He must be bowing and kissing someones butt because he does all the corruption and no one dare do anything about it. It can’t be because he is so charming and talented. But then the big boys probably “LIKE” him still.

  • Lorraine E

    How many germs and viruses and be physically transmitted? Would someone who wanted to hurt Donald Trump infect themselves or apply germs and viruses on their hands? I don’t know but during these times it is the intelligent thing to do to avoid any unnecessary contact with unknown people.

    • shamu9

      I Hate shaking hands. Who knows what the person touched?? Some Minorities,are always holding their ‘Winkies’!!

  • GordonVariety

    Perhaps he can begin the practice of bowing. Many of us are aware of how germs spread and are uncomfortable with the tradition of hand shaking. Respect can be shown in the attitude, not the conformity. I want people to be well and safe.

  • Cherie Lynn Davis

    Is this the best the media can do to try to bring down Donald Trump?? Geeez, I’m not a fan of shaking hands either but I carry anti-bacterial hand wipes everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere. If I am in a position where I must shake someone’s hand, I make a quick exit to the ladies room as soon as possible and either wash with soap and water or use one of my trusty hand wipes. And I never touch the handle on public restroom doors either. I use a Kleenex or a paper towel for this purpose. I have seen too many people leave the restroom without washing their hands and it is disgusting. I also have been known to wipe down salt and pepper shakers or anything else I think someone has handled in a public place. I suppose there are some who will think I am weird but I really don’t care. I would much rather that, than to pick up some dreaded communicable disease that can be transmitted that way. And now with illegals coming across our borders in droves and knowing nothing about them, I believe it even wiser for everyone to pick up good hygiene habits.

  • angeleno

    I’m much, MUCH more concerned with Obama and Shrillary being criminal, racist traitors than with who shakes hands and other communist propaganda.

    Obama must be delighted that another shooting gives him at least a full week-10 days to talk his BS about guns while there are more guns in his hometown Chicago than all the Mideast, plus the nuclear bombs he just gave his master the Ayatollah of Iran. Obama has to keep helping ISIS too, which he created himself and whitewashed as the terrorist “junior varsity.” To make sure he finishes out his final year of horror without answering for his crimes, he’ll also busy himself traveling to Moscow and Havana to kiss the butts of Putin and Castro some more.


    Stay tuned for the next heart-warming Obama News hosted by Katie Kuckoo which will feature Barack’s emotional wedding to Caitlyn Transjenner.

    • shamu9

      Georgi Soros the” King ‘O the Jews”Bought Obama his White House Shoes–”

      Soros counted the Damned Votes. His Co. “Schytle”, counted the ’12 Gen. Election vote in Spain!! The whole Se-Lection should be thrown out!

      • Mark Plenn

        Georgi Soro turned Jewish children’s locations over to the Nazis, so spin your Nazi line elsewhere.

        • shamu9

          Hey Marco!! -I am not a Soros Fan! I know all about his past atrocities. I suggest that you work on your reading comprehension . I write quite intelligibly. There should have been No Confusion. I despise Soros and his Minions, the Democrats!

        • shamu9

          Hey Maaaaark! I’m a Conservative Republican! I Hate Soros ,Nazis and Dems! I have more knowledge of Soros than I care to admit! Where did you get the Idea I was a Soros Fan?? Did ya pull that “outa Your Tricorn Colonial Hat?? Just “Axin’ “

  • marlene

    How about the REAL DIRT on the other candidates?

  • Sgt. York

    Shaking hands does not mean anything good or bad. Shaking hands was to show no one had a gun not friendship.

  • Ronald Martin

    Do you folks pay to become cult members?
    All we hear is “we want honest politicians who do what they say they were going to do and stand up to both parties and defend the Constitution and above all fight, fight for Christ sake”.
    Ok, here’s Ted Cruz no one more honest, no one more dedicated to defending the Constitution, nobody as fought every day for four years more than Ted Cruz on immigration, yes immigration was a topic long before Trump switched parties, Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, lawless Executive Orders et al and the collective reaction is a shrug and “we don’t like that guy”

    He’s is the ONLY True Conservative who has walked the walk talked the talk and earned the hate of everyone in Washington fighting for principles voters continue to declare are the MOST IMPORTANT issues.

    Me thinks Trumps cult is a collection of confused low information voters who really are clueless as to what they want. They spurn a true Conservative in favor of a guy who for his life supported Liberals , Pro-Choice, eminent domain to take individuals property, Single Payer Healthcare.

    You folks are idiots if you think Trump is a Conservative.

    • Susiev


  • anthony sacco

    whoever wrote this go fuck yourself

  • Ibulena

    Howie Mandel won’t shake hands either. So what??

  • hockeyman11

    Who would care anyway. He’s such a rude
    dumbass, few would want to shake,his hand.

    • Da’BULL

      You know what you can do with your ‘hockey sticks’, and where? You look like a ‘puc’ in a monkey suit.

  • hockeyman11

    Who would care about shaking his hand, he’s
    such a rude dumbass!

  • cantonst

    Probably a mild case of OCD…

  • Betty Iannucci Gorsuch

    As I am reading this comment about Trump not shaking hands….well, I am watching TV and so far Trump had been shaking hands for sometime now. In fact, I always see him shaking hands with everyone he meets.

  • Clint Rhodd

    vote for trump,

  • Winghunter

    If you were able to see through Obama so quickly, why are you having trouble seeing through Trump!?

    • Matt

      obama sucks

      • Matt

        obama’s a liar

        • Winghunter

          No shit, genius. So is Trump.

  • Sandy Ciarmella

    Sounds good to me! Nothing anyone could say would turn me against Trump. He had my vote before he even entered the race! He has guts and determination and he will make a great President.

  • Michael Mayben

    None of these supposed facts about Trump aren’t damning to his ability and requirements to became President. What makes him a great candidate for the presidency is he has no markers with the corrupt Congress or any other government agency. He’s a billionaire who doesn’t need to be paid to be America’s President and he has no skeletons in his closet like the lying criminal Hillary Clinton.

  • amerigom

    “Donald Trump greatly dislikes shaking hands”
    So What??
    Donald Trump’s habits , are not on trial!
    Donald Trump; wants to make America Great again; what is the problem?
    If you are satisfied with the current stature of our Unite States; vote Democrat!
    Our United States; Should be THE world Leader,in EVERYTHING!
    Instead; at present, we are the Toilet Tissue for all of the World’s ills!

    • prm2012

      I have seen him shake hands many times, I have done it all my adult life and not dead yet.

  • Demson Evasco

    I don’t care about that but I need to vote to reliable good Presidential candidate.

  • Sandy Ciarmella

    Howie Mandell doesn’t shake hands either. Who cares! Trump shakes hands. I saw him shaking hands on the campaign trial. The media is doing everything they can to derail Trump and put Carson ahead. I will tell you now if Carson gets the Rep nod Hillybilly will be the President. Trump is the man to run America. He has guts and determination. Carson has lawsuits against him for botched surgery I read. No way should he be President. Trump 2016

    • Susiev

      Carson’s Mgr. trying to get farrakhan on staff in WH.

      • Da’BULL

        Rumor, Fact, or Propaganda?

  • sissi212

    I’m not a Trump fan but this article was stupid millions of people don’t like shaking hands!

  • hangman57

    Sounds like the GOP will say or do anything to get rid of Trump . Because the Conservative voters are sick of GOP leaders lies . They are worried about not being the main stream Conservative candidate . They are use to having their way with us ,Not no more . We are going with Trump no matter what !

  • milmac

    A lot of people don’t shake hands. It is awkward, especially when hands are full–car keys and other items such as billfolds, purses, etc. Just a pleasant and genuine hello, how are you should be sufficient. To bow or curtsy is also ridiculous. Why??????????????

  • Michael Mayben

    Nit pick all you want but you’re going to have to do a lot better than this these weak reasons to dissuade Trump supporters from voting for any career politicians. Most conservative voters or tired of being betrayed by career politicians who say they are on board with the conservative agenda but once they’re elected they stab their conservative constituents in the back by supporting a liberal agenda.

    • k9

      I’ve heard some of the damocrats bragging about being in their position for 50-60 years, guess they think they should stay there till they die.

  • harvey the rabbit

    i want a man in the white house

    • CaptTurbo

      So, are you voting for Hillary or Moochelle? I crack myself up. 😉

    • k9maiden

      Then don’t vote for Trump. It is time for an adult to take over, one who isn’t consistently campaigning from the bully pulpit and one who will actually listen to his advisers. I honestly have yet to hear how Trump is actually going to handle issues and what he will do if he is elected. How he will go about doing all the things he is promising.

  • CaptTurbo

    I don’t blame him for not wanting to shake the hands of slimy politicians. We know where their hands have been,. See what I did there? 😉

  • rliberi

    I don’t care about the propaganda about Donald Trump he is the greatest candidate to lead our country back to greatness. obama’s destruction of America can be reversed by TRUMP.

    • k9maiden

      Seems from all the comments that this is a Trump Hallelujah site. I thought it was about washing hands and Trumps obsession with it, which is no big deal to me, but MY GOD, you Trump fans will take anything out of context and make a campaign out of the bully. He wouldn’t give any of you the time of day if he didn’t want you vote or have you praise him even when he is slandering good people. I am amazed at how many of you go along with the bullying and bragging.

      • Da’BULL

        What ‘good’ people has he slandered? You can not name one person in honesty and truth. YOU are slandering HIM here with your BS and propaganda.

  • harvey the rabbit

    no more whimps in the white house please

  • JDan

    News Flash,an unconfirmed report says Trump once picked a booger from his nose in the second grade,No further info on what he did with it.

  • CCblogging

    Trump 2016

  • Susiev

    Hey, I don’t blame him, I don’t shake hands either. You don’t know where those hands have been. In bathrooms, noses, scratching their body, shaking other dirty hands. Get the picture? Germs aren’t selective. VOTE TRUMP/CRUZ!!

  • Scott Anderson


  • ATexasGirl10

    I don’t like to shake hands either. It is a really good way to spread germs. Many people do not wash their hands properly or at all after using the restroom.

    • k9

      I heard that the correct way to wash your hands is use warm soapy water and rub your hands together for the full tune of HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and then your hands will be clean.

      • ATexasGirl10

        I heard the same thing. Good plan.

  • Dave

    Vote #TRUMP 2016

  • Don in USA

    True according to TRUMP he doesn’t shake hands but why is that something people need to question? Anyone doesn’t need to shake hands.Why would he want to be exposed to potential drugs from people he doesn’t

  • Native American

    it has nothing to do with the price of tomatoes…:)

  • Theoline Isaacson

    So what??? as SHE said “What difference does it make?”

  • Kissmyace711

    Hasidic Jews won’t shake hands with a woman, but I think it’s a taboo thing for them. I put out my hand to one and he just shook his head no.

  • Quisno Rodonovich

    urinating on your hands kills all viruses and so people I tell this too don’t like to shake my hands anyway LOL do I urinate on my hands heavens no.

  • ICorps

    Refusing to shake hands is an excellent way for an American president to begin dealing with the leaders of anti-American nations. It shows that he means business and does not want to cozy up to them, unlike our current president who bows to the king of Saudi Arabia, a gesture of subordinance.

  • Jrad

    I’ll shake on that 😛

  • abinico

    Vampires don’t shake hands also – just saying.

  • Chosenone

    Are you kidding? I don’t like to shake hands because I don’t know where those hands have been! I did notice that Donald Trump has no problem hugging and kissing on the cheek! This article has very bad intentions, I think I will find my CONSERVATIVE NEWS SOMEWHERE ELSE!

  • JCDaley

    I have seen him shake hands with lots of people AND kiss them on the cheeks– God knows who kissed them last…. give it a rest!

  • amerigom

    #9 – Don’t Expect Donald Trump To Shake Your Hand
    SO WHAT?

  • PVH

    I think the facts belie a lot of your claims! For example he shakes hands with lots of people on his campaign travels Just watch TV and see your lies! Probably lots more if anyone cares to check! Just more trash trying to discredit the man!

  • Burlington

    The origin of the hand shake was in the middle ages to demonstrate you were not holding a weapon

  • VeeDub57

    Expecting a politician to keep their oath is a heck of a lot like expecting a criminal to obey a gun free zone! The first thing missing is the moral character to obey an oath or the law. Criminals and politicians simply do NOT have that moral character! Criminals don’t care about laws, and politicians don’t care about the will of the people ! ! !

    Where America is, is a direct result of what politicians have done TO America.

    The hatred other peoples have for America, is a… direct result of our government’s interference in the affairs of their nations.

    Every time I deployed to a combat zone, I was there to help remove the leader of a Nation, that our government had helped to get into power in their country. That alone is proof that our politicians meddling in affairs of other nations, has been as big of a failure as what they’ve done TO America.

    “We The People” didn’t spend the money. We didn’t pass the laws. We didn’t bring the corruption to D.C.. We haven’t been trying to change other nations. CONgress, the White house, and a multitude of government agencies are the guilty ones.

    HeII, we don’t even get to vote on ANY of it.

    And let me assure you that BOTH political parties in America have had more than ample opportunity to fix things…. And they haven’t. Both Parties have had several stretches of 6 and 8 years controlling both Houses of CONgress, yet nothing has gotten better. In fact, what they have done is actually tag team us with more restrictive laws and and programs that don’t work, while bankrupting the nation. Both Parties of CONgress have taken turns tearing the Constitution apart, a piece at a time.

    With that in mind, it is obvious that we do NOT have a representative form of government. We have an oligarchy !!

    For those reasons, and others, I’M DONE SUPPORTNG PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS!! Why continue to put new faces into a system that is broken? Why continue to try and fix things at the polls, when the leadership of the two political parties refuse to allow change, and are actively working to keep their power base?

    I’m going out on a limb and backing Trump. I’m choosing the unknown possibilities over the known problem makers. I might end up regret voting for Trump. But I know I would regret voting for more of the same.

    Einstein is credited with saying Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. STOP THE INSANITY, stop voting for professional politicians and incumbents!!!

  • Lois Batchelor

    This seems smart, but makes no difference in the race.

  • Lucy Mauterer

    I rather like shaking hands with someone I have just met. I get a sense of the vibratory qualities of that person through physical contact. Perhaps some folks may not want me to know so much at first. I’m ok with the fist bump as well.

  • survivor33

    So far I didn’t read a thing that I didn’t like about Trump. So he don’t like to shake hands, either does Howie Mandall and a lot more people…so he doesn’t smoke or drink, well Hitler-y is a alcoholic that drinks at least 4 drinks a day, so he likes tall blond women, well Biden likes to kiss the women on the back of the neck and whisper in their ears; so Trump went bankrupt on 4 businesses, have you noticed how Ovomit has bankrupt our country? YOU GO TRUMP AND DON’T LET THE PETTY LITTLE LIBERALS OR RHINO’S BOTHER YOU…THEY ARE ALL AFRAID OF YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT CORRUPT LIKE THEM.

  • malady43

    This is not true, in his last video it show him with two black women that said that they were approving of him, and he kissed them and shook hands, if he was a true germaphobic, he wouldn’t get that close.

  • Klaus Krauthammer

    It’s because he knows most idiots don’t wash there hands after going to the bathroom. Don’t tell me your mom taught you to not piss on your hands (ha ha).

  • SofiesVoice

    Who cares that he doesn’t shake hands or doesn’t like germs??? If you like shaking hands, go for it but leave Trump alone. Trying to demonize Trump isn’t working, lamestream media and liberals who are so indoctrinated by the Obama regime that they need to form 12 step programs, and attend, to get cured of their denial of the disease of LIBERALISM….Hey, liberals, the 12 Step Programs really work….if you work it. Go, hurry, get some help!

  • TREX53

    This is a dumb nothing article. More germs are passed by shaking hands than any other way.

  • regulus30

    we already know more about the Donald than idiotic liberal bleeding heart voters wanted to know about the Indonesian [foreign exchange student], communist muslim in there now.


    trump may have some faults but we need a president who has balls to change what is going on. build the wall, put a rocket in the bad guts strong holds , if a driver is driving fuel truck he will know what the 4th of July is . need to get rid of lifers the pc police need to be put to a stop and AMERICA BE ONE PEOPLE , those who don’t like America are free to leave.

  • drbhelthi

    Wise people wash their hands thoroughly as soon as possible after a round of handshaking with strangers. Trump is wise to not only avoid handshaking, but also to maintain 3´ distance from strangers.
    Considering the extensive critique leveled at Trump, it is predictable that someone will soon publish as criticism that Trump´s feces smells like human feces, which disqualifies him for the U.S. presidency.

  • parthia

    The left side lunatics have nothing on him so they have to dig down on the lowest level Only a liberal democrat will go because these pigs swim in the muck & dirt every day of their lives. They can only exist there, so we can never reach them to put them to the right road to sanity & normal compassion. They exhibit murder & ruining people’s reputations, all their lives, without guilt they will take someone out like without naming names (she) would have anyone murdered or left to die a terrible death Just To Save her reputation & put herself in the White House. So to get rid of Trump I would not put it against either side to ruin Trumps chance. Trump is leading, he is not government, both side are and the both sides know the people want to get rid of BAD government so they need to make Trump look like a hillbilly in the White House. I think he can be polished up a bit & he will do FINE given the chance.

  • Theoline Isaacson

    Who cares?

  • hangman57

    I seen him shake hands ,what a BS article !

  • Valor

    I’m not a Trump fan, but on this issue I agree. Handshaking is illogical.

  • william couch

    Howie Mandel the comedian will not shake your hand either.


    Oh yeah….fist bumping is now being promoted but filth, vermin and disease is still crossing into the country via the borders at will thanks to Halfast B’OB the “unknown……

  • rowleya

    All Gall and No Ball


    Finally she came out of the hamper. Thou sweet, Thou pretty, Thou full of shet.

    Did you see poppa Bush when El Trumpo was on stage drag his finger across his throat with an evil grin. That was a message. Look at all Trump has done so far. He beat 16 candidates. The press including Fix news said it means nothing. He has exposed the media for what they are. He has flushed out the democrat rinorats hiding in the party. That is why nothing gets done. He has forced their hand and showed them for what they are. Including many who we thought were on the up and up. Can you imagine what he will expose when he becomes president? The people should elect him just to watch helter skelter DC.




    Mourning Joe got his start lying to voters who sent him to the congress as a conservative. Mourning Joe sold out to be a stooge for Nothing But Communists NBC. He is in the same no class as Chris Matthews Rasfanjani the phony Catholic. If Pelosi and Matthews are Catholic Moses was an Apache. NBC is only surpassed by CNN the Communist News Network, The media in the USA controls 60% of the minds of the American people. The demo commo propaganda competes with Russian TV. Sadly the so called conservative media is not better. Trump won fair and square. But the boys on the top don’t like their capital gains being sold short. Trump is the answer if you want your country back. He is going to ask a lot of questions and stop the pay for play acts. There was only one candidate from the abortion party of death. Bernie was window dressing and deserted his followers as per instructions.




  • 3ronald1

    It actually makes sense to not shake hands. 90% of men don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom…and then shake hands with YOU. Yuck.
    I learned this after filling in for our church janitor one day. After two church services and an afternoon reception at the church, on Monday I went into the men’s room to empty waste baskets and found only THREE paper towels in the receptacle (the one in the women’s restroom was full) . Out of all those men, only three washed their hands. So, I quit shaking hands, too.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    If this pile of black puss lets go anymore muslim terrorist from Gitmo he should be taken out and immediately shot dead. How many acts of treason do I have to put up with. Do we americans have to do it ourselves.These terrorists in Gitmo are criminals. In his own words Obama said that these guys would go back to the fighting. Why the phuck didnt he line them up against a wall and shoot the basth@rds. Send the right message that were coming for all of these greasy muslims. Anything found on the field of battle should have their nuts cut off.

    There wont be anymore rats breeding anymore of this filth. I dont care for people running around my country that wants to kill me. Hey Obama you first you greasy piece of $cheeieit.

  • Joy Daniels Brower

    Howard Hughes was famously known as a real germaphobe and, but NEVER shook anyone’s hands! But that’s no problem for me: To each his own!