5 US Weapons The Russians Should Fear-Allies



An ally to the United States may not be a weapon in the traditional sense, but our allies pack a powerful punch. The US global alliance network greatly enhances America’s ability to engage in a war against Russia if it came down to it. In this sense, it is no wonder that Russia lists NATO rather than the United States as its biggest security threat. The list of benefits the US has in its allies is lengthy.

Allies provide forward deployed bases for America’s military with many of them being along the Russian perimeter. From Europe, Japan, the Middle East, South Korea and the Philippines, the US along with its alliance with NATO and the GCC, we have encircled Russia. Truman was able to demonstrate this to the Soviet Union in 1948 during the Berlin blockade via eye-catching air exercises. These bases do not only enhance America’s military capabilities by reducing their range, it also allows for an attack on all sides by the US.

America also has the support from their allies’ military which poses another great threat to Russia. There are little exceptions to the top military spenders in the world being US allies – China, India and Brazil being the few. The US does take to task NATO for not spending enough on military defenses on a regular basis. However, even without the United States, NATO still spends approximately three times as much on defense each year as Russia does. As a matter of fact, any combination of Germany, France and the UK spend more than Russia does when it comes to military defense. There is also Japan that has a military budget that is over half that of Russia’s. Russia and its allies do not come anywhere close in terms of contribution made to any war effort or military defense systems.