4 Reasons Why Trump Picked Priebus For Chief Of Staff: He Was Loyal To Trump


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Let’s be real. Trump rewards those who are loyal to him… that is until they have outlived their usefulness… and Priebus was loyal to a fault, even going so far, on occasion, to side against grassroots Republicans in favor of the Trump campaign.

In the weeks prior to Trump’s campaign prevailing, the media attempted with fail to make a sport out of getting Priebus to admit that his party was falling into pieces. However, Priebus stood by his ground and assured the public that things within the party were going just fine. Media commentators at one point even likened him to the Saddam Hussein spokesman nicknamed “Baghdad Bob” who continued to maintain that a victory was in the future while US bombs came crashing down around him.

CNN interviewed Priebus in April of 2016 and attempted to bring out any misery that he was hiding, but he stayed true to Trump. “People assume, oh, you must be miserable. You’ve got a horrible job. But I don’t see it that way,” he said. “I’m not pouring Baileys in my cereal.”

In a May interview at the RNC headquarters in Washington, Priebus offered up some insight to the forward progress made. While surrounded by portraits of GOP leaders of the past, Priebus assured the media that Trump would soon be added to the slew of great Republican Party leaders. “I think he’s gonna win,” he said. He went on to assure that Trump was not ruining Priebus’ push to modernize the party. In fact, Priebus alluded that not only would his efforts not be wiped out by Trump, but that they might just save his nominee.

Priebus closely advised Trump during his campaign which led to winning over multiple skeptics. He played it smart, as he does, and remained neutral during the primary and maintained his frequent contact with president-elect Trump. The RNC chairman remained as the constant behind Trump while the rest of the characters behind Trump changed repeatedly.

Reince Priebus may have been the butt of the joke at times in his effort to bring Trump’s antics to a lower key, but the joke seems to be on those very critics. Now he is seen as the fore-runner in helping Trump pull off this election and get a much deserved Republican win.