# 3 – Donald Trump Does Not Drink Alcohol


Just like the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush, Donald Trump does not drink alcohol. But, unlike President Bush, Trump never drank alcohol. Obviously, his abstinence is not because he was once an alcoholic, nor is the reason moral or religious, as is so often the case.

Rather, sadly and tragically, Donald Trump does not drink alcohol because he lost his dear brother, and his father’s namesake, to alcoholism.

Trump has four siblings. In addition to, as he was lovingly known in the family, “Freddy, Jr.,” there is Robert, who became Executive Vice President for The Trump Organization. His two sisters include, Maryanne Trump Barry and Elizabeth Trump Grau. Maryanne, excelled at law and became a Federal Appeals Court Judge with the District of New Jersey. Elizabeth, a graduate of Kew-Forest School and Southern Seminary College in Buena Vista, Virginia, inherited her father’s keen understanding of finance, and worked in the banking industry.

The Donald’s eldest sibling, Freddy, Jr., did not want to go into the family’s real estate business. Part of the reason may have been that it is widely reported that he simply could not live up to his father’s high standards and demands. Freddy, Jr., while by accounts good-natured, simply could not get along with his father and the two fought often. So, instead of taking on the natural role of the eldest son and entering the family business, he chose to become an Airline Pilot. Freddy, Jr. also had a passionate love for deep-sea fishing.

Freddy, Jr. died of alcoholism in 1981, while still at the height of his career of flying, at the age of 43. His death was horrifically self-inflicted and given that Freddy, Jr.’s father, Fred Trump, lived to the age of 93, Freddy, Jr. clearly cut himself down in his prime.

Like many whose lives have been touched by the curse of alcoholism, Trump views it as an addiction that destroys not just the victim, but the families as well. He has gone on record to state, “I’ve never understood why people don’t go after the alcohol companies like they did the tobacco companies. Alcohol is a much worse problem than cigarettes.”

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  • Da’BULL

    A very good attribute to his on-going good health, strength, and vitality. He has a very lot to live for, and he is needed very badly in this time of darkness suffered by our country. WE need this man a lot more than a run-of-the-mill politician full of themselves who make a lot of fake hot air but never fully deliver for the benefit of our country.

    • Anthony Thompson

      Yes, The Donald isn’t full of himself. A truly humble man.

      • WeaverFan420

        Lol, perfect comment

    • Macy’s Mom

      You know absolutely nothing about this narcissistic, lying, draft dodging, unregistered sex offender other than what he says on national TV. He is a disaster and I predict he will be impeached before his first term is over due to his disgusting antics and hatred. Not only does HE need a mental status examination and psychiatric help, SO DO YOU!

      • Da’BULL

        It is YOU who knows nothing about our President Elect. You have a lot of mental issues to deal with, the main one is communist indoctrination and brain washing by the radical leftist media who can not relay the truth about anybody who lives on the right side of America. Get help soon. If not GFY you deserve the self inflicted misery.

      • Deplorable Frog

        Why? We won. You lost. Sounds like you’re the one that needs the examination.

        • CelestialTerrestrial

          You don’t get it. it’s not about which side won or lost, he’s the president of the country and we all have to suffer through his mistakes. He’s been lying his ass off and he’s not going to keep his campaign promises, because they were just to get him elected, now we’ll see how many he goes back on.

          • Deplorable Frog


      • Keeks

        There is a solution.

    • CelestialTerrestrial

      Didn’t Trump start a Vodka company, and a winery? And his clothing line is made in Mexico, China, and India. And he’s hired illegal immigrants from Mexico. His Trump University was shut down and he settled out of court in a fraud case against him and his company. He’s a freaking hypocrite. He panders to the stupid that don’t have a brain. If he’s not careful, he’ll cause more problems, that we may not realize until after he’s gone. I think he opens his mouth before thinking things through and he’s so far waffling on a lot of his campaign promises, so he’s basically full of shit.

      • Da’BULL

        Are you asking me a question that you hope would justify your psychotic delusions, brain washing, and indoctrinations by the communist left MSM?

        • Arcee

          The truth isn’t a psychotic delusion, numbnuts!

    • Macy’s Mom

      Oh please, Trump is 70 and looks like he is 80. He claims to be a non alcoholic but I do not believe him. If he does not drink alcohol why is his face so puffed up and red? Clearly he looks like an alcoholic. He is the worst president this country has ever had and the entire world is aghast that he was elected. He is obviously mentally ill with early senile dementia inherited from his late father who died of Alzheimer’s disease.

      • Da’BULL

        Have you told all this to your ‘schrink doctor’ lately, and about your delusions and paranoia?? Or, maybe you are retarded and off your meds.

  • Marisa Nordstrom

    Trump doesn’t drink? Then what’s his excuse for acting like a drunken brawler in this Presidential race? It’s disgraceful.

    • s88m88h .

      Trump is the most presidential of all the candidates. He has accomplished more goals. He has made YUUUUGE financial combacks. He has hired more people than you could ever dream of hiring. He has helped the unfortunate. He was against invading the middle East, and look at how right he was. He doesn’t drink or cheat on his wife. He doeant lie on his campaign financials. He raised tremendous children that work hard. He’s a great guy with family values. Why people don’t see he’s playing the media is beyond me. He’s a BRILLIANT man, getting ad revenue worth millions of dollars for free. He’s gonna be the next president. He’s the only one that can undo the horrors of the last 8 years. Cruz is weak and he lies about everything like his stance on immigration and his financials to name a couple things.
      Trump 2016.

      • Andrew Longeteig

        Are you joking?

        • s88m88h .

          What part of my comment seemed like a joke to you? Everything in my comment was 100% truth. He’s got more experience as an executive than any of the other candidates. He’s most qualifed, he’s naturally born American, and he’s going to be the next president.
          Does it still seem like a joke to you now? If so, you would probably laugh at blank wall.
          Trump 2016

          • AreYouForSerious

            Haha, I love it. So, s88m88h, share with me, how effective is the trolling? I’m assuming you’re playing both sides, yes? Which are you getting more responses from, Trump supporters or the Trump nevers? Have you tried the same with the Sanders v Clinton group? If you have, which is the more gullible there?

            Just curious. Hope you respond with your results.

            Keep calm and troll on.

          • s88m88h .

            Ha-ha I don’t consider myself a troll I just speak the truth. I can’t stand liberal propaganda so I wouldn’t dare intentionally visit a liberal website. And I truly don’t even understand why I waste my time posting on disqus at all. Its very time consuming and you never get the result that you really seek: changing someone’s mind.

          • Brian

            Never visit a liberal site? So you choose to remain ignorant? I think it’s vitally important that if you want to be informed on the issues, to visit both conservative and liberal sites to see what both sides have to say on any given issue.
            I think in general, people who choose to never visit a liberal or conservative site have very fragile beliefs, as the only reason you wouldn’t visit such sites is if you’re threatened by looking into an opposing belief.
            Spending time purely by reinforcing your own belief system is a surefire way to decrease your ability to be objective and informed on the issues. We have opposing parties in this country for a reason, so we can hold each other accountable when we’re wrong.

          • Anthony Thompson

            You HAD changed my mind! But then the tape came out…

          • s88m88h .

            I get about 1.5 upvote per comment on average of thats what you’re asking lol.

          • Deplorable Frog

            This troll was right.

        • Deplorable Frog

          Does it seem like a joke now?

      • Anthony Thompson

        A guy with great family values? Well, it’s true that he highly values his daughter Ivanka. Not sure that he hasn’t cheated on his three wives, though.

      • Epicurus

        From one deplorable to another, we did it :)

        • Deplorable Frog

          Ahhhh it feels good to bask in the glory friend. It really does. I’ll never forget how I felt when when I woke up on November 9th when I found out trump was going to be president. .

      • Macy’s Mom

        When his wife was five months pregnant Trump made a comment in full view with Billy Bush in which he said “I grab women’s p****** and have sex with them because I am famous.” And you dumb deplorables voted for him. YOU are more than pathetic.

        • Deplorable Frog

          Hahahahaha. You lost. Your candidate was a criminal, mine likes to grab p*****. I can relate, I like p**** too. And you misquoted him too. You’re a loser. Go take some counseling and hide in your safe space.

        • Lori Walker

          I think you’re pathetic for voting for someone like Hillary Clinton. She does not take her job seriously and thinks that her convenience is more important than National Security. Not to mention what a liar she is. And if you even try to say that she’s not I will give you 10 big examples right off the bat. And if you don’t know the lies that she’s told them you are misinformed. She’s a sell-out and I thank God everyday that she is not going to be our president!

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  • Edward Warren

    I do not drink either.

    I lost a friend in Junior High to alcohol. She murdered her drunken father while he was beating her mother senseless for the 100th time. She was incarcerated and we never saw or heard from her again. A counselor at the time told a group of students I was with that he was an alcoholic and that we all could be just like him. We didn’t know if we were or not. So, she advised us, never take a drink and you will never find out if you are one or not. I never took a drink.

    A lot of people, I can attest to, look at you and treat you like your are crazy if you do not drink alcohol. I admire Trump for not drinking. Trump is honest about it and I am sure his response what not determined by his campaign committee and focus groups.

    • John Smith

      I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Though, one thing I found odd: “She murdered her drunken father while he was beating her mother senseless for the 100th time”. I don’t see how that would be murder seeing as she was eliminating the threat which was causing harm to her mother, which by most definitions is called self-defense.

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  • http://www.cnn.com American

    Trump is a man who takes responsibility for his life. His mind is too strong to waste time on addictions. I aspire to be that self-reliant, as all of us should.

    • Anthony Thompson

      Why is he always sniffing during the debates?

  • Joe Mazino

    LOL… Trump doesn’t drink alcohol… yeah…like Michael Jackson..

  • http://www.letfreedomringagain.weebly.com Connie Voss

    Then why does he own Trump Winery and why did he have Trump Vodka (one of his businesses that is now bankrupt) Wouldn’t that be a little on the hypocritical side to have lost someone to alcoholism, but promote hard liquor?

    • Ronald Porupsky

      It’s business. If people want something, you give it to them. I wouldn’t equate supplying goods with promoting them.

  • C Money

    Doesn’t drink but has a constant blow drip? That’s interesting.

    • Deplorable Frog

      No evidence of our president elect ever did coke. grow up and respect the new commander and chief son.

  • I am Deplorable

    I decided to support Mr Trump in the primaries because of the wall and his stance on alcohol. Everything else has just been a bonus.

    • Deplorable Frog

      We won

  • Charlie Bay

    Trump and his father belittled Fred Jr to the point of his substance abuse and subsequent death. He committed suicide by alcoholism.

    • Deplorable Frog


  • Lute Hende

    Say what you want but he’s right about that. I don’t drink alcohol and I miss nothing. On the other hand people drive themself and others to death. Some become more violent or depressed and it’s affecting their health too. Cancer risk rise drastical if you drink! “Alcohol is a much worse problem than cigarettes” Exactly! Because it is still fully accepted in society.

  • Kaname Fujiwara

    I don’t always agree with Trump but on this he is absolutely in the right.

  • Fred Lindalen

    Im sorry about his death and donalds loss. Im a satanist, satan is free will instead of logic, i dont belong to god, so i drink beer, always will, the reason is cus satan, nr 2, i control my drinking, why do you think people die ? cus they drink too everyday! i never do that, im now 27, im happy if i turn 50 or 40, my problem, now he died cus he abused alcohol, like raping someone, i never do that, i win, maybe il quit drinking in the future, wich would maybe be a good thing to do, thank you, greetings from Norway………