12 Countries Conservative Americans Are Fleeing To For Freedom: Thailand



It’s complicated. The Kingdom of Thailand is a Constitutional Monarchy. The head of government is the Prime Minister and the head of state is a hereditary monarch. The current King is highly revered. The democratically elected government, accused of corruption was overthrown by the military that is seeking to restore balanced government.

Thailand is populated by 67,976,405, of which Thai comprise 95.9%, Burmese 2% and 1.3% “Other.”

Located in Southeast Asia, Thailand has a landmass of 198,120 square miles and borders Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia.
Hot Place To Live: Chiang Mai

Expat Freedoms & Experiences:
Lots of people know Thailand for its “seedy” side. But in the last half-decade, the Thai government has gone out of its way to become the homebase for an ever increasing number of young, adventurous and wealthy Expat “Digital Nomads,” in addition to retiring Americans seeking a better quality of life and freedom.

To encourage Expats to make Thailand their home, the government has started a series of visa reforms. These reforms are meant to help Expats find a way to stay longer in the country and avoid the previous three month Tourist Visa’s short-term stays.

Drawing many Expats to Thailand is the relatively low cost of living. Every dollar spent in food, housing, transportation, personal and entertainment expenses is estimated to be, conservatively, 150% less of that in America. And, those are figures for Bangkok, not Chang Mai which is significantly less expensive for Expats.

While under Barrack Hussein Obama the US Middle Class has virtually disappeared, combined with the illegal immigration invasion of Western Civilization, the quality of life in Thailand for Americans is beyond what most have seen in nearly three decades. Living in Thailand for Expats harkens back to US standards, pre the Left Wing liberal decimation of the US Middle Class. While some joke that Expats go to Thailand to “live like Kings,” it is more appropriate, according to the Expats who live there, to say they are living as they once would have in America.

And while many perceive the corruption in Thailand to be a key factor of everyday life, many Expats from America will invoke the “Devil you know” phrase. Expats who move to Thailand often find it refreshing to speak openly about corruption, unlike in America where the elite Political Ruling Class pretends they aren’t corrupt and that the Rule of Law still applies to everyone in America.

Indeed, as corruption in the United States of America hits an all-time high, especially with the presumption that Hillary Rodham Clinton will not be persecuted for Emailgate, a large number of patriotic Americans are realizing that they must look elsewhere to find any resemblance to life as it used to be in America.

  • OleSalt_1

    Tsk! Tsk! Why don’t impeach Barrack Hussein Obama? He may be the worst Prez of the US.

  • Dennis McLain

    Not only should he be impeached but his records opened and if anything is in the records that disclose wrongdoing in his vetting, he and all the people involved with the vetting process should be up on charges. It could be serious if he is found to be collaborating with enemies of the US.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Impeached for what exactly? Please be specific. I’ll even give you a hand and give you a link for the criteria for impeachment.



      • Roger

        Forget impeachment, removal from office lies with the people on demand! IDIOT!

        • RiverMikeRat

          Yes. Every 4 years. Lucky you this one will be leaving this year. However, get ready to whine and cry about Madam President or President Sanders.

          • http://www.comcast.net/ Rick

            Don’t you mean the madam of a cell block?

          • RiverMikeRat

            No, unfortunately I mean Madam President. I’d prefer to see Bernie as president because he won’t kowtow to foreign and wealthy interests like Hillary.

      • rocquedog

        How about the murder of 2 ICE agts. with Fast and Furious assault weapons? And throw in the 300+ Mex. citizens, women and children also. And does the word Benghazi remind you of anything? How about the continuous lies about Obamacare like “you can keep your own Dr.” or “it will save the average family about $2,500 a yr.”. I could go on all night but that right there is enough to have him and his henchmen serving life in prison.

        • RiverMikeRat

          ICE agent murders: So, he pulled the trigger himself?
          F&F was actually a continuation of a Bush Administration program.
          Benghazi? Yeah. What of it? Oh, that’s right. Absolutely nothing. Don’t you think that if there WAS something to be found, the waste of several MILLION DOLLARS in something like 50 “investigations” would have turned it up by now? People with functioning brains do.
          “Keep your own doctor?” Yep. Insist on it and guess what? You keep your own doctor. I’ve still got mine.
          It’s actually saved me, personally, much more than that. And it is has saved my company even more.

          So, I’m still waiting on those impeachable offenses you mention there were so many of.

          • rocquedog

            Your ignorant response doesn’t deserve further discussion. You sir are a typical liberal POS that refuses to deal with the facts. You call empirical evidence negligible and the surviving spec. ops members liars. And Bush’s prog. was a separate program (OPer. Gunwalker) that had different parameters but you libtards try and obfuscate and divert the issues when you can’t argue the facts. Now crawl back under your rock with your crack pipe. This convo is for adults who care about what might be the facts of the matter.

          • RiverMikeRat

            Well, according to the agents that were involved, it was an extension of the same operation. I’m going to believe the guys that were involved over someone trying to make political points. I would recommend you do the same.

          • rocquedog

            That’s what the spvsrs. in charge said. There were 4 whistle blower agts. that were actually involved that said different. I suggest that you do your research before you go shooting your mouth off. But then again, that’s what you libtards are notorious for.

          • RiverMikeRat

            Yes. One of the agents had been passed over for promotion. A promotion which the supervising agent received. Another agent was passed over for promotion at another office AND transferred to the Phoenix office, which he hated. And there were only 2 agents. Not 4.

            Obviously you need to look in a mirror when you accuse someone of not doing their research and shooting their mouth off.

            One of the agents was named Burke and the other was named Dodson.

          • cuca primes

            Obamacare was a screw job for nearly everyone I know i.e. people who actually work full time non low wage jobs – the premiums went up along with the deductibles -way up. It was based on a lie like everything else this Administration does.–ask Gruber. Totally unconstitutional, oops- I forgot, Obamacare is a tax, -back to the future 1984.

      • Dennis McLain

        Just one item to put under that empty hat of yours Rat Mike is that he can not attack another country without congressional approval. He has done that.

        • RiverMikeRat

          No, he hasn’t. Sure, he’s droned places, but that was under the guise of the ongoing (so-called) War on Terror. That gives him some discretion. He can’t put large amounts of boots on the ground with approval. He hasn’t done that.

          • Dennis McLain

            Sure he shot from the drones into Pakistan killing a bunch of people, but do you think that is legal to shoot into another country we have not ok’d with congress or at war with? That is not legal to do.

      • SheRok

        How about aiding and abetting terrorists. Creating ISIS to take out Assad. Paying (“bribing”) Iran 2 billion of our tax dollars over and above releasing what has been claimed to be their own money. Writing his own immigration law and blatantly disregarding Federal court orders. Endangering Americans by not listening to his top advisors about not being able to vet “refugees”. And fast & furious was all Obama:

        President Barack Obama made the same error during the 2012 election season in describing the program’s launch. PolitiFact rated his claim that it started “under the previous administration” as False.

        The “Fast and Furious” operation started in October 2009, about 10 months into Obama’s first term. Under the program, federal agents based in Arizona allowed straw buyers to buy guns in the United States and cross into Mexico so the weapons could be traced to, in theory, high-level drug cartel members.

    • Roger

      He has done that openly! Trading terrorists for traitor Bergdahl was high treason!

      • http://www.comcast.net/ Rick

        Bergdahl should be given a dishonorable discharge and sent to Ft. Leavenworth.

  • Radman414

    Unless you, an employed taxpayer, want at least 4 more years trying to deal with the same corrupt, leftist policies and burdensome regulations under a congenital and habitual liar, Hillary Clinton, you’d be wise to elect a consistent, constitutional conservative such as Ted Cruz as our next POTUS. Of the viable candidates remaining in this race, he alone has the skill set to turn this country away from the fiscal abyss and reverse Obama’s fundamental transformation of America into an unexceptional European-style socialist state.

    • ClarenceDeBarrows

      Really, Radman ?, “Ted Cruz is a “consistent, Constitutional conservative” (my capitalization). Ted Cruz, under Article II of our Constitution, is not qualified to run for the Presidency and he knows it! – that’s how consistent a Constitutional conservative he is. That doesn’t make any difference to Cruz though, he’ll cite other Harvard attorneys and decisions made by agenda driven courts, to delude the ignorant into believing that what our Constitution says, it did not mean. If you would like a little accurate information on the subject go to J.B. Williams, The End of the American Presidency, as starters.

      • Radman414

        The birthers consistently invade pro-Cruz sites and repeat the same stuff, “ad nauseam,” primarily to divert attention away from the very serious and substantive matters facing our nation. Most people here have already heard it all. There have been over 200 such suits filed since the Obama birthplace, falsified and sequestered records debates, and NONE have gone anywhere. (Most have just been thrown out of court for lack of standing, and others on a lack of merit.)
        The US law in effect at the time of his birth in 1970 meant Cruz did not have to become a naturalized citizen since his mother was born in the U.S. and all of the other residency requirements were met. Therefore, he was deemed qualified to run for and be elected POTUS.
        America desperately needs the best possible conservative in the WH if we are going to even begin reversing the grave damage to our Republic that has been wrought by an inherently corrupt, leftist, borrow- tax-and-spend cabal that has generated more debt that ALL previous administrations combined! Neither Hillary or Bernie WANT to stop any of the redistribution giveaways…because to maintain power, loyalty and the votes of their entitlement-dependent base, they must keep the “spigots” flowing. And further Donald Trump does not have the skill set necessary to achieve a significant “course correction” for our nation (plus he is a “loose cannon.” Sooo, Clarence,..if YOU believe that YOU have THE qualification case that could win, go out there and file it, or STFU!

        • RiverMikeRat

          Wow, you were doing so well and then you went way off track. The GOP-controlled House sets the spending, not the president. He only suggests a budget.

          • Radman414

            If you can’t argue against the substance of a comment, don’t bother spouting that which most readers here know.

            Pay attention, pull your head out of that dark place, Mike, and look at a little history! You fail to remember that DEMOCRATS (Pelosi and Reid) controlled BOTH Houses of Congress for the final 2 years of the G. W. Bush presidency. (They had won majorities in both the House AND the Senate in November of 2006.) When they took the economic “helm” in January, 2007, the deficit was only $161 billion and was moving on a downward trajectory. However, after only 3 years, the Pelosi-Reid Congress added $1.2 trillion more to the deficit. This means that, even on Inauguration Day, 2009, liberal Democrats had already pushed through enough spending measures to balloon the “Bush” deficit by almost 750 percent. That’s a total increase of about $1,040 billion ($1.04 TRILLION), or an average deficit increase of more than $43 billion PER MONTH…and that’s BEFORE Barack Obama first took the Oath of Office.
            Bush’s major mistake was going along to get along”…signing off on the liberal’s spendthrift budget (and not vetoing it). Why, because it enabled the Democrats to disingenuously hang their self-generated deficit spending around his neck.
            And then Obama had two more years with Democrat majorities in both the House and the Senate to push through lots more tax, borrow and spend socialistic policies. Thus endeth the lesson, but thanks for playing.

          • RiverMikeRat

            When Bush took office in 2001, there was a surplus of something like $55BILLION dollars-I’d have to take the time to look it up. That surplus stuck with us until he pushed us into war in Afghanistan and then Iraq. And then, to make it look like he hadn’t done such a number on it, he deferred the billing on those wars until after 2009.

            As conservatives like to say, if Bush hadn’t approved of those spending measures, he could have vetoed them.

          • Jim Jordan

            Mike, prob best to stop, you are losing this argument . Your myopic view of facts rather limits your debate potential.

          • RiverMikeRat

            Jordan, as in Teri, Randi, and JohnnyAnn?

            I assure you, the facts I quote are accurate. They come from the GAO. And that office is nonpartisan. When I lose an argument, I admit it.

          • rr02

            No, you just ignore the topic.

      • shavager

        Clarence–there has NEVER been a LAW or STATUTE enacted in law to declare what “natural born” is–it is merely OPINION without definition in the Constitution. The Founders KNEW what they meant with that designation but it was an egregious error for them NOT to realize future generations of politicians would try to convolute their meanings–they should’ve added a one-two sentence to clarify that term in THEIR meaning as well as eliminate any candidates who have loyalty to other governments/countries by having “dual” citizenship–something Obama has in TWO countries but was allowed under Constitutional laws to qualify. Without POWER of legal case to define and put legal restriction on it, it is the interpretation of COURTS to decide it as they see. Even Constitutional professors who don’t like Cruz–have agreed–there is NO legal restriction to prevent Cruz from serving especially since Woodrow Wilson and Herbert Hoover BOTH were elected as U.S. President despite having IMMIGRANT parents when they were born on U.S. soil–that means nearly 100 YEARS of historical precedent that Congress and Courts allowed IMMIGRANT Parent–born candidates to serve without Constitutional challenge. In order to rectify what has already happened–it would require legislative ACT of Congress or Amendment by STATES to change it.

        • Roger

          If you have Canadian citizenship and Canada doesn’t allow dual citizenship, which they don’t, you can’t be an American citizen until you denounce your Canadian citizenship, which Cruz did two years ago which mean he has been an American citizen for only two years, which is 12 years short of what is required to serve as President. Common sense says a person can’t be a citizen of two counties unless you were born in two countries!

          • shavager

            Roger–Ted Cruz IS an American citizen AT BIRTH–Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 AUTOMATICALLY GRANTED HIM INHERITED CITIZENSHIP from his mother. That Law covered ALL Americans born between Nov 24, 1952 and December 14, 1986–Crews was born in 1970. That law SPECIFICALLY conferred citizenship to children born OUTSIDE the U.S. provided (1) ONE parent (his mother Eleanor Cruz) was an American citizen when he was born; (2) SHE was married to his father; (3) She did live at least TEN years in U.S. BEFORE he was born and (4) “A MINIMUM of FIVE of these TEN years in U.S. were AFTER her 14th birthday–making her at least NINETEEN when he was born. SHE MET EVERY CRITERIA and Ted Cruz IS an American citizen. She was NEVER a Canadian and NEVER voted in any Canadian elections as has been erroneously reported–since she lived only three years there and at least FIVE consecutive years are required before Canadian citizenship can be attained.

      • Roger

        I concur 100%


      I am losing respect for Ted Cruz especially after what he said about the protestors and Trump last night. Hillary had a protestors removed from an event and shown the door. Bernie Sanders was literally run off the stage by BLM thugs. Bill Clinton did not like what a serviceman had to say at an event he was speaking at and told the serviceman to sit down and shut up. Then he had him escorted to the door and the people inside the room cheered. The Dems really love our military, NOT! George Soros has a knack for hiring thugs and union workers to go to events and disrupt them, which is despicable. The Dems like free speech as long as they agree with what you are saying. Such Hypocrites.

      • Maryjgarcia1

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      • Roger

        Ted Cruz is a moron, he called Trump supporters low information voters of which I am one of the many millions of Trump supporters, I guess this means Cruz, publicly insulted millions of AMERICAN citizens! Do you think that lying Ted Cruz might believe he is the smartest person on the face of the earth? What a WPOS!

        • Mys77

          Trump supporters are definitely low information voters, who spit anger and nonsense.

    • RiverMikeRat

      You do realize that the president has no power to do anything without the approval of Congress, right? That Congress which your foreign-born buddy is a part of, I might add.

      • Roger

        What rock to live under? Presidents can and in fact do many things without the approval of Congress!

        • RiverMikeRat

          Yes. Eat dinner. Take a vacation. Make phone calls. But they don’t make laws without Congressional approval.

          • Radman414

            That response was just inane, Mike. Look up Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Orders, and you’ll discover a lot of his initiatives that were implemented WITHOUT the approval of Congress. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cb12c794eae20007a1e80fb6f93ece74222d428752175df658522a6ae5507d19.jpg

          • RiverMikeRat

            Here’s a list of the Executive Orders signed by every president. Let me know which ones were unconstitutional. If you’re going to debate me, use reliable sources that actually give you facts, not someone’s paid for opinion, m’kay Tigger?



            But none of them were laws he passed without Congressional input.

          • Radman414

            Congressional “input” is NOT the same as a bill that has been PASSED by both Houses of Congress. I have no doubt that Obama consulted with his leftist sycophants in the House and the Senate to get ideas about how he could do an “end run” around Congress and implement his initiatives…all part of fulfilling his campaign promise to “fundamentally transform” America into an unexce[ptional, European-style socialist state.
            Per the oath he takes, the constitutional duty of the president is to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and to faithfully execute passed laws. The purpose of Executive Orders is solely to facilite the execution of those laws PASSED by Congress and signed into law by a president. However, Obama has ignored his duty, and “cherry-picked” laws he wanted to emphasize and those he wanted to ignore. And, in the case of Obamacare, granted exemptions waivers and subsidies, plus unilaterally changed the provisions of the law that HE signed, all without congressional approval.
            Despite the results of the 2010 and 2014 elections that finally returned Republicans to the majority in Congress, Obama has repeatedly abused the power of the Executive Order for purposes that were never intended.

          • RiverMikeRat

            That’s only your opinion. The Supreme Court has had a different opinion. Theirs counts. Yours doesn’t.

            By the way, 5 of the 9 Justices are conservatives, so it completely shoots your opinion down.

          • Radman414

            Once again, “Bravo Sierra ,” Mike! ZERO substance or rebuttal of the facts presented in my comments! SC opinions are different on what issue? Citations?
            Without a scintilla of doubt, Obama is absolutely the WORST president in history…so why don’t you just “troll” on back over to HuffPo, where your plaintive whines will receive some sympathy from your fellow lefties. Don’t go away mad, Mike; just go away!

    • Roger

      Mostly right but Donald Trump is the smart choice!

      • Radman414

        Hardly, Roger! His skill set is inadequate; and his personal demeanor is as far from “presidential” as the inherently corrupt, habitual liar Hillary Clinton.

  • Murphmeister

    How many people can you squeeze
    Into the little country of Belize?

  • Mwalltexan

    Cruz or Rubio????????????? American heritage must be the defining factor for all practical purposes.

    Why is an American Heritage so important? That’s a dumb question when you’re talking about giving away political power in our country.

    A Different heritage poses a greater danger than most people realize and we must be intelligent enough to recognize that as a defining factor in any and all political choices we make. Not to do so, is irresponsible! Look around at what just one, first generation, Dude named Barack Hussein Obama with a decidedly Muslim heritage has accomplished.

    True, he hasn’t quite “Completely” destroyed America so, let’s have another first generation, Dude with a different heritage.

    How about the two East Indian Governors? One of whom is responsible for banning the Confederate flag….AND, why not? It wasn’t part of her history or heritage, nor is it part of the heritage of the two Cuban candidates blissfully vying to be president of the USA while millions of indigenous Americans seriously argue for their election over any American heritage candidate. Oh Hell, enough of trying to make sense out the nightmare we have allowed to happen in the country we profess to love. Go ahead give what’s left away.

    MY GOD,You protect what you love, don’t you???????????

  • shank_black

    Barack Obama… No respect for individual freedom or liberty. He isn’t an American in spirit. Obama has no sense of American traditions or values. Where did he grow up? And in what culture? He is a phony who hoodwinked the American voters who were looking for something for FREE. Want more of that? You know where to find it.

  • RiverMikeRat

    Funny thing is, most of these countries have the exact things you say they’re running from.

    Also, since you’re able to write this type of garbage, exactly how is he a tyrant? All through history tyrants never allowed dissent and we’ve seen nothing but dissent from the party of “No!”

    • Roger

      Each one of your posts is more stupid than the previous one!

      • RiverMikeRat

        That’s because you’re not bright enough to spot facts. Either that or your puppet masters don’t allow you to.

  • http://www.comcast.net/ Rick

    I’m not leaving my country; but I’m in favor of sending Barry to Kenya or Indonesia. In Kenya, he can wear a ring in his nose and be a little Kahuna; and in Indonesia he can practice his islam.

  • donl

    I used to think Obie was trying to bring this country down. Since he was re-elected by the useful idiots I know for a fact he IS bringing our country down. IF hillary is elected his mission will continue.

  • Terry Michael Fitzgerald

    I am 73 and can remember quite a bit of how this country was fifty years ago. I can remember foibles as well as values. Nothing is ever exactly how we want to remember something, but there cannot be any doubt in the mind of someone who was there that this country is far worse off economically, politically, educationally, and most certainly morally than it was fifty years ago. For those of you who remember just who and what philosophies we fought against, it must be in sad wonderment to realize that we are fast becoming what we had every reason to despise.

  • Mys77

    Any American who moves and renounces their citizenship because of money, was never a true American to begin with. Good riddance for those leaving. America is the best place to live, and everyone knows it, despite people who are corrupt and abusive of their position in government, there is no better place on earth!

  • SpiceGirl

    Every corrupt thing this president did he did mostly in the open …I fault the media and the dumb dumb elected Republicans mostly for covering for this administrations failures and not taking action. Also if the American people upon hearing the lie that you can keep your doctor, airing of Gruber the creator of OBC stating and laughing at the “uninformed” voters, Palosi stating “we have to pass it to see what is in it”, would have rose up together we could have put the jerk out of office. We are now seeing just how little our votes mean in this political election…The Democrats came up with a safety net of “Superdelagates if they don’t like the competition..and want to keep their elites in charge just call upon the superdelagates. The Republicans don’t like the leader in their open to the people race so down and dirty it gets..it is a fine line I tell you as to whom belongs behind bars in this country and the corruption is on all levels. Fiorina supports Cruz is now noted to be part of the ones behind releasing nude photos of the front runners wife. She being the one whom said she stood for women…Playing dirty and acting stupid is a prided thing in politics it seems. What a joke..