# 11 – Lindsey Graham




Conservative Report Card:

Heritage Action: 47
American Conservative Union: 74
Conservative Review: 47

Graham has distinguished himself throughout his career as Senator John McCain’s chief RINO partner-in-crime. He once called Vice-President Joe Biden “as good a man as God has ever created” but what is perhaps most shocking is that there are at least 10 Republican United States Senators who are to his left politically.


Lindsey Graham was born to working class parents in the small town of Central, South Carolina in July, 1955. His father and mother operated a restaurant with a pool hall. As a teenager, the future Senator worked part-time for the family business. He has a younger sister named Darline.

Lindsey Graham graduated from high school and became the first member of his family to attend college. He enrolled in the University of South Carolina.

When she was 52 years old, Mrs. Graham passed away from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer. Lindsey Graham was 21 years old at the time. His father died tragically from a heart attack the following year.

In 1977, Lindsey Graham graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in Psychology. He earned a law degree in 1981 and served for six and a half years on active duty as an Air Force lawyer. Between 1984 and 1988, he was posted overseas to Rhein-Main Air Force Base in Germany. He left active duty in 1989, but joined the South Carolina Air National Guard soon afterwards, where he served until 1995.

He then served as an assistant attorney for Oconee County in South Carolina, and also spent some time working in private practice as an attorney before winning election to the South Carolina state legislature. He represented the Second District as a state legislator between January, 1993 and January 3, 1995.

In 1994, he won election to the United States House of Representatives from the Third Congressional District and served in the House of Representatives through January 2, 2003.

During the early 1990s, he was called to active duty during the First Gulf War. He served at McEntire Air National Guard Base as a staff Judge Advocate, assisting the deployment process. After the conflict ended, he continued serving in the Air Force Reserves.

In 2002, he was elected to the United States Senate, and he began serving as a Senator from South Carolina on January 3, 2003. He won re-election in 2008 and again in 2014.

Senator Graham, a Baptist, remains single at this time. He resides in Seneca, a small town in western South Carolina. In the Senate, Lindsey Graham has paid special attention to Foreign Policy issues.

He entered the 2016 Republican Presidential primary in the spring of 2015. He retired from the Air Force Reserves at the rank of a Colonel after some 33 years of military service.

Committee Assignments:

Committee on Appropriations
Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies
Subcommittee on Defense
Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development
Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies
Subcommittee on the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs (Chairman)
Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies

Committee on Armed Services
Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities
Subcommittee on Personnel (Chairman)
Subcommittee on Seapower

Committee on the Budget

Committee on the Judiciary
Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy and Consumer Rights
Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights
Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism (Chairman)
Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law

These rankings of the Top Eleven RINOs in the United States Senate was compiled and primarily based upon the Senate rankings from Heritage Action (the 501c4 arm of the Heritage Foundation) Scorecard and secondarily using rankings from the American Conservative Union and Conservative Review Scorecards.  We encourage you to visit those sites for more detailed information.

  • Doug

    What is sad is y’all left out the ever lying and misleading John Cornyn from Texas. Check his history. A total con-man and liar. Total sellout back stabber. Has everyone fooled with his words and then votes in direct opposite direction.

    • Wapitihunter

      Hello Doug! My exact same feelings. This crap has been a traitor to the State of Texas and the Nation. But OBoehner and Mitch OMcConnell should have made the list as well.
      I made a comment on Facebook and Twitter to John Corncob to not even bother to come back to Texas. Just pack his bags and move in with Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. He is no long welcome here. He needs to be tarred and feathered and run out on a rail. He would be lucky if that’s all that happened.

      • Kathy Serra

        Dear Wapitihunter-You are hilarious!! Great comment!

        • subee

          I wish we could take all the Rinos and their leader Obama and ship them to another Country along with Pelosi and Reid. Maybe they could start their own Country.

      • http://facebook.com Charlie Leal

        10-4 !

      • Lynn

        Wapitihunter , Right on sister, I agree 100%

      • Chuck Hill

        John Cornyn is the John Boehner of Texas. How could Boehner and McConnel not be on the list. They talk a lot of smack then vote democrat.

        • Connie Condra

          Well, McConnell is a senator. I would hope that he made the Senate RINO list.

      • http://live.com sharon

        I got a good one for you, Pat Roberts, doesn’t even live in Ks. The Ks. law says he has to but he came to Ks. put is kids in school a few months than they all went back to Virginia 48 yrs ago, the whole time he has been in the senate as a senator from Ks. and most Ks,people don’t even know the truth. He got us the Sec. of Health/ Obamacare, then votes righ to life only when he knows there aren’t enough votes to pass the bill. Anyway what kind of guy would use his kids like that? A greedy, lying B******d, who is now an old man but the other Rino’s & Demo’s dumped a bunch of money into Ks. and kept him in office.

        • old grandma

          Sharon, I know another Rhino that is about the same. That is Hatch, Senator for (??? so he says) Utah. He does not live in Utah, he merely vacations here once in a while, if it suits his purpose for re-election or fund raising. I truly believe if everything was validated, half the Senators (past & present) would be frauds on where they really live.

        • allen goldberg

          You actually could apply your comment to many members of the Senate and the House. Sad thing is, few run for office who are really ethical, patriots. Most run to get on the government “gravy train” and are lying frauds…We the people foot the bills, and deserve better. Example: Lying fraud Lindsey Graham…he ought to join the democrats…he would right at home…If the GOP actually ridded itself of these 11 plus a few more and had real conservatives…we could actually get things done…the establishment GOP will never allow it

      • http://none JIm

        Remove them come their next election s they are gutless, no backbone Obama lap dogs.

      • Harry Trawick

        Why in the world would you leave McConnell & Boehner OFF?!? They have brow beaten younger Conservative Members and Threatened to take anyone that votes STRONG CONSERVATIVE ISSUES with a loss of seats of Power! Also, Why wait till the next election? Their seats as Majority Whips can END any time the GOP members VOTE THEM OUT!

        • Staff

          Hi Harry:

          Boehner is not a United States Senator and Mitch McConnell, sadly, is not as far to the Left as the individuals cited (that’s not to say he isn’t a RINO, it’s just that there are more than a dozen Republican Senators who are MORE RINO than McConnell). That being said, in the coming days, we will be publishing a list for the House of Representatives and expanding both lists so folks can get an even bigger picture on where these elected officials rank.

    • Bill Phiffer

      You are correct. As a Republican voter, I have been so hard on Cornyn that his office in Washington has blocked my emails. I live in Texas and tried to get him defeated last election but he is so entrenched here that I failed.

      • Ray Hause

        Bill, we started too late on finding a good replacement. It is hard to find a replacement with name recognition. I’ve been putting out some feelers on State Senator Donna Campbell, a very strong conservative.

    • txguy1

      I was expecting Cornyn to be in the top three.

    • http://facebook.com Charlie Leal

      You got that right about Cornyn !
      He is a Double-Crossing /Double Talking
      Pro !

    • Dudley

      True, they left out the second most dangerous man in America Mitch (Turtle head) McConnell. A total traitor to the base and his party. A Karl Rove acolyte and promoter of Obama’s agenda. Because of McConnell, Iran will get the bomb. Cornyn and McCain should have also made the list

    • Dano1941

      Straight to the black heart of that wretched RINO Cornyn, Doug! We couldn’t muster a primary opponent to defeat the liberal louse, but somewhere in this grand state awaits a Tea Partier who is faithfully practicing his aim on a Cornyn silhouette target! Can’t wait for his long overdue ouster!!

    • Harry Alexus

      All that is left is roughly 95% of the House and Senate

    • http://fredvanliew.com Fred Van Liew

      John Cornyn lied to my face. Said don’t go third party. Give them a majority and they would fix things. He has been a consistent anti conservative in his voting. I would not be surprised if we dug into his dealings we might find some of the most sordid behavior in Congress. I would never trust him with my grandkids, that is for sure.

  • Carol Chadbourne

    My own Senator is a fake, liar and near-Demo…

  • The Frog Prince

    RINO Supreme

  • sherry

    No surprise on #1….

  • http://america'sconservativenews Tony herring

    Senator Graham, has been to the trough too many times , and for to long, he has lost touch with the real people, and has started to look after HIS things, and ours or second or last..Sorry but if you do your on DD, you will see the real Graham

  • http://america'sconservativenews Tony herring


  • William Lucas Harvey Jr.

    So where is apparent Islam, Muslim Pandering Sympathizing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on this “RINO” List, plus Christie IS SOOO Islam Pandering, even more so than Obama, that Christie is on CAIR’s “Best List”, which much of the Mainstream Media seems to ignore.


    • http://facebook.com Charlie Leal

      That ‘Fat-So’ is scary indeed !

    • http://live.com sharon

      I agree, he is no good.

  • Ed

    Interesting question, “Who are the 11 biggest RINOs in the United States Senate?”

    It’s too bad that the overly long, boring, failing-to-inspire article on Lindsay Graham’s life never answered the question.

  • Stanley Head

    Johi Boehner nor Mitch McConnel were mentioned but they are with oboma to put America into socialism. We removed our selves from the king, false prophet and the montary system of Europein 1776. Now the stupid voters would like Americans to become Serfs again. No thanks.

    • http://facebook.com Charlie Leal

      Yep, Rush calls them ‘ Low-Information Voters ‘ .

      I favor ‘Reform’ ; if they can not even know or can
      name the Vice-President of the United States ‘ HOW ‘

      • Flame

        I don’t think people should be allowed to register if they can’t pass a basic civics test. There’s a really great one on line from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, but barely half the citizens of the nation can come close to passing it, and while they don’t give the stats any more, they used to cite that more citizens could pass it than elected officials.

        I’d settle for the test given to immigrants who are studying to be citizens. It requires people to know who major elected officials are now, both state and nation, and other things like what’s the national anthem, what are our founding documents, etc.

    • http://live.com sharon

      They difinity belong on there.

  • benghaziwasmurder

    lindsey needs to be hanged!

  • Richard Stanley

    All as dumb as rocks …..

  • Stephen Lorson

    You left out Pat Roberts of Kansas who will lie like a dog to get re-elected and then do exactly what he promised he would not do. Promised verbally and in writing that he would do EVERYTHING in his power to keep Loretta Lynch from being confirmed. Well, we know what the result was there. We need an old fashioned house/senate cleaning very soon especially the mouse of the house and the sleaze of the senate.

    • Staff

      No, we didn’t leave him out. Unfortunately, there are some who are even more RINO than him.

    • http://facebook.com Charlie Leal

      ‘ When NEED TERM LIMITS ‘ !


      • ItsJo

        Agree with your post. ALL Politicos should have the SAME term as a POTUS….8 yrs. MAX. To further their NOT MARRYING their POSITIONS- it should be a Voluntary Position, to SERVE THE PEOPLE-NOT THEMSELVES. SCOTUS….Same thing- 8 yrs. tops….This is a Political Activist Group, that wants to “change our Constitution-NOT follow it.

      • Flame

        Read the book “The Liberty Amendments” by Mark Levin. He calls for exactly such term limits as well as several additional good amendments that would help restore this country.

    • http://live.com sharon

      Rino’s have a special account to to use for other Rino’s in trouble holding on to their seat. They used it against a Dr. Wolf in Ks. and in a southern state and who knows how many more. Senator Moran even said so on TV. He claimed it wasn’t the Rep. party money. Gussing its a Rino/ Demo pot.

    • http://live.com sharon




    I love New Orleans it has always been the most welcoming town in the USA.Louisiana is one of the great symbols of the melting pot of the USA. Their welcome phrase in French is let the good times roll. Laissez le bon temps roulez. If you want to see proof of American togetherness just ask Bobby Jindal.

    The democrat party morphed from the slavery party to the present day communist party.As a result of their take down of the USA. They have destroyed the Spirit of America and at the last convention they threw God off the party platform. See you tube convention count. They denied God three times. Now they worship false idols. They have balkanized the USA with the great help of Obama bin lenin and comrade George Soros. This party of death is a collection of splinter groups and whether they realize it or not they fit the description of Lenin’s useful idiots. First they took down the ten commandments. Then the rebel flag which is a practice run for the American flag. At the same time the cross is to be taken down and any symbols of the cross. Two symbols come to mind. The shamrock which Saint Patrick used to teach the three parts of the trinity. It is not a four leaf clover. The other symbol of the trinity is the fleur de lis. That is why the communists have laid siege to the flower of the maid of Orleans. St .Joan of Arc.The primary goal of the communist party is to eliminate the three ingredients that Stalin said must be destroyed in order to destroy the USA. Spirituality, morality and religion. today the EPA announced they are calling for an end to fireworks celebrations and outdoor barbecues. It has nothing to do with smoke. It has everything to do with destroying the family and the great Spirit of America. One day any American City with a religious name will have to change it by order of the party de la muerte. No Los Angeles, no San Francisco, no Las Cruces, no San Bernadino, no St. Paul. They have already taken the sacred icon of the Mexican people Our Lady of Guadaloupe and put it on socks and Our Lady is a cat with paws.

    That is more proof that latinos do not belong in the party of death. The communist party led by Obama has no God , No country, No flag and no kids. They murder 1200 white babies, 1100 black babies and 700 latino ninios torn to pieces every day at planned slaughterhood chop shops every day.

    That is why God must go. They think he won’t be able to see the evil they do. There is a story today about an aborted baby who refused to die and was breathing real good . They had to strangle it. THEY SHOULD HAVE MADE THE FATHER DO IT AND TAKE A SELFIE AND SHOW IT ON THE COMMUNIST NETWORKS.



    • http://facebook.com Charlie Leal


      • PLW


      • Mike Laborde

        It is also called evil (sin).

      • groversyck

        @Charlie Leal.
        It is the teabag republican party that is morally bankrupt.
        We the people must fight to see that the DEMOCRATS keep the White House, retake the Senate, and take a big bite out of the republican house majority.

        • Dennis Gurevitz

          Wow Grover, you are a sick puppy, you must enjoy all the pain that Obama has afflicted our nation with. I will pray for you, whether you like me to or not.

          • Duke-Jinx

            Me too !!! …that He falls down and bumps His head !

        • Margie

          Democrats should change their name to the Socialist party. At least people would know what they stand for. Socialism in the U.S. Is that you position? If not, you on the wrong party.

          • jerrycollie

            No, it is worse than socialism. Hillary stands for Islamism. From 0bama on down, the White House is packed with Muslims. Vote Trump!

        • John

          Spoken like a true Communist. Keep the people under the heel of the State, BUT first you have to take their guns.

        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          Charlie Leal, so if the TEA party people want the government to function per the Constitution, and use logical financial management, i.e., not spending more money than you have available, in the twisted mind of a whacked out Liberal that translates to moral bankruptsy? How do you run your personal checking account Charlie? Are you constantly paying a fee for bounced checks?

      • Margie

        So true

    • http://live.com sharon

      very good, you are one of the few who know whats going on.

    • Gary Cooper

      Your right about the demonicrat party.we have 2 major political party’s in our country. The party of stupid( republicans) .& the party of evil(democrats).it used to be we had balance. For the good of the country. With checks & balances.no more.

      • frugalvoter

        Does not have to remain so! No more Clinton, no more Bush,no more career politicians! Term limits for Congress!

        • Margie


        • Douglas W. Rodrigues

          …and stop voting for liar…ahhh lawyer politicians.

        • Charles Bright

          No more Barbara bull Boxer

      • Angl0sax0nknight .

        Not all Republicans are stupid just the RINO! Those that are trying to return us to a Constitutional Republic are rightious!

        • Charles Bright

          other way around. Rino’s are moderate or demo’s in sheep clothing

    • groversyck


      What you describe is when a brown noser becomes a shit head.

      • Charles Bright

        McCains for sure a Rino more every year.

    • cuca primes

      good post!

  • nativesoul

    Put no IN CHIEF! faith in one that follows McCain. McCain, RINO In Chief.

  • http://google jaybird

    We need to start working on getting our country back on track. Here is a start – Freedom Outpost dated 7/13/15 has an article about 4/5 Congressmen putting forth a bill #H.R. 1205 to KICK THE UN OUT of THEIR NY HEADQUARTERS, CANCEL OUR MEMBERSHIP AND STOP SENDING THEM MONEY. They need support and want everyone to call/e-mail their Representative to support bill # H.R. 1205. Please spread the word.

    • http://google jaybird

      What is wrong with my comment???

      • Jim

        Sounds like a great idea to me,should have been done years ago.

      • John

        Not a damn thing as far as I’m concerned.

    • Angee

      That’s the best idea ever! The UN is a network of traitors to America. Most of them are Muslims who are living off of American blood and sweat. Close the Headquarters of demons and deport all of them back to their caves. We’ve had enough of them and the UN. Close It forever!

    • VJ

      The UN actually owns the land and building, not the US. But, by defunding the UN and dropping all support for them, and asking them to move to Europe or lose their Diplomatic visas, it could happen.

      • theseer

        no david rckerfeller long time criminal owns the land and bldg!!!

    • Charles Bright

      Obama care should have never been passed. Shut government down. Wall Street stole our money big time. Bush should have been #1 Rino.

  • http://yahoo Golden Vessel

    We lost our hedge of protection when the ACLU run by G. Soros bullied the schools into removing The Lord’s Prayer from our school system. Mark 10:14 & Matt. 18:18-20. The Christian community sat by and never joined together to fight this monster. Now after the law was passed for the removal of Bibles the the law to allow a mate to get a divorce on grounds they didn’t like each other anymore and then followed the greatest ofense of all to GOD by killing babies while still in their mothers womb! Now we are paying the price silence has bought for this nation. The hearts of the people have grown cold toward our Lord & Savior and no one even reads their Bible anymore while it sits on a shelf egnored. No body made the effort to seek out these people that ran for government office and just tossed a coin and made their votes ! There is a foundation that is changing that now and it is Faith and Freedom Coalition and they have made pamplet with each politions name and how they voted on all the major issues that would keep the USA free and prosperous. Each ones vote is listed and what it was for. GO to – FFCOALITION.COM OR YOU CAN CALL 1-770-622-1501. 2 Peter 3:9. If y ou want to get GOD’s attention start reading the Psalms 23, 25, 27, 35, 37, 51, 91 & 103 out loud every morning before you start your day and if two or more are saying them in agreement the power of GOD will change peoples hearts even whitout them knowing why! GOD bless all that read this and do it!

  • http://facebook.com Charlie Leal

    Here is one Comment about ‘The Iran Nuke Deal’
    which is supposed to have been signed in Vienna
    by Midnite 7-13-2015 : Obama and Kerry are pure
    ‘ Traitors ‘ because they are aiding and abetting the

    One is ‘ the little low-level satan and the other
    Judas Iscariot ! How in the world can they make a deal
    THEM ?

    Just think, this “Beligerent Iran” and
    “Fanatical-Automic-Hostile IRAN’ HAS been ‘Beligerent
    to the USA and to Israel’ even during this negotiations';
    So what make anyone think that they will
    change their Thinking or Behavior after the ‘ Sanctions are
    Lifted….freeing Millions , if not Billion of Dollars….that will
    boast their Economy and Further Fund their Nuclear Missile
    Program(s) .


    • Low Cover

      Good riddance!!!

  • Stephen Fletcher

    I don’t care how much anyone loves these cowardly incumbent Senators and Congress persons and I’m still holding their feet to the fire. (Sound bites don’t get the job done.) A failure to produce an Impeachment Bill is an indictment that proves their allegiance to the Party first. Think about it! Had a Bill (Even failed) been introduced their names are marked. We’re being taken to the cleaners. Call me Trump II.

    • Charles Bright

      I don’t think there is anything we can do. We have already been sold down the river. We could be socialist real soon. The Mill N E ells are fighting to the death for sanders. Trump 1 side Corporate greed vs. Socialist serfs in power freedom as in who’s going to pay for it? Print more money? Don’t look good.

  • Clint Rhodd

    Lindsley Graham, is like big fish he is a flip flopper

    • frugalvoter

      Rhino, belongs to the elite club.

  • http://None Msgt Donald Casillo USAF (ret.)

    When are people going to learn the difference between an Air Force Base and an Air Base. An Air Force Base is on US soil and territories, like Anderson AFB Guam, or Tinker AFB Ok. Not on U.S. soil, Ramstein Air Base Germany, Thule Air Base Greenland.

  • Trish P

    Boehner and McConnell should have definitely made the list–especially because they have the most power in congress. No to all these RHINOS, as well as John McCain. Why were only 11 listed in this article. Should have been at least these 14.

    • Glitch

      Boehner and McConnell definitely should have made the list. Two of the biggest sell outs in the Republican party.

      • CL Carmouche

        We’re actually working on a followup Trish which we’ll probably title the Most Powerful RINOs In Congress specifically because Boehner, McConnell and McCain need to be included.

        • Caulfieldgirl

          Please don’t forget Sen. Blunt from Missouri on the RINO’s list……

    • mspatdev

      McCain is for the demo’s and he gets very upset when the new members do what they want to for the USA. You would think that since he was running for prez from the GOP party that he would support his GOP senators. That would be always. I have seen him get very angry at some one that wasn’t doing what he wanted the person to do. That person was doing what his state wanted. He should have lost his job in the last election, but no obama wanted him to run. Yes boehner and mcconnell, are part of the problems in Congress. With them being leaders, it is not going to well. pelosi and h.reid are on their butts and telling them what to do. The old people need to leave and take 1/100th of their retirement with them. I don’t care if all of them are good people in their churches, but God is very unhappy with them trying to destroy the USA with obma.

  • Jim

    The fox is in the hen house.Obama is a communist and a Muslin intent on distroying America. He say’s it in his book,Dreams of my Father.

    • Margie

      Everyone should read it and see the movie 2016.

  • Jerry

    Orrin Hatch? John McCain? Richard Lugar?

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  • B Karen August

    Five gallon bucket of warm tar and lots of Tyson chicken feathers? 😉

    • Sonny Vargas

      Why warm, they must not forget that loving fuzzy burning feeling!!!!!!!

  • SofiesVoice

    What about McCain…the most stupid RINO who licks Obamination’s and…..Orrin Hatch, Boehner, McConnell????? Why don’t these RINOS put a big D after their names and stop causing so much damage to the Republican party. Trump is so right with his various comments….more power to Trump.

    • frugalvoter

      Agreed, only I don’t think Trump is to be trusted. His history is to ride what ever wave gets him the most! He truly has gained at others expense through his bankruptcies. He was born rich and has managed not to fool it away. Very clever. Not necessarily principled. Theatrical but let us hear more. His history shows a lot of time, money,& social associations with the Clintons and other promoters of
      the Marxist model.

      • Mary

        frugalvoter….I think you are totally wrong, Trump is a very smart man and stays on top of everything, is very illmaculate in what he does, and like everything done to perfection. He does not get credit for all the good things he has done and has built empowers and how many people have done that, the million dollars he borrowed from his father does not mean he was born into a rich family but he has had some good teachings, so instead of criticising him give him some credit and give him a chance to prove his ability. After what we have come through with Obama, be thankful a good person has arrived in time to save us and America, Trump all the way 2016.

        • johnob1

          ‘Mary,’ One would think that those who are critical of a person are related to such person or persons and knows them intimately when in reality they know absolutely nothing about the person or persons they criticize.

          And it makes me wonder if ‘frugalvoter’ is secretly married to Donald J. Trump and rides on his back to watch every step Donald J. Trump takes?

          I communicated with Donald J. Trump the minute he announced his candidacy for the U.S. Presidency to warn him about the enemies in both parties, and the news medias that were going to attack him. I sent him a courtesy copy of the Democrat’s “Communist Rule for Revolutionj” playbook in which item 3. were going to be used heavily against him.

          I also told him not to take crap from anyone, and to beware of those in the news medias that practice out-shouting their opponents in order to silence them.

          As you may have witnessed during the news conference, Donald J. Trump didn’t take crap from anyone, and he out-shouted the communist controlled news media reporters instead of the other way around.

          Ladies and gentlemen; I give you our next President of these United States of America…. The Honorable Donald J. Trump!

          USAF (RET)

        • NotJim


          Not a word. (I’ve no idea what you mean.)

      • BruceW

        So one must assume by your screen name you voted before. Maybe even in one of the last presidential races. Who did you vote for in 2008? Who did you vote for in 2012? Both contests were an election of two bad candidates for president. Or worse and worser. Trump is head and shoulders above any candidate who ran in the last two presidential elections. But folks like you love to wallow in the media generated diversion BS. Why?
        Get use to the fact that you will have tw0 candidates to vote for in November. Try to get over all the stuff you like to wallow in and take a good hard look at which candidate is best for America. Not best for the party, or your personal project or agenda but best for America. Then get off your couch and go vote.

    • Ed

      mccain is a peace of garbage, much like harry reid—-suckling off the same political tit—which is the tax-payers of this once great Country.

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  • groversyck

    We the people need all of the RINOs we can get. We must stop the insanity of the teabag republicans.


    YOU forgot Don Young (AK) RINO!

  • Kim Bruce

    Yes, what about John McCain? And how about the House Leader Mitch McConnell? He’s about the biggest RINO I’ve ever seen.

  • DukeDiesel

    If they listed all the RINOS in the Republican Party there would be no Republican Party, minus two or three I can think of.

  • Joe

    I counted 12 and if you count McCain that would be thirteen traitors who’s loyalty to either the Republican or Conservative parties averaged 31 percent, with the remainder voting for sleazy left wing bills etc. Mostly supporting ovomit on various issues like; Tax dollars for abortions, support of LGBT, support of obamacare, support amnesty, and voted for FTT (Fast Track Trade ) for obuma and hoped we would not find out.

  • Carol

    McCains LOUD Mouthed daughter !!!!!!! ….. said that she didn’t want to marry… until her dad’s friend, Lindsey Graham, could be married; a homosexual…. CAN!!…. That was when they were riding around on the McCain bus, when he ran THE LAST….. TIME!……… (again!) for President.

  • Carol

    WHY can’t these people …… be held to the HIGH standard !! ….and IMPEACHED??????????????????

  • Michael Mayben

    These 10 Republican and 1 Tea Party House of Representatives “Rhinos” must be placed on the “DO NOT RE-ELECT” hit list!

  • metheoldsarge

    The ones that were in office in 2012 voted Yes on NDAA. That’s the one that runs the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments along with Posse Commutates in the shredder. They handed dictatorial powers to the President on a sliver platter. There were 220 other RINOs that voted for it.

  • Seldena

    Peter King, McCain, Graham and so many others are the old Rhinos!! Establishment cannot get with the Conservatives–WHY? This is such a shame…

    • Florio Vino

      Retire the pitiful. useless Bums!

  • Mike Warren

    Hunt all of them down, including past presidents and lobbyists, supporters, lawyers, judges, and hang them all. Fight back America!!!

  • Henrietta

    RINOS are like cops on the take.

  • Ed

    They are the biggest RINOS—they forget to include Pete King from NY in the list—-gum flapping RINO only when it benefits his-self !—Pathetic at the best.

  • Ed

    The only conservatives that can be counted on to be real conservatives are a handful of newly elected Repubs over the past ten years; certainly not the career politicians !

  • notalib

    McCain and Graham seems to be the mentors of many. They should be the first to go. They are not the mentors needed for new arrivals. In fact, they should be gone from the position of influencing policy. The two RINO’s need to be gone. Mainly because of their influence–and their RINO positions.

  • wapitihunter

    He looks like a fag.

  • donl

    And we are supporting these multi millionaires.

  • scott

    they all must be elliminated.every rhino and liberal turd in congress must be taken out.america will only survive with conservatives.the ones who founded america and gave these scumbags their freedom to be scumbags

  • Angl0sax0nknight .

    you got to wonder about Linsey Graham single in late 50’s early 60’s. See around john mccain quite OFTEN! You know this sissy is flaming it up!

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  • http://www.pattisponies.com Patti King

    Where is McCain?????????? he is one of the worst?

  • Lorraine E

    What about Mitch McConnelll, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, John McCain? Why don’t they just admit that they are liberal democrats and move over to the democratic party? I know why – control needed to shut down conservatives and money – lots of money donated to the gopRINO party which they collect for themselves.

  • crazyfreddie


  • Juanita Elrod Reed


  • disqus_r56iJBG4H7

    Did you leave McCain off because you took his advertising?

  • Elmo Fudginputz

    And the RINOs selected Grahm because he’s a closet queer, just like Marco Rubio, GW Bush, GHW Bush and a small host of other RINOs, probably a majority of them. A sick, depraved group of demoniac sociopaths just like the leadership in the Democratic Party.

  • shank_black

    TRUMP 2016

  • flicker66

    Graham is a fool, McCain like Mc Connell are old trough swillers . Time to clean house and replace these pieces of dead wood with honorable republicans.

  • eganstew3

    I am ashamed to say, I supported McCain when he first ran for office. I can not vote for him, but I have prayed for years that God would remove the mistake I made. How is it that these people keep getting reelected?

  • Dennis McLain

    They all need to be fired as traitors to the people of this country and to their party. They are disgusting! Why didn’t they try to run on the democrat ticket where their true values lie instead of the Republican party? What a bunch of Benedict Arnolds they are! They will be remembered as shameful morons of the Republican Party!

  • PPTA

    Lindsay Graham attended the Bilderberg Group meeting of the elite 0of the elite rich. The Globalist group that want a one world government. He , like all RINO’S are Traitors the American People.