11 Biggest House RINOs – #11 Mario Diaz-Balart




Heritage Ranking: 36%
American Conservative Union Ranking: 44%
Conservative Review Ranking: 32%

Key Votes:

Diaz-Balart is a strong advocate of the Cuban Embargo but, like many politicians, he is moving further to the left with each passing year in office. His lifetime American Conservative Union rating is slightly below 70%, bolstered by his voting record during his early years in Congress, but he has dropped down to a paltry 44% rating for 2014. In spite of his former membership in the Republican Study Committee, Diaz-Balart has voted against the Republican Study Committee blueprint for a balanced budget, the Hice Amendment, which sought to prohibit federal employees from being compensated by the federal government while performing union activities. He voted against blocking funding to the Department of Homeland Security to prevent implementation of Barack Obama’s Executive Amnesty Decree and the Hudson Amendment to bring the Department of Energy back to 2008 spending levels. Diaz-Balart is also a ranking member of the Main Street Caucus a left-wing group within the Republican Party that seeks to elevate the status of RINOs in the House and the Senate.

Mario Diaz-Balart: Brief Biography

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart has been representing his Miami-Dade County area district in Florida since 2003. He is a “moderate” and has been re-elected easily every two years.

Diaz-Balart has an impressive political pedigree. His father, Rafael Diaz-Balart, was a politician in Cuba. His aunt, Marta Diaz-Balart was the first wife of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro; and his brother, Lincoln Diaz-Balart was also a Congressman from Florida, serving from 1993 to 2011.

Diaz-Balart was born in 1961 In Fort Lauderdale. A graduate of the University of South Florida, he majored in political science. Originally a Democrat, he switched parties while an aide to Miami mayor Xavier Suarez, his first political job. His first try at political office was in 1988 when he successfully ran for the Florida House. He then was elected to the State Senate in 1992, and in 2000 he won election back to the House.

Diaz-Balart first campaigned for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002, and won handily, garnering 64% of the vote in his 25th district. In 2004, he ran unopposed, and in 2006 won by 58%. He won a closer race (53%) in 2008 when he ran against Joe Garcia, former Chairman of the Miami-Dade County Democratic Party and the Director of the Cuban-American National Foundation.

He won another unopposed race in 2010 when he ran for his brother’s old seat in the 21st District, which is considered the most Republican in the state. Twice again, in 2012 and 2014, he ran unopposed in the renumbered 25th District.

In Congress he serves on the Appropriations Committee and is vice chairman of the subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government. He also is a member of the subcommittee of State, Foreign Operations and Related Services and the subcommittee on Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies.

He is a founding member and chairman of the Republican Congressional Hispanic Conference, and was an advocate for continuing the embargo on Cuba, and, in spite of his voting record, he was a member of the conservative Republican Study Committee during his first two terms in Congress.

He is also a founding member of the Washington Waste Watchers, the Congressional Cuba Democracy Caucus, and he is the assistant whip of the left-wing Main Street Caucus.

Diaz-Balart resides in Miami with his wife, Tia.

These rankings were compiled and primarily based upon the Senate rankings from Heritage Action (the 501c4 arm of the Heritage Foundation) Scorecard and secondarily using rankings from the American Conservative Union and Conservative Review Scorecards.  We encourage you to visit those sites for more detailed information.


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  • Robert Graves

    Keep your eye on this guy and let me know if he needs to be replaced come 2016

    • marlene

      Oh, he most certainly needs to be replaced – count on it. And DO IT.

  • http://aol MalcolmX

    dirty word of the century;”PROGRESSIVES”.

    • Conservative

      Progressive would have no power without POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and as long as politicians, normal people and the Courts bend to this intimidation we are doomed.

    • Alvin Sedig

      Progressivism the facelift of Communism…

    • mspatdev

      hillary calls herself ”PROGRESSIVES”. She told the world and the USA during the last democrate debate.

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        The term “Progressives” was coined by Communists in the 1920’s because it sounded less threatening than using the correct term Communists. The Progressives in Congress today are Communist inspired. During the 1950’s when McCarthy was on his Communist investigation rampage, the American Communist Party temporarily changed their name to the “Progressive Party” to not be so obvious to the American Public. Interesting that the Communists in Congress did the same thing.

  • http://Yahoo.com Hobart Teague

    If you search the national progressives political party you will find it is a communist party. If you go back in history the progressive party was formed by Theodora Roosevelt when he became disappointed by Taft’s conservative polices. I am not going to give all the details, but at the convention of the new progressive party they decided that a third party couldn’t wen. So the leaders of this party had an idea of how they could get control without running in the party they split and part of them ran for representatives as a Republican and the others ran as Democrats. So it looks like we have a one party system since 1913 when Woodrow Wilson was elected President.

    • Theresa

      Sounds like divide & conquer tactics to me! That is soooo Communist!

    • 13gatorgrowl

      Thank you! Just wanted to say I knew this when I was 13 years old. I am now retired. I have NEVER voted without knowing what was on the table. I was on a debate team AGAINST Foreign Aid when I was in the 5th grade. Today many adults do not know anything about the issues or the people who have done the American People injustices at EVERY turn!
      PROBLEM is : TOO many have always voted without thinking or knowing what is going on. Look where it has gotten us. Too many vote or act according to the “feelings”! Too many vote because “That is the way their parents voted”! LOOK how WRONG the all have been! FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt WERE MARRIED COUSINS–inbreeding!

  • http://aol Howard

    These names and their records should be posted by the people in their home districts along with their voting records! Maybe they can be replaced with real congressmen and women? The day of career politician is over in America! We need to take a new look at their outrageous benefits.

  • Anna

    And they’re moving more left.

  • Gloria Colella

    Most people vote by party or a familiar name. There are two sites where you can grade a representative: http://gradegov.com and http://votesmart.org/candidate. After reading all the latest on what is going on in the Government, I pick out one politician a day and grade them. If they are working for big business I give them an F grade and explain why. If all of us did this we could have every one in office graded. I voted by mail, the only way to vote. It comes a month early and gives you time to research each candidate to see who they work for. If they were working for big business now, they will continue after they get back into office. Most of these politicians are funded by the Koch Brothers, or George Soros, stay away from these politicians because once a liar always a liar. 2016 will be the most important election in the United States history and if we want to get our country back we have to vote intelligently not by who speaks the best or looks the best, but who will work for the people and right now there are very few who are. Please research before you vote. Our freedom depends on it.

    • Theresa

      Point well taken!

    • mspatdev

      I agree with what you have said. george soros is supporting the dictator in the w/h. They came from the same area.

      • Concerned parent

        Obama is a Soros puppet

        • donl

          Read on another site Soros and Gore are behind the Climate Change “scandal”. Now ole’ Georgie boy has bought two coal mining companies.

        • sherri palmer

          speaking of puppet…Obama has a deal with Biden, Obama will support Biden if Biden will only stay in office 1 term, Biden must use Obama’s administration and Obama will pick Biden’s VP….then Obama will support the VP to get the presidency…just letting you know …I tried to put the link here but it will not let me

          • mspatdev

            That is so very true, but it was supposed to go to hillary. With all of the email problems and everything, then obama decided to go with biden. Biden didn’t want the job and I am so glad that he didn’t want it. biden had the media out to tell them “NO” and obama was very upset about it. You could tell by the way he stood and his look. Hallaujah, Hallalujah.

    • kid721952

      I vote for the man or woman I believe can do the job for America,if I had it my way there would be “no parties”,no democrats,no republicans,JUST VOTE

      • crazyfreddie


  • SammysDad

    Not really a shocker. 3 of these rinos are from FL, 3 from NY, 1 from OR, 1 from CA, 1 from IL, 1 from PA, and 1 from OH. So what did you expect?

  • mjmaf

    Illinois’ Durban himself (form letter in response to ending the ancient agency – the IRS) tried to say the reason this country is losing money – is: too many tax write-offs and tax deductions! Really? I am not a wide and imperious politician (Thank God!!) but what about the over-expansion in government (in the last 6 years), including a new department to combat “right wing extremism” – really? Then the theft from the private sector of OUR health care dollars to the financial debacle known as “Obamacare”, with all those computer failures and taking money from those who have worked so hard for it and giving money to those who do not work at all!! Then there is $20 trillion PLUS in Debt (caused by socialist-Marxist Dems AND R.I.N.Os in office) from spending money on “fast and furious”, Obama’s endless golfing and all the pollution causing jet fuel spent on hitting a little white ball and all the extravagant vacays at really top-notch locations, often times with Mrs. Obamascare flying behind in a second full size air polluting jet all the while El Prezidente is single-handedly wiping out our coal industry and refusing the Keystone Pipeline with our neighboring allies in Canada ! Then there is the weapons-for-terrorists funneled through Benghazi, with both Hillary and Obama going to Herculean lengths to cover it all up while those serving U.S. interests are allowed to be murdered in cold blood, by those to whom the weapons were sent! Lest we also forget all the mass of illegals and terrorists, flowing like a large fast river across the borders for “free” jobs and government handouts and a reservation at OUR BALLOT BOXES – a little Cloward-Piven overload the system in progress! Then there is Dept. of Homeland Security, which has nothing to do with security for American Citizens, who are often searched the most at airports, while those in terrorist robes are ushered through with all their multiple-“wife” terrorist baby breeders in tow. And how safe do we all feel when people going out for a mass run in celebration of all that is running gets their legs and other body parts blown off while “Homeland Security” looks on – in Beantown? One last point, as there are many more that you can all make: Why are we spending money (oops forgot – Obama, not “we”) on mass troop exercises, very close to civilian populations, right here in the U.S., with the military, who is supposed to ensure OUR security and practicing martial law movements? It is not the American people, nor “evil right wingers” (who have chopped off Zero Heads, compared to those of the “peaceful religion”) who are the danger to America – It is Obama who is the clear and present danger to all Freedom Loving Americans! It seems, these days as we, in this once great country, are living in a genuine “American Leadership” vacuum. Where is the “fresh air” that we need to breath free of all this evil?

    • Theresa

      Amen!!!! Could not have said it any better!!!

    • mspatdev

      Amen, Amen

  • Clint Rhodd

    America dont need another Rino in the White House

    • http://www.comcast.net/ Rick

      Or another homie.

  • Huskerfan44

    Excellent candidates for pictures on rolls of toilet paper.

    • http://www.comcast.net/ Rick

      Hilly is already there; $4.95 a roll.

  • Dennis B Anderson

    Im fed up with these dead beat illegals & Cubans spouting what we need to do for there race. We dont have to do a damn thing. How about reparations give back the 3 billion plus Castro stole January 1, 1959 when Castro ran Batista out of power. We dont want anymore of your greasy Cuban criminal element coming here no matter what this fake stick with ears president has to say about it. Matter of fact if the truth were really known 98% of the american public would like to give Obama and his muslim radical administration a guillotine neck party. If Castro would have had his way he would have had a Hotel in Orlando and called it Castroville. He was thinking big mouth Cruchev would drop one of the nukes he had pointed at us. Without your knowing Oblowme was talking to Raul Castro at Mandellas funeral with a gaurantee Oblowme was going to issue 30,000 no lets make it 35,000 green cards for the scum Castro wanted to run out of the country. Why is it Obama rewards these freaks for there worst behavior?? Isnt it nice that the press can pull – hide- stall world class headline storys from its public?? Why isnt the Clintons & the Obamas behind bars. Hey what Nixon did pales in comparison to these people. Illegals can get up on a panel and spout what they think we should do!! Well I dont have to take that who said you get a voice in this in the first place. Ive got news for you dead beats when Obama is gone so soon will you be. Go home before you get caught up in the rush.
    I wont say Vios con Dios either go loose yourselves.

  • Clint Rhodd

    Elect but don’t Re-Elect Vote out the career politicians and corrupt politicins, Wyoming has 3 Rino’s and the Governor is a Rino

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    WOW!!! This group has faces only a Democrat Socialist could love. It’s amazing how you seem to get nearly the same feeling as seeing pictures of Reid and Pelosi!!!

  • mspatdev

    He is still a demo and acts like a GOP. I hope he looses. We don’t need anymore Cubans in the USA as they are for the demo’s. Well, obama gave the Cuban government everything, including Gitmo. What did we get NOTHING AS ALWAYS. Why doesn’t the terrorist in the w/h do something good for the USA. He is supposed to represent us and not the muslims, cubans and the world.

  • mogul264

    not!) but with OUR money!

  • real talk 1

    It’s time the GOP under stand the people behind Trump are not your usual every day yokels we stand behind trump because we could stand behind them they have lied for so long we have just had enough, If you the GOP so call leaders don’t straighten up they are out of work just a matter of time the washington so call senators from arizona had better change their ways no more business as usual !!

  • Conservative

    What does all this mean that we should not already know? What a candidate says when they campaigning are simply words that ‘tickles one ear’ but it’s all blabbering and they know it. We now need to ‘know it’ for what it really is. The candidates want a job, they need a job. They have the ‘gift of gab’ and they have others ‘managing’ them, orchestrating their every move and word. The brightest, most competent, most patriotic are not running for Congress they don’t need those jobs where all they have to do is ‘obey’. Obey the ‘leader’. They don’t bother to read the Bills they must vote on. They are all beholden to the lobbyists and donors who got them into office to do their bidding and that is where their loyalty lies. Face it. This is a very corrupt game and we, the average person, is not being represented.

  • http://www.dauntlessposst.com DouglasDauntless

    It’s all about money. We have the best Senators and Congressmen that money can buy. A famous guy said that back in the 30’s

  • metheoldsarge

    Only eleven? Multiply that by 20 and it would be more accurate.

  • metheoldsarge

    In 2012 Balart voted yes on NDAA. That is the one that ran the First, Fourth, Fifth Amendments in the shredder. A RINO.

  • sherri palmer

    this is the reason to not let any of them in our politics or to vote, because this will definitely happen…and Watch out for Obama, he is working on executive gun control…

  • kid721952

    Mccarthy is DEFINITELY A RHINO and should never be given the speakers seat in the house,he just DEFENDED hillary and her email scandal,she broke the law having a personal server NOT PROTECTED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,the corrupt emails are a PLUS as far as charges,her aids had access to the server neither were vetted and allowed by the government,those aids could have passed on “TOP SECRET” information or given the key to hacking the server,mccarthy stood up for hillary which makes him a RHINO SUPPORTING A DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE

  • Fred_K

    Another reason for term limits.

  • Dick-Judy Rosenburg

    they should all be put behind bars,for treason ,or just plain stupidy.

  • crazyfreddie


  • Johnny Sins

    So sad 3 of these RINOs live in my surrounding districts. :(