11 Biggest House RINOs – #10 John Katko




Heritage Ranking: 32%
American Conservative Union Ranking: (Freshman: No Ranking Available)
Conservative Review Ranking: 33%

Key Votes:

Katko is freshman who is quickly distinguishing himself as a rising RINO star. He voted against the full repeal of ObamaCare and measures to curtail Barack Obama’s Executive Amnesty Decree. He also voted against the Hice Amendment, which sought to prohibit federal employees for being compensated by the federal government while performing union activities, the Hudson Amendment, which sought to bring Department of Energy spending back to 2008 levels; and his record on Amnesty has been sketchy, to say the least.

John Katko: Brief Biography

John Michael Katko was born in Syracuse, New York, on November 9, 1962. He currently serves as a United States Congressman in the House of Representatives, representing New York’s 24th district. He began his service on January 3, 2015 after winning election against incumbent Dan Maffei on November 4, 2014. As a politician, he aligns himself with the Republican Party and openly considers himself a “moderate Republican.”

Katko was formally educated at Niagara University where he earned his undergraduate degree followed by law school at Syracuse University College of Law. After graduating law school and passing the Bar Exam, he began working for a renowned law firm in Washington, D.C., before taking a position as Counsel for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the enforcement division. In 1994, he was appointed as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Eastern District in Virginia within the United States Department of Justice. A few years later, he was relocated to D.C. to serve as a US Attorney in the Criminal Division, Narcotic & Dangerous Drug Section.

In 1998, he requested a transfer back to Syracuse where he served in several high-level positions within the DOJ’s drug enforcement section of New York’s Northern Division. Prior to retiring in January to serve as a newly elected Congressman, Katko received numerous accolades and awards based on his service and successful prosecution of several high-profile cases plus his involvement in special programs such as Weed and Seed in the Northern Region.

Katko serves on two key committees, Homeland Security and Transportation and Infrastructure. He has sponsored or co-sponsored numerous pieces of legislation, including the TSA PreCheck Expansion Act, the Heroin and Prescription Opioid Abuse Prevention Act, Education and Enforcement Act of 2015, the Medicare Audit Improvement Act of 2015 and the Border Security Technology Accountability Act of 2015.

Katko is married to wife Robin who works as a registered nurse. They currently live in Camillus, New York where they have been busy raising three sons, Sean, Liam & Logan. They are members of the Roman Catholic Church and they frequently attend mass at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. Katko’s favorite past-times include coaching Youth League soccer, hunting, fishing and philanthropy.

These rankings were compiled and primarily based upon the Senate rankings from Heritage Action (the 501c4 arm of the Heritage Foundation) Scorecard and secondarily using rankings from the American Conservative Union and Conservative Review Scorecards.  We encourage you to visit those sites for more detailed information.


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  • Monica Krazz

    The facts are very serious for the progression of America & with a republican majority in The House it is a shame they don’t realize the future of our country IS IN THEIR HANDS NOW! What is happening isn’t in a history book, therefore their thoughts need to unite & stop the destruction of America. It’s easy to be right during these days of internet technology & they aren’t doing the right thing for us, The American Public.
    Please use your senses politicians. Senses are important, just as logic is & it’s FREE. Do yourselves & The American Public a favor – Be Right, Do Good, Stay Safe & Pay Attention, It;s Always Worth It…

  • groversyck

    He is first an American. He is voting FOR America, not in lock step with the insanity of the teabag republicans.

    • Fred_K

      The fact that you are into name calling, I can tell you are a low information voter, who does not understand what America is designed to be.

  • https://www.pinterest.com/libertyman62/ Chris G

    So RINO Katko is a Drug Warrior…why am I not surprised? Have you no respect for the 9th & 10th Amendments, sir?

  • Myron Jones

    Thank you Curt Schilling; Thank you Pamela Geller;My dear friends it’s MUCH worse NOW! the nazis of germany may NOT have had access to the truth of the evil that’s so prevalent TODAY The American head isn’t in the sand it’s in the toilet.MY congressman ran on a ‘pro-life ticket … when it comes to planned butcherhood ; islamo nazism and ‘gay’ tyranny, all you hear from HIM is SILENCE

  • flicker66

    He is not loyal to the Republican agenda but appears to support “anything Obama” he is a dangerous person to the party who should be watched carefully

  • Zewdie Teruneh

    It is funny all of them are rich and well doing.How do they know how we the midle clss voter are feeeling ?