10 Tea Party Senate Candidates Who Moved Left – Thom Tillis



Thom Tillis may not have embraced the Tea Party, but the Tea Party Express certainly embraced him with the following endorsement: “Thom Tillis is a strong, conservative alternative… In North Carolina the choice is clear. We encourage every conservative to unite behind Thom Tillis.”

Although he has only been in the United Senate for under a year, he has wasted no time in moving to the left and allying himself with the Washington Cartel. Presently, Conservative Review gives Tillis a rating of 40% and Heritage Action for America gives Tillis an abysmal 59% conservative rating based, in part, on his votes to extend certain benefits to “same-sex marriage” couples, his support of No Child Left Behind legislation, his confirmation of radical leftist Loretta Lynch to be Barack Obama’s Attorney General and his left of center votes on a number of other issues.


Thomas Roland ‘Thom’ Tillis was born August 30, 1960 in Jacksonville, Florida to Margie and Thomas Raymond Tillis. Tillis’ family moved often and he spent part of his adolescence in New Orleans, Louisiana and Nashville, Tennessee. Upon high school graduation Tillis entered the workforce, but would return to school attending the University of Maryland where he earned his bachelor’s degree in technology management in 1996.

Tillis worked for PriceWaterhouse. Upon moving to Cornelius, North Carolina in 1998 Tillis began his political career. He sat on the town’s park board and ran for town commissioner in 2003. In 2006 Tillis ran for the General Assembly and defeated incumbent John W. Rhodes in the Republican primary. Tillis was elected without opposition that year and in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

In 2010 Tillis served as campaign chairman for the House Republican Caucus. He was elected Speaker of the House on January, 26, 2011. Governing magazine name Tillis as one of the “GOP Legislators to Watch,” in May 2011 based on his leadership, ambition and potential in politics. In January 2013 the Republican Caucus unanimously re-elected Tillis as Speaker of the House. While overseen by Tillis the state house restructured the tax code. This restructuring included a limit on the gas tax, a decrease of personal and business income tax and removal of the estate tax.

In 2014 Tillis ran for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Kay Hagan. His primary bid received endorsements from Florida Governor Jeb Bush, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory, previous presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. During his campaign Tillis debated in several events with other Republican candidates. Tillis won the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate on May 6, 2014 and went on to win the Senate race on November, 4, 2014.


  • lareyna

    Yeah, he did move leftward, with his hypocritical, coward self.

  • stanleyhead

    Now that you know;pick someone and vote.

  • SaneZidane

    Mealy Mouth Mitch McConnell evidently has him in his back pocket by playing hardball with the newly elected senators, It’s a shame a man of Tillis’s potential has to be stiffiled by rogue leader.

  • Danmo43

    Oh my goodness, what a surprise! NOT!!!!
    The Tea Party was hijacked from the start. All you had to do was look at who was “suddenly on board” with it.
    If anyone even had an inkling of a thought it would make a difference, they sure are having a rude awakening now.
    That is why I still say to this day, COMPLETELY overturn EVERYONE in D.C. NOW! The fact that NOT ONE in D.C. is proposing to overturn any of the free trade agreements, or introducing legislation to repeal any of the old BS crap (read EPA) should tell you NONE of them are there for We The People. Not a single one of them.
    It’s ALL entertainment, People!

    • RiverMikeRat

      I would agree with you on the “Free Trade” agreements, but the EPA? We The People WANT and NEED clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. The EPA is at least trying to ensure we have those, when obstructionist GOP politicians that are in the pockets of the businesses poisoning us don’t block them.

      • Danmo43

        The EPA is a communistic micro-management organization who is accountable to no one. You want to set in place one that is accountable to We The People, then I am all for it. The EPA has destroyed a lot more than it has come close to saving.
        And grow up and wake up. There is no republican/democrat. They are ALL the same.

        • RiverMikeRat

          Do you realize how stupid this comment shows you are?

          In communism, everyone is accountable to everyone else. There is no such thing as micro-management, it’s all macro.

          The EPA is accountable to the elected officials we put in place, thus they are accountable to us. That’s why they post everything they plan to do on their website months in advance to allow WE THE PEOPLE the chance to comment on it. And then they make decisions based upon the numbers of comments they receive. That’s how accountability works. You listen to everyone, not just the rabid idiots such as yourself.

          Please, I’d love to know: What EXACTLY has the EPA destroyed? I’m sure your handlers here or at Faux or the GOP headquarters have given you some direction as to what to say when someone asks this question since they’ve told you to say it. So, enlighten us, or at least me, what do your handlers/bosses say the EPA has destroyed?

          • Danmo43

            If you are in fact this blind and stupid, you are not worth another second of my time.

          • RiverMikeRat

            So in other words, you have no clue. You can’t come up with a single thing the EPA has destroyed except the ability of businesses big and small to poison us on a daily basis with their effluent. That’s exactly what I thought.

            As for my communism comment: I’ve actually read Marx and Engels, so I know exactly what communism is all about. Can you say the same thing?

            Didn’t think so.

            So, now who’s time was wasted? Definitely not yours because you got an education.

          • Round House Zulu

            Again, how about states rights?

          • RiverMikeRat

            See my reply above. ↑↑

          • Round House Zulu

            What has the EPA destroyed? That is a no brainer, you might try States rights for starters, not to mention invasion of one’s personal freedom which will soon invade freedom of movement.

          • RiverMikeRat

            Which State’s rights? Air and water are not state-specific. It might come as a surprise to you, but they cross state lines. That makes it federal.

        • Round House Zulu

          You hit that nail squarely on the head. Thanks!

      • Round House Zulu

        That, like all such issues is not a federal issue and should be covered as a state issue. Read the 10th Amendment and understand that Centralized government, which you obviously support, for lack of education of course, causes the U.S. government to be an illegal government as per the Constitution of the United States, the Supreme Law of the land, the standard by which all laws are to be weighed against before being allowed to become law, either in each of the Nation States or the de facto federal government. I doubt that you are even aware of the meaning of “Nation State”. Want the atmosphere cleaned up? Go talk to China and several other nations, like many in the European Countries. Stop giving up your, and my freedom for federal control and talking points of cleaning up the environment and other issues for the surrendering or our freedom for a little bit of peace.

        • RiverMikeRat

          China? You mean the country that is closing coal-fired power plants left and right and opening solar farms, wind farms, and hydro plants? The one that recently completed the world’s largest hydro power plant? That one?

          If the EPA were so illegal, don’t you think that SCOTUS would have ruled it unconstitutional decades ago during one of the numerous attacks that conservatives and their corporate paymasters have brought against it?

          I would hazard a guess that you’re not exactly a Constitutional scholar, correct? Neither am I. However, I learned, in my many civics and government classes in private institutions, not public ones, that the 10th isn’t as far-reaching as many of you want to think it is. Congress legally created the EPA through legislation. As a US citizen (I presume you are….) you have the absolute right to challenge the legality of the existence of the EPA. Were you aware of that?

  • Michael Mayben

    Are their any newly elected Tea Party Congressional Members who are trustworthy? It appears these “Rhinos” elected to occupy conservative seats in Congress duped their constitutes. If those who voted for them aren’t angry for being duped they should be. The best way to repay these liars is to un-seat them in the next election for betraying them.



    • RiverMikeRat

      No seat is “conservative” or “liberal.” It’s just there. It’s the person occupying it that is either “conservative” or “liberal.”

      So far, the people on this list are so hard right it’s sickening. I’m waiting for that first person mentioned on this list to actually have moved “left.” I’ll probably die waiting too.

  • Mitchina

    It’s all a game of thrones at that level. No self respecting conservative person will offer themselves up for slaughter as a political leader anymore. Much of the help comes from so called conservative media who are also just a playing piece on the board. A Revolution is the only thing that will save our Republic at this juncture.

    • Jacobite2

      You are correct. But the difference is that in 1775, almost 100% of Colonial citizens were NW Europeans. These were the Patriots, who revolted against King George for the sake of themselves and their “posterity”. Obviously, non-Europeans cannot be the posterity of Europeans. Today, only 2/3 of US citizens are ‘Americans’ in the sense of being the Patriots’ posterity. They constitute a racial fifth-column that can/will sabotage any Second American Revolution. Do today’s Americans have the cojones to treat current non-Americans as the Patriots treated Tories? I wouldn’t bet the ranch on it.

  • fhamilton

    Thom Tillis was NEVER EVER a Tea Party Candidate. He was a RINO from the start. He didn’t move left. He started out left and stayed there.

    • RiverMikeRat

      IF he moved left he did so from so far to the right that he was in outer space.

  • autrypma

    Why…Was it money, or was it more money. This makes me ill !!!!!!!!!! These guys and gals were trusted and that trust totally betrayed. I would make sure they did not ever get re-elected…Will have to clean up their acts if Trump or some other strong candidate gets in….looking forward to that time…

  • Linda Lee

    News Flash, there are quite a few who have run as conservatives who are nothing but rotten fakes. Run as a conservative, easy to do, then do as you please.

  • flicker66

    He acts like a lying democrat . That didn’t take long. He could be voted out of office sooner than later

  • Betty Rader

    Just watch Tillis move right in with all the RHINOS; He is right at home exactly where he was in the North Carolina legislator. Sadly; for us he will be a “so called” senator for another 5 years!

    • Raguel A’septem

      Yep, we could have had a REAL conservative in Greg Brannon but no… the “establishment” said the only one that could beat Hagan was Tillis. A used pizza box could have beat Hagan but no, we had that RINO Tillis shoved down our throats and now look what we got. I will no longer vote for the “lesser of two evils” anymore… next election I vote my conscious… Libertarian!

      • RiverMikeRat

        So, you’re admitting that you never thought for yourself before. That’s a step in the right direction.

        • Raguel A’septem

          What? No buddy, I voted for Brannon in the primary then voted AGAINST Hagan (voted for Haugh) in the general. When given the choice between a shit burrito and a shit salad… your only real choice is shit! Well, I voted for something other than shit… cost Tillis a vote but at least it was my conscious. How brave were YOU in your vote? Democracy in ameriKa! Maybe YOU should admit this 2-party bullshit is WRONG.

          • RiverMikeRat

            I’ve been saying that the 2-party system is bullshit since I cast my first vote in 1984.

            I kinda like the way Indian politics works: Politicians get together and form parties based upon agreements on their stances on the issues. Any disagreements gets them shunted out of the party so they can create their own. And ALL parties are viable. Brazil has multiple parties as well. Granted, only 3 or 4 of them garner any decent amount of votes.

            The last 3 elections I voted across party lines. If what the candidate SAID they stood for was something I agreed in, I voted for them. If not, I laughed at them. I voted for Ross Perot when he ran. I also voted for Ralph Nader once, because his stance on the issues that were important to me at the time were closest to mine.

            That’s not bravery. That’s voting my conscience-something I do every time I vote.

            I’m a union member. They threatened to throw me out if I voted my conscience. I told them to “F” off and my brothers and sisters backed me. MY local now no longer demands acquiescence when it comes to voting. It recognizes voting our conscience as the important thing to do.

          • Raguel A’septem

            OUTSTANDING POST my friend! I do the same, I vote on ISSUES rather than PARTY. I’m a registered Libertarian so you have to prove a lot to me to get my vote.
            I also saw that “true democracy” process when I lived next to a Navajo reservation in NM. However, just like American politics, money and promises of giveaways often rule (not so much in 1st Nation tribes).
            BTW, today in NC, Libertarian-leaning conservative Dr. Greg Brannon announced his candidacy to challenge RINO Richard Burr for his upcoming senate seat! Dr. Brannon is what most of NC wanted in 2014 but were told “he doesn’t have the backing to defeat Hagan”. Honestly, thanks to Hagan’s issues and her blind loyalty to Obama, a used pizza box could have beaten her!
            Well, now we have the chance to put a true conservative with libertarian ideals in place of an establishment RINO! Wish us luck, I’ll be volunteering for Dr. Brannon’s campaign and hopefully I won’t have to vote for the “lesser of two evils” again in 2016.

          • RiverMikeRat

            You may be a registered Libertarian, but you cast aspersion and name-call like the rest of the GOP/conservatives.

  • mspatdev

    Well, here we have another TRAITOR. 1 out of 11 have gone to the far-left liberals. You, sir are a coward as to the bullies that you can’t even stand up to. You are a lying demo like all of the demo’s. No wonder the demo’s had a lot of votes to pass the Iran deal. What a shame you are to your great state of South Carolina. YOU ARE A COWARD, TRAITOR, you are into your self interest and to heck with the citizens of your state and the USA. You are the worst kind of a senator. You even voted for the radical leftist loretta lynch, A.G. You are helping to destroy the USA. God is watching over the 11 of you and others in Congress. He is not pleased with you and your state isn’t . TRAITOR, TRAITOR. You are not for the people of So. Carolina and the citizens of the USA. You have your greedy hands out for you only. WHAT A DISGRACE YOU ARE.

    • RiverMikeRat

      Gone to the far left liberals. LOL. Most of these people are so far right they’re no longer in the ballpark. I find it hilarious that you people are eating your own now.

  • 13gatorgrowl

    If Jeb Bush endorsed this asshole Jeb Bush is an asshole! I hope he is NOT the candidate to go to WH!

  • Jacobite2

    Endorsed by Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney? This was no stealth candidate. Just as American Patriots considered American Tories to be more dangerous enemies than any redcoat, Rightists have to understand that RINOs are their first enemies. You don’t sally out to meet the invaders before you’ve cleaned out your own fifth-columnists.

  • Round House Zulu

    The Tea Party has been hijacked by the republican party, and became a nesting place for all of the John McCain liberals, the 5th column to the DNC.

  • wannahug

    Thank you for the names, so I know I won’t help fun anyone of them in their run for re-up to Congress period – they are supposed to be helping the GOP – not Obama! We need to start looking deeper into those candidates for Congress from now on! And for the Speaker of the House!

  • TarheelNative

    Anybody in North Carolina could have told you that before the election.

  • mdwarren67

    This WHORE ASS was paid $1.3 million in cash to pass obamatrade. Hunt Obama’s butt boy Thomy down and Hang his ass for Treason.

  • regulus30

    danmo43; his track record was to the right, so when and how and why did he move to the left; how can someone fool the Carolina voters for years and do conservative things and then become a RINO? IT IS “NOT THE Tea Party’s fault he lied.

  • dsmlstanl

    He needs to go. Never did trust a Tom that spelled his name with an “h”.

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