10 Tea Party Senate Candidates Who Moved Left – Joni Ernst



Yes, it’s a shocker. Typically politicians wait before they move to the left but it’s best to get bad news out of the way early. Ernst moved left right out of the gate and conservative voters weren’t the only ones fooled…

Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorsed Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate: “Tea Party Express’ Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, ‘Republican voters of Iowa have the chance tomorrow to nominate Joni Ernst—a strong conservative—and turn their focus to defeating liberal Congressman Bruce Braley. It is important to nominate Ernst now, given her substantial lead in all recent primary polling, and avoid a party convention that only gives Braley more time to mount his campaign unimpeded.'”

However, during her short stint in the United States Senate, Ernst has earned a disappointing rating of only 63% from Heritage Action for America (the 501c4 arm of the Heritage Foundation) and a rating of 60% from Conservative Review. One can only hope that her conservative rating will go up as time passes but her votes on issues involving the Export-Import Bank, highway bailouts, No Child Left Behind and several other bills are problematic.


Joni Ernst is a Republican United States Senator from Iowa who was elected to office in November of 2014. She was the first female from Iowa to be elected to the US Senate.

Born in Montgomery County, Iowa on July 1, 1970, Ernst was at the top of her class at Stanton High School and went on to Iowa State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then to Columbus College to earn a master’s degree in public administration.

Ernst spent a little over a year from 2003-2004 serving in Kuwait, and has served a combined total of 22 years in National Guard and Army Reserve units. She is currently the lieutenant colonel of logistics and commander of the 185th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion in Camp Dodge, Iowa.

Prior to being elected to the Iowa State Senate in 2011, Ernst was elected to the position of County Auditor for Montgomery County. She served in the State Senate for 3 years before resigning to run for U.S. Senate.

After Democratic incumbent Tom Harkin retired, Ernst announced that she would run for office. She aired a satirical television commercial comparing her experiences with castrating pigs to her ability to cut fat in Congress, which helped her raise funds and rise in the polls. After her opponent criticized her voting records and said Ernst was AWOL from her duty, Ernst responded strongly and the two exchanged bitter remarks. She debated Democratic opponent Bruce Braley three times, and eventually won the race for the United States Senate by a margin of 52% to 44%.

As a senator, Ernst serves on several committees, including Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry; Armed Services; Homeland Security and Government Affairs; and Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Ernst has publicly stated she is against the IRS, Department of Education, and the EPA from a budgetary standpoint. Ernst is a strong proponent of state’s rights, and she is against the minimum wage and environmental regulation, citing the 10th amendment as a reason for these kinds of decisions to be left up to the states. She opposed so-called “same-sex marriage” and abortion, for similar reasons. She has opposed the Affordable Care Act and she supported the war in Iraq, claiming that it seemed most likely that Iraq had possession of weapons of mass destruction.


  • regulus30

    one termer.

  • stanleyhead

    You can not follow the RINOS.

  • Coffee49

    They will all have cushy retirements even if they are voted out. Greed is the key. Playing the game with the good old boys

    • Sgt. York

      Next time they have the cushie vacations and come home to flant their lies on the great progress they are making,rotten egg them or beat their asses

    • numorning2

      I think u need to serve 2 terms in the senate to get the life time benefits…? Is she going to be re-elected?

  • reggiec

    I went through all of them and they have all become ill with what I call “Potomac Fever”. That is when they get to Washington they start to believe that they are elite and no longer have to conform to the wishes of the folks that elected them. The bombardment by special interests and lobbyists promising the moon and cash for reelection blind them to any principles they had before being elected. The pressure by those already there (the establishment) pushes them to go along to get along. If they hold to their principles they are kept off committees, any bills they try to put forward are ignored and they are shoved under the bus.
    It takes a very special kind of person to resist all of that pressure. Apparently these ten did not measure up.

    • jaybird

      They are being punished by Boehner, he has them pulled off of prime committees if they vote against the bills that are brought forth. He has said they are a family/team and need to vote the same. SEE MY POST ABOUT BOEHNER ABOVE, PLEASE

  • SaneZidane

    I do believe she is real if given a chance to get out from under the control of Benedict Arnold McConnell.

    • jaybird

      It is Bonehead Boehner that is the problem also. SEE MY POST ABOVE.

      • SaneZidane

        She is a senator and out of the clutches of Jughead Boehner. Therefore it is the strong arm tactics of Mealy Mouth Mitch McConnell and his campaign to inhibit conservativism. He’s the one that will not let any action that would impede Obummers scorched earth policies. McConnell is the turd in the senate punchbowl.

    • Roany Macaroni

      McConnell has no control over her but Boehner does.

      • SaneZidane

        I’m at a loss…how can that be so? Isn’t she a senator?

        • Roany Macaroni

          Momentary senior moment… Please forgive. Yes, she is a senator and as such is under McConnell. Sorry about that.

          I have no idea where my mind was at the time I wrote that!

          • SaneZidane

            Ah Ha…you seem to be infringing on my senior moment territory. I know the feeling. 😉
            I still think she can be herself once they get that sorry ass McConnell out of the way.


    Remember that the Council On Foreign Relation has all the money necessary to buy any corrupt politician.

  • rgarnett84720

    The average tenure of members of Congress is 17 years,and the majority of them have become millionaires, at the expense of America.

    • mspatdev

      There is more of the older ones that have been there for over 30 years. They were poor going there and now they have 30,000 millions of dollars.

  • Roany Macaroni

    Yep, she pulled the wool over a lot of constituent’s eyes including mine; but you know the old saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”? It won’t happen again.

    One termer is right.

    • jaybird

      Very disappointed in her.

      • Roany Macaroni

        So am I and I regularly write to her and tell her that; not that it seems to matter.

        • Sgt. York

          Her words,who in the hell are you just a voter. Here I am boys doing my Libbie thing after I pulled the wool over the dumb butts eyes,pass the money I’m getting low

        • crazyfreddie


      • Disgusted Caucasian

        Me too. The listing forgot about two of the biggies…..Pat ‘the rat’ Toomey and Jeff Flake.

        • jaybird

          They sure did, they have shone their A$$ since Trump was elected!!

    • bornfreeamerican

      Kelly Ayotte and Jeff Flake did the same thing!

      • SCSOCAL

        They were both moderates and anybody that voted for them thinking they were Conservatives didn’t do their homework!

        • http://batman-news.com tarbella

          Yep! Homework is important.

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      • metheoldsarge

        Flake. Interesting name for a RINO.

    • metheoldsarge

      She is also a Lt Colonel in the National Guard. I wonder what her subordinates think about her?

  • Michael David Callahan

    Why don`t these people just join the Democratic party.

  • Nikita63

    It is more than likely a case of being under the traitorous thumb of Mitch McConnell’s dislike for CONSERVATVES , Tea Partiers and veterans; the same thing that hurts all Conservatives with Boehner as Speaker of he House and BOTH of them should be ousted as NEITHER has done squat for their constituents and have been more beneficial l to illegals and other undesirables; like the oppressive programs of the Administration rather than acting in opposition to them as they were ELECTED TO DO! LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE DONALD! HE MAY NOT BE PRETTY BUT HE IS EFFECTIVE AND IF HE IS NOT ASSASSINATED MIGHT MAKE A BETTER PRESIDENT THAN ANYONE SUSPECTS SIMPLY BECAUSE HE IS NOT BY NATURE OR INCLINATION A CAREER PARASITE AS ARE ALL CAREER POLITICIANS.! Respect is EARNED. If you go by collective performance these past 7 years, how much RESPECT has been EARNED by anyone in this fraud of an Administration?

    • jaybird

      A real Conservative, Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) has put forth a motion for Boehner to “vacate the Speakers Seat” This motion is before the “Rules Committee” and they want it to go away because they took a head count before the August recess and they do NOT have enough votes to save his A$$. He has been punished by Boehner for not voting with the family/team (his words) or my words the Mafia Cartel. He pulls Conservatives off prime committees. Meadows was put back on because of public outcry. I could not believe that Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) pulled him off because he said he had to make changes but finally reinstated him, I guess he was following orders from Boehner. This Congressman needs your support, please call your Congressman and tell him to support Meadows motion. If we can’t get rid of him now, we have to wait until he is up for re-election and the good people of OH will have to do it. Nothing will happen unless there is people pressure. Please help!

      • Nikita63

        I am aware of mark meadows vacate plans and also the fact that the votes are not there or were not to save Boehner’s position had not the House went on hiatus. You can bet there is wheeling and dealing going on we will know nothing of to save his worthless behind for in truth; the GOP is FULL of nothing but Counterfeit Democrats and THAT is one reason a total neophyte like big, bad, brash, bold and RIGHT Donald Trump is scaring the excrement out of BOTH parties and, IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE HAS SPOKEN AS HE HAS! Political correctness has destroyed this society and It is time for a sea change. With the Donald, we may get just that and I have a sneaking suspicion he would make a far better president than most think he would; simply because he is NOT a career parasite as are most pols and because he does as he says he will! MY , HOW UTTERLY REFRESHING THAT WOULD BE FOR A MUCH DEPRIVED, PERSECUTED AND OVERTAXED AMERICAN CITIZEN CONSTITUENCY SICK OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND THIS ADMINISTRATION IN PARTICULAR!~

        • jaybird

          Trump is refreshing! Whoever wins will have to deal with Bonehead and McJoke. Please call your Congressman to try and get Bonehead out, we have to try.

          • Nikita63

            My Congressman , Seth Moulton of the 6th Massachusetts congressional district did 4 tours in Iraq and as a platoon Commander in the USMC, led one of the first infantry units to enter Baghdad. One would think he might be opposed to the Iran Nuclear deal but he SUPPORTS it ; even though Iran is the predominant supporter of world wide Islamic terror and not to be trusted with a long history of treaty violations. He is par for the course in my state since until he was “promoted,” to Secretary of State to replace a prior crooked incompetent as one himself, John Forbes Kerry was my very short term senior Senator. I am a Vietnam vet and despise him. I am no fan of our two Senators EITHER as they ALWAYS vote a party agenda and NEVER what is best for their constituents; at least not those who are American citizens. One is very prominent in the Senate and the Democratic party though she has little practical experience and a penchant for, shall we say, “exaggeration,: of her American Cherokee Indian heritage. The other is a long term congressman of little or no real accomplishment. The first is, of course: Elizabeth Warren, a transplant from Oklahoma we know cryptically as “Lieawatha;” a name given her by local columnist Howie Carr. The other, Ed Markey. I did not and will; not vote for either of them and WILL work in 2016 or whenever they separately come up for re-election , AGAINST THEM. Why vote for anyone who never votes for anything that will benefit YOU but always illegals or other undesirables? ( like the voting of exemptions from Obamacare for all the OTHER parasites in congress) I agree: Bonehead and McJoke have to go but, there will be, I fear, no help from these useless party agenda drones! It is no accident that all of those mentioned are listed as democrats. I would call them what I think they are but I’d likely wind up in a FEMA camp by special invitation engraved in platinum! I know trying with these turkeys is futile because I have tried; many times; all for NOTHING!

          • jaybird

            My Uncle is a Vietnam vet, we talk at lest twice a week. I knew who you were talking about when you said Indian heritage and had to laugh, had not heard her nickname (Liawatha) before.
            I kinda know what you are up against but I do have a Repub. Congressman that is usually agreeabl. 2 Demorat Senators that are not. . Hang in there, we have to do what we feel might work.

          • mspatdev

            I agree with you. I also knew who you were talking about and yes, that Fema camp will have quite a few of us. When your supposedly Indian was running for office in Mass., they found out that she was not an Indian, but she is still running on it. If I was an Indian in Mass. I would against her.

          • Nikita63

            I am of Greek ancestry and my forbears came here in compliance with rather than in violation of American Law. I am the first to receive a degree but NOT the first to serve honorably in the military, though I am a Vietnam Vet of the 1968 Tet Offensive and with a degree in government. I enlisted to fulfill my CITIZENSHIP OBLIGATION under Selective Service in force at the time but I surely NEVER thought then that this country would be as damaged as it has been by those who as career parasites, thieves and liars, have so severely damaged our freedoms and choices as the traitors I see them as to their oaths of office and therefore to the country and all American citizens. Period! THEY NEED TO BE CONSTITUTIONALLY REMOVED: ALL OF THEM IN BOTH PARTIES!

        • mspatdev

          I agree with you. Trump and Cruz are on the hit list as D.C. doesn’t want either one of them in office. Trump has made the public aware of what is going on in the USA. There have been a lot of us wanting some like Trump to step in and to make a difference. He has the temperment, money, knows what to do, vehicles, etc. This administration has been in the works for a long time. His records, life and everything has been closed to everyone. He has paid millions of dollars to keep it quiet. But the world already knows a lot of what he is hiding. This is a very evil, vindictive, people. Only thing I have to say about it, he will get his just reward. He can’t hid from God and the angels. Every nail that he puts into us is more that he will have to suffer and his minions.

          • Nikita63

            The left cannot hide their ineptitutde ot the crookedness of Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Al Sharpton, Micheal Bloomberg Chuck Schuker, Valerie Jarret, Sheila Jackson Lee, Jessie Jackson and Stephanie Rawlings Blake who is resigning or not running for re-election as mayor of Baltimore after the damage SHE and her leftist administration CAUSED! Neither can it be denied that EVERY investigation of impropriety from Fast and Furious to Benghazi to Solyndra to Deep Horizon AND every other scandal HAS been obfuscated and held up by denial of FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT requests by Judicial Watch and other agencies looking to Impeach the president for CAUSE! Where the STILL in Contempt of Congress former attorney General, Eric Holder left off, the continuing contrived interference is ongoing by his replacement , Loretta Lynch who herself, NEVER should have been confirmed. Don’t think so? Look at the leftist attempt to shut down Trey Gowdy’s ongoing investigation OF SHRILLARY’S TRANSGRESSIONS; MOST OF WHICH CERTIANLY APPEAR CRIMINAL IN NATURE AND SHE AS A PROFESSIONAL PREVARICATOR ALL THE WAY FROM HER ROLE IN WATERGATE INVESTIGATIONS AT AGE 27 AND THE WHITEWATER AND LEWINSKI SORDID SORTIES!.

          • PatriotGal

            mspatdev, they put Lt. Col. Allen West (ret) on that hit list of being toooo conservative and by redistricting him from a predominantly R area to a D area, got him out. Sure, it is the State that redistricts, but I’ll bet my last nickel, it was the RNC that had him redistricted and Boehner led the parade.

      • Chaz d

        Yup. I did write to my congressman, Mick Mulvaney (SC) and he responded with a letter stating he supports Mark Meadows. So there’s one more good one. Term limits for congress would go a long way in curbing the self-serving career politicians. My senator, Tim Scott supports term limits and we should make that an issue every chance we get.

        • jaybird

          Thanks so much. I have seen others supporting term limits. Congressman Brat (R-VA) very Conservative supports them, this is his 1st term, he replaced Eric Cantor who was Boehner’s partner ( I think Minority Whip?), he was not automatically put in Cantor’s position-I think McCarthy got it.. It is encouraging to see others supporting this. In VA, I have a Demorat Gov. and 2 Demorat Senators because of the gov. workers that live in Northern VA near DC, they vote Demorat. We have to fight on every issue at every chance we get.

          • mspatdev

            Term limits are the only way to go and no big retirements. obama did a presidential executive order a couple of years ago. He gave put himself up to 1 million dollars a year. Congress he put them up to $750,000 a year raise for what? They all don’t do their jobs. Some do, but the traitors have been threaten to do what obama wants. Congress, especially, in the past 7 years has gone the way of obama destroying the USA. I am very disappointed in Joni Ernst, as she has displayed what she has done for the women that really want to make a difference. Wow her and hillary are no examples of women in the USA Congress. They have broke the promises of women being elected. The men are not any better. Then Congress wonders why the people have no respect for them, I don’t. Even my own older senator has voted more for demo’s then GOP. I have no respect for him. I used to, but not any more.

          • mork

            Dont forget the LIFETIME secret service protection.

          • PatriotGal

            Congressman Brat is most impressive, more so because he was/is a college professor. One would think he would have been far left from the get go. Thank God, he is not.

        • 13gatorgrowl

          I also wrote and called my reps. THEY ALL LIE! They send the “I am on your side” letters BUT they continue to kiss a$$!

          • Chaz d

            That would be discouraging for sure. However, you can always write back and tell them you are aware of their two-faced game and that you will actively work for their opponent in the next election.

          • PatriotGal

            Absolutely, Chaz. Just because they write and “say”… means nothing. Keep writing – they do not have to have the last word. They are supposed to work FOR us, not AGAINST us.

          • Sgt. York

            Problem is only a low class secratary reads them,shit cans the ones that bite their hindleg and pass the sugar coated ones on.

        • USAPatriotSC

          I also am from SC and we have good Conservative Reps here. Last year I voted for Tim Scott and Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham needs to go, I voted for myself. I will never vote for Haley again, she is a coward and has no pride in her State, she caved immediately in the Flag fiasco. Tim Scott will not get my vote if someone as good runs against him. He caved also on the Flag.

          • numorning2

            they pander, lots of battles to be picked, was this one important enough to get these 2 who generally vote conservative thrown out of there? careful what we wish for…

      • 13gatorgrowl

        GOOD people of OHIO put him in and keep voting for him to stay in!
        The General Population has NO control on what is going on because EVERY AH in each state is out for their wants and selfishness in their state! THEY do not believe in THE UNITED STATES–they believe in ME, MINE, OURS!

        • Nikita63

          Well, ANOTHER who sees the world , especially this country as it in fact, IS!

      • PatriotGal

        Boehner has been vindictive, nasty and outright contemptuous of conservatives. He should not have a month left to “rein”. He resigned and should be out immediately!

        • jaybird

          I think they should give him his final paycheck and let him go.

      • Donna Mohler

        Until he gets in! Then he will be the opposite!

    • 13gatorgrowl

      AND—he is NOT a LAWYER (wolf)!

      • Nikita63

        Good thinking! Shakespeare had it right 500 years ago when he said in one of his works that “we should shoot all the Solicitors” (another term for lawyer as is quack or barrister!)

    • Mark Noske

      Seems to be a trend, to some extent! Politics as “Unusual” as opposed to “Usual”! Career politicians TAKE NOTICE! The electorate is sick and tired of empty promises and do-nothing politicians who are more interested in padding their own pockets than doing the job they were elected to do! It’s ABOUT TIME, as far as I’m concerned! Career Politicians, beware! Stop padding you’re pockets and do you’re job!

      • PatriotGal

        Mark, are there enough of us? I wonder. FL used to be a great state with good, firm belief in law, order and the Constitution. Now, little by little the miserable libs from the NE and CA are moving in and ruining local governments. The City of Sarasota had been a good city with a mix on the board of commissioners. As of the last recent election, it is TOTALLY DEMONcRAT. First thing they did, was raise taxes in the city. Here we go another wonderful city being ruined at the hands of the DEMONcRATS. Just watch it decay.

  • Karen207

    I donated $200 to her campaign. That won’t happen again.

    • jaybird

      I recently got an e-mail, she wants more money. I deleted it.

  • Jimmyj

    You’ll never get my damn vote again,lieing traitors. Money and Obama’s ass!!



  • USAPatriotSC

    Although not a Senator I am surprised in Mia Love, she immediately caved to the left on day 1. Conservative Review Score of 58 which is an F.

    • SaneZidane

      I feel sorry for her too as she tries to settle in under the severe coercion of Sot Boehner. I feel she has no choice but to lay back until there is fairness in the GOP leadership. Like another clown that lives in the White House, Boehner is also an enemy of the American people along with traitor McConnell.

  • poetwarrior

    Primaries. That is the key. Fire their asses.

  • bifatjac

    Joni has always been pro-farmer, which should be no surprise to anyone.. She introduced the bill to defund planned parenthood, though. She is a strong supporter of our veterans, too. Those issues go a long way with me. I will vote for her again. She is under pressure of Boehner. That is who needs to go.

    • SaneZidane

      I agree wholeheartedly that she in all aspects is a real conservative and true to the cause, But she has nothing to do with Boehner, who’s sorry ass needs to be booted out of his position of doing Obama’s bidding. It is _itch McConnell who is Obama’s bitch in reality. He is impeding the whole process by using the same methods of coercion Boehner does.

      • mspatdev

        He follows what h. reid says. There was a picture the last couple of days with his people and the one guy looked very discussed. mcconnell looks like he has dementia or alsheimer.

  • stevor

    I figure ALL these folks get the “call in the night” to inform them of what’s expected of them, telling them that we really only have the UniParty (with two cheeks on that butt) and how if they don’t just want to be made totally useless, there’s certain things that they need to bow to, namely Israel and the banksters.

  • Sarge

    Can’t believe you left out Marco Rubio!

  • Sarge

    Tea Party is not good at vetting their candidates.

  • Omar

    Anyone that has been in the military would know that a female LTC is a bootlicker par excellence. No surprise here.

  • buddman

    Typical lying sack of S hit politcian

  • madhatter46

    Washington DC is the Tolkien ‘Precious Ring,’ which corrupts all individuals with the addictive called “power.” Once they slip the ring on their finger the obsession controls the wearer. Is there a BIlbo Baggins anywhere?

  • Paul Nix

    LACK of INTEGRITY is “CATCHING” in Congress…almost guaranteed!!

  • SirWilhelm

    That’s problem People. We can trust NO ONE. Since there is no one we can trust, the country is doomed.


    Well, Ted Cruz is a true conservative.

  • TB

    To me, it sounds like Tea Party Express isn’t truly conservative… they would score pretty low for such endorsements.

  • flicker66

    She acts like a dishonorable democrat. Very disappointing.

  • Seldena

    I just don’t believe some of these people did this. This is their first year and I think they will learn and be better next year–SURELY!

  • GrumpyOleMan

    All liars are not politicians. But all politicians ARE liars! Which is why the current top two contenders for the GOP primaries are Trump and Carson! I heard someone comment tonight that you could run out into the road, pull the driver of the first car you can stop out and they would do a better job in Washington DC than anyone who is there now! I think I concur.

  • harrydweeks

    Typical Rino’s . Just Republican liars instead of Demorat liars.

  • 13gatorgrowl

    Looks like we have too many “wolves in sheep’s clothing” running in GOP!
    I do not think any of the GOP is kissing Obama’s shoes! THEY ACTUALLY THINK LIKE OBAMA! They pretend to be conservative BUT are running for GOP seats like the turncoats who switch from party to party just to get a seat! with NO dignity for the Party principles!
    We have had 29 years since the last TRUE GOP was in Office! Look at the maze?????
    It is a plain as the noses on our faces! There are NO Conservatives running for office anymore! Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” was a Republican Rep from Florida in the 1990’s. HE switched parties– NOW look at him! Think about the activities and platforms EVERY GOP has! Not one is 100% Conservative!
    Rick Perry quit the GOP candidacy for OUTUS because he caught big s#*t from the Texans who are Latino descent or illegal alien associated! THAT is why MANY public officials are putting their tail between their legs!
    Look at all the candidates: EVERYONE says they will “fix” the illegal invasion problem BUT HOW? AMNESTY! NOT ONE politician has the guts to enforce US Sovereignty and SAVE USA for the LEGAL American People who BUILT THIS Country!
    PEOPLE Better start looking for the forest in the trees! We are right now like Italy was during Mussolini RULE! ———Fascists (LGBT, Racial haters, gangs, criminals, drug dealers and suppliers) fighting communists (LIBERALS, RHINOs, PUBLIC OFFICIALS OF ALL PARTIES, PACs and RICH) with the LEGAL INCOME TAX PAYING UPSTANDING Americans IN THE MIDDLE AND PAYING for ALL of this BS!
    *NO ILLEGAL ALIEN has PAID for anything! NO refugee has PAID for anything since 1963.
    +Drugs keep 17 million STONED: turned on, tuned in and dropped out!
    *Gangs are here for ONE thing: US Government allows them here and allows them to operate like the Mafioso!
    *Every special interest gets EVERYTHING They WANT!
    *The typical Legal American Citizen who pays INCOME TAXES from working a JOB is FOOTING THE BILL!
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of EVIL is for ONE good man or woman to do NOTHING!

  • 13gatorgrowl

    Every politician sits in the Congress and LIES! They go back to constituents in their States and have those “feel good” town meetings, send out those “I am on your side” letters BUT THEY DO NOTHING BUT LIE! They all say: “I support securing the borders”, “I support this”, “I support That”, BUT NOTHING CHANGES! THEY all continue down the slippery slope of LIARS in the US Government! Look at the SCOTUS, Look at Washington, Our Borders are WIDE OPEN and we are forced to PAY THE ILLEGALS WAY! The POTUS has too much power and always has! Congress just kisses a$$! The American People continue to pay out the nose while OUR families have to pay for other’s laziness and good for nothing drug addicted lives!
    Maybe it is time for USA to go communist!–That is what it seems everyone wants!
    NOTHING HAS CHANGED SINCE in this Country since 1963!

  • http://www.rt.com Alondra

    Beware of Liberals, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves !!!
    Now give them a kiss of DEATH !!!

  • USAPatriotSC

    What I get from these 10 lying and traitorous Politicians is The TEA Party needs to stop endorsing a Candidate just because a RINO wins the nomination. The TEA Party needs to look closer at past records and actually talk to the person they will endorse. Marco Rubio stabbed the Florida TEA Party in the back and they will not have anything to do with him.

  • http://oldfox.info/ Terry “OldFox” Seale

    Er, “Ernst has publicly stated she is against the IRS, Department of Education, and the EPA from a budgetary standpoint. Ernst is a strong proponent of state’s rights, and she is against the minimum wage and environmental regulation, citing the 10th amendment as a reason for these kinds of decisions to be left up to the states. She opposed so-called “same-sex marriage” and abortion, for similar reasons. She has opposed the Affordable Care Act and she supported the war in Iraq, claiming that it seemed most likely that Iraq had possession of weapons of mass destruction.”
    What is wrong about that? Those are correct, Tea Party, conservative, patriotic positions.

  • ICorps

    Voters should have known better than to vote for someone who campaigned on her experience in castrating pigs. She merely substituted conservatives for pigs.

  • ICorps

    It seems that the Tea Party Express needs removal more than its endorsed candidates.

  • Rodger K. Shull

    They are all, LIARS an CORRUPT an CRIMINALS, they promise an then break promise, with regularity , if they said a promise then they need to be held to that promise, or get the BOOT an an EXIT DOOR, previous congress-persons an senators, have made laws that gave the new generation a BIG PRIZE in wage an benefits, it is all about GREED an the knowing that only an election can get them BOOTED OUT OF OFFICE, but still keep all of that PRIZE FOR LIFE. NOT ONE VOTE should go thru , either house, with out the public,s approval , an all that needs to be done is with the cell phone,.

  • boydasmith

    I don’t get it,… ??…
    I’m still looking for the information in this article, WHICH EXPLAINS what policy-positions she has actually changed on,.. to become a traitor to the Tea-Party?
    Unfortunately,.. there’s a WHOLE LOT OF ACCUSATIONS,.. on some of these websites,,.. which don’t clearly explain WHY there should be ‘anger’ against conservatives. Is this mentality the same as the ‘Black-Lives-Matter’ movement,.. only form a ‘conservative’ side? Just want to stir-up emotion-anger-Crusade? Usually the accusations that I see stated seem unfounded, and baseless,… just a misguided and MISPLACED need to WHINE-AND-COMPLAIN.. An ‘unbalanced’ wish to call someone a RINO.
    Usually, the person being called a RINO has a questionable position on some policy,. but may be very good (from a Conservative-perspective on OTHER POSITIONS.
    But I see the ‘anger’ and name-calling from supposed-conservatives,.. as usually just peevish-factionalism. Nothing Biblical,… nothing sound,… just a ‘tempest in a teapot’,… a temper-tantrum without a good outcome,.. not guided by principles of truth of the Bible,.. but useless hand-wringing. It just leads to dis-repaired judgment!
    Once you ‘label’ someone,.. then you don’t have to think anymore. That’s the tool of the Left, which misguides so many Obama-and-Democrat-voters. Just call Conservatives ‘RACIST’,.. and you can discard their ideas,… NO ‘thinking’ necessary. .
    It seems that spiritual darkness is pulling the ‘bitterness’ chain of a lot of confused, and hysterical folks who call themselves ‘conservatives’,.. but usually it’s on some remote, particular ‘hobby-horse’ subject,.. which is not being massaged-as-they-wish it to be? Or it’s a HALF-TRUTH about he person, which the accuser grinds-on?
    But we have to see the WHOLE truth,.. the whole picture within ‘context’,…. PATIENCE’ is still a ‘fruit of the Holy Spirit of God. And no one is PERFECT,.. only God’s love is perfect. Once your justify your victim-hood status,.. your anger will only create more problems than you think you solve.

    Please,.. give me a better argument, than he/she is a RINO? Please, tell me something of substance,,.. and significance,.. which is of a CLEAR moral danger, if you expect me to join your LYNCH-MOB!

    Ideas, Truth, and Courage MATTER!


  • David

    Guess we have 10 more flakes to keep our eye on…tea party turn coats won’t get you what you want !!!

  • Jane Wegener

    I am EXTREMELY disappointed in her!! God help America when politicians lie.

  • SaneZidane

    I still feel Joni is for real. She just couldn’t run far enough to be away from Thugboat Senator _itch McConnell and his threats of goodies and position he would keep from her to become as effective as she had promise. Truth be known, it has happened to others caught in the same situation.Threats from the senates top Turncoat RINO can be too severe to overcome at the time. Give her a chance once Mealy Mouth McConnell is booted out of his ill gotten position.

  • edward gamils

    Why are these liars that turn into RINO’s still in their positions. Can they not be recalled by the voters they are misleading by these SOB’s.

  • Mwalltexan

    Where’s Marco Rubio? The establishment’s darling and a proud member of the “Gang of Eight”!
    At least he was proud of himself as one of the eight until it backfired on him and then he began to scramble.

    He’s an “establishment RINO” wannabe, make no mistake about him, he’s a little weasel.

  • canurelate

    I called her D.C. office last week and commented on her campaign ad about castrating hogs. Since she voted “Yea” on the CR I guess she doesn’t mind funding PP abortions either! Truly disgusting! Told them I wanted my campaign contribution BACK! I know that is a pipe dream…just couldn’t resist. I’m done with Ernst and her ilk! Done making campaign contributions to the so called Republican Party!

  • Klaus Krauthammer

    The lying worms always take over the apple. Our country is rotten with traitors.

  • Canesmang

    I think this staunch conservative to RINO is a disase that prevails around the country. I know it does in my county in Florida. Candidates must be thoroughly vetted, and held accountable for their actions!!!

  • Bob Russell

    this is why I am no longer a republican, they lie as much as democrats and stab us in the back as soon as they get into office

  • Ranchman

    Recall her, right now, before she can screw things up even more.

  • RiverMikeRat

    LOL. Moved left. That’s funny.

    I was just having this conversation with someone the other day. If a GOP politician doesn’t completely toe the party line and shows some common sense and maybe even a desire to compromise a little in order to actually do their job and get some useful work done in office, they’re automatically called a RINO by the farthest right and the extreme hard right media. It’s the main reason that this Congress and the one before are and were the worst ever in terms of not doing a damn thing to get the US back on track to sustainability in terms of job creation, infrastructure upgrades and repairs, and more.

    Governing is all about compromise, give a little, get a little. But all the hard right wants it to get, they (you) don’t want to give any. You’re causing our once great country to become a fourth-rate third world shithole.

  • Sgt. York

    Just showing the tea parties big dogs don’t look deep into the backgrounds of thier love fest people. Could this involve a little money under the table??????

  • Donna Mohler

    Remove all of them!

  • PPTA

    Can you recall her.with a petition, then a vote?

  • scott

    say good by you liberal dik sucking scumbags

  • Greg

    There is a lot of money to be made on the dark side of Politics! If you don’t have your own serious money coming into politics, the offer for wealth on the dark side is a very strong irresistible draw?

  • hangman57

    I have lost respect for everyone of them . This is why no Politician is rising in the polls .The only ones high in the polls are not even Politicians . You have two Businessman ,and one Doctor !

  • JYuma

    Maybe the Tea Partyiers should start using their heads instead of their Butts when picking a person to Vote for. The Witch did me in. . Maybe we should look a little closer from now on.
    Ho! By the way, The Flake here in Az. number is up.

  • stanleyhead

    As has happened the elected can get more money by voting with the liberals then the native Americans. Native over illigal. Most RINOS are in government to reap a sizable retirement and Kick back money for their vote. We the people do not know how much we love someone untill they are sick & close to death. America is sick and close to death; If the native Americans loose the next election to some socialest America is dead. We need a leader who can pull our country out of the doldrums. Some one who went bankrupt but did not quit. A person who is not of the establishment but under stands business. I say Trump would fill that bill.

  • 13gatorgrowl

    SHE is NOT a patriot. I do not care if she is a Veteran, she is snake s#it!

  • josebear5

    replace her she not any good.

  • George Blumel

    Actions do indeed speak louder than words! It Is By Their Votes Ye
    Shall Know Them.

  • Mwalltexan

    Why isn’t Rubio included among the RINOs? Oh yeah, he’s reinventing himself AGAIN!

  • Karl Sparn

    Everyone “should” stick to their values and commitments, but something happens when newly elected ‘junior congressmen and senators’ arrive in Washington, DC. I have yet to discover the torturous location or the verbiage expressed that turn heads and disrupt one’s principles. One only needs to witness the likes of: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Charles Rangel, and others, to better understand the terror that may exist, for newcomers. The system has been corrupted and elected individuals no-longer…for the most part, choose to make the hard choices, and work for the people that elected them into office.

  • Tifter

    Do any of them ever move right? Ever?

  • Valor

    Just 10 more reasons I no longer support the GUP (Give Up Party). If I am going to waste my vote it will be on 3rd party candidates.

  • Carol

    Once they get in they are either liars or brainwashed OR BOTH! TRAITORS!

  • rgarnett84720

    The old guard average, tenure 17 years, of both the Republican and Democratic parties sold America out
    years ago, and the majority of them have become millionaires selling your Freedom.

  • mork

    The promises the NWO presents must be irresistible. Money? Power? Eternal life? I wonder what it is to make most compromise their integrity.

  • JBRoux

    Not so much that they shifted left, They did. But it’s how seamlessly they just moved right in with the Washington Establishment. It’s politics, I get it, but from “I’m your Tea Party Candidate” to giving us the middle finger and probably referring to Tea Party as “tea baggers”.

  • Gabriel A. King

    Ted Cruz ?

  • Phil Esposito

    Vote the lying cheat out.

  • dleeper47

    “Just elect the right people!” is the cry of the John Birch Society and the Eagle Forum. Well, look at what happens even when we score apparent victories at the ballot box. Those we’ve worked hard to elect were either deceiving us or have been seduced by Washington elites, “gone native”, and succumbed to “Potomac Fever.”

    Moral: the ballot box is certainly *necessary*, but it is not *sufficient*. Stated simply, the ballot box *alone* is not enough. We *also* need to use the remedy the Framers put in the US Constitution under Article V. See, for example, conventionofstates.com and/or compactforamerica.org. And by all means buy, beg, borrow, or steal a copy of Mark Levin’s book, the Liberty Amendments. It will give you hope …

  • Rodger K. Shull

    Once a ” BETRAYER ” all ways a BETRAYER , never believe a word they say, get proof, if they say it is a beautiful sunny day out side, go look, do not take their word of it. rinos an demo,s just lie from lie to lie, NO HONESTY, in the lot,

  • charles17121

    Everyone knows when politicians go to DC they are ether part of the Good Old Boys Club or they are out . It is like joining a swimming club and not being allowed to use the pool unless you use the suits provided .



  • OlGyreneFU

    We as citizens should have learned by now that if any politician speaks that they are only saying what they think those who will be voting want to hear, and that they will not be held responsible for what they actually do or say after they are voted into office. But only because we the people do not pay attention once we put them in office or we just plain do not care enough to do anything about them not actually performing as their pre election rhetoric said they would.

  • clearmorning7

    What makes this happen. What makes a candidate that says all the right things, makes you believe what they are saying but once they get to DC, it becomes another? These 10 were trusted people, we believed in them so much that we worked very hard to help elect them, we spent money, time, phone calls, letters etc. to help get these people where they are. Is there a “Pious pill, or elitists drug” in DC? That once they are elected they feel they know better than the “common man” that put them there? How is it that they no longer remember or even care about promises made, is there a drug there that erases memory? Is this a “Royalty syndrome? Seriously what makes these people change where they think the people just don’t know, or don’t care. or don’t remember?? These elected officials have so corrupted society and expect US -WE the people-to allow it??? It is incredulous to me the freaken arrogance that they have. Their salary is paid by US, they got into office because of US, what, they think we could not do their job? The only reason why we are not there is 1)we did not have the money 2) we do not have the connections 3) we will not sell our souls to become such sellouts 4) we have a conscience 5) we care. Look folks what they have done is really unforgivable, we really need to fight for term limits and these 10 are perfect proof as to why! This is not what our Founders wanted to happen, this is what our founders warned us about!

  • metheoldsarge

    She isn’t due for reelection until 2020. Perhaps she hopes the voters will forget by then.

  • Alan Wood

    You left out the lying hag Palin. She is not elected to anything now – and never will be again, but supporting a baby killing, socialist medicine supporting, property stealing slime like the Rump puts that hag at the top of this list!

  • Colleen Gill Rotter

    Most of them do this ! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me ~~~ D##N Rhinos !

  • Ruth Kennedy Williams

    They need to include Ted Cruz to their list.

  • SofiesVoice

    I am so disappointed with these traitors. So typical now of politicians lying to get votes and then showing their true colors. Beyond shameful..They won’t get my vote next time…..if there is a next time.

  • http://www.noruler.net tasine

    I think they are too weak to handle the massive onslaught of derision conservatives face day in and day out. They may have good intentions in the beginning, but when they enter HELL, it’s harder to stick with their promises they should not have made in the first place.

    I was the first woman mayor in the history of my county, and in running I made NO PROMISES. I told the people that the only promise I COULD make is that I would be HONEST and FORTHRIGHT. That got me elected. I accomplished what I set out to do, and never ran again – but I kept the only promise I made.

  • Dora

    Tea party has not been good with the vetting process for awhile. As a non tea party (used to be) my fam, myself, as well as many others, especially those of us that were opposed to amnesty were totally against Cory Gardner, Colorado. The tea party wave got him in. Don’t know much about Joni but I do know that my mom liked her.

  • canurelate

    No wonder Gov. Terry Branstad is “pushing” for Trump to name her as his Veep! Just this week Branstad was all on board for Trump. Branstad used to be a conservative…now “not so much”. Oh, and yes I did vote for Ernst…sorry I was deceived by this Rino. I do call her Senate office and call her out for backing the current regime. Although I’m not on the Trump train I don’t care if he chooses a male or female for the Veep position. If he chooses a proven conservative as a running mate I would feel more comfortable voting for him.

  • harrydweeks

    Vote them all out. So much for vetting.

  • mdwarren67

    This Senate Whore took $1.4 Million in cash to pass obamaTrade. Hunt the Butt Slut down and Hang her for Treason.

  • willhen50

    She is only beholden to the party, her vote on the Republican’s $1.3 trillion Omnibus bill shows she is more of the pig than the ones doing the castrating.