#10 – Richard Burr




Conservative Report Card:

Heritage Action: 49
American Conservative Union: 88
Conservative Review: 49

Shortly after his last election to the United States Senate as a TEA Party candidate, the website for the North Carolina TEA Party was compelled to write: “Folks we have had a slew of emails come in about how bad Richard Burr is, how they regret voting for him last month and sending facts about his voting record. We have done some preliminary research and so far things don’t look very promising for the Senator. Therefore we are going to make it a priority to watch this man like a hawk…”


Richard Burr is one of the two Republican senators from North Carolina, having secured the office in 2005. He replaced then senator John Edwards who left the senate to run for President. Mr. Burr is a native of Winston-Salem, N.C and attended Wake Forest University, graduating in 1978 with a degree in communications.

Burr played varsity football for the Demon Deacons and is a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Mr. Burr is married to Brooke Burr, a real estate agent and they have two sons.

Prior to his election to the Senate, Burr worked as a sales manager for a distributor of lawn equipment. He ran for the House in 1992 but lost. In 1994 Burr won in the Republican landslide that occurred that year. When Edwards left the senate, Burr campaigned against Erskine Bowles, the Democratic nominee in one of the most expensive campaigns up to that date. Burr was funded primarily by business led political action committees (PAC’s) in the amount of some $2.8 million.

Burr is the chairperson for the Select Committee on Intelligence. Additionally, the Senator serves on the subcommittees for Health Care, Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure, Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Growth within the Senate Committee on Finance. He also is a member of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions and serves on the Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety, and Primary Health and Aging.

Committee Assignments:

Committee on Finance
Subcommittee on Health Care
Subcommittee on Energy, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure
Subcommittee on Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Growth

Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Subcommittee on Employment and Workplace Safety
Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging

Select Committee on Intelligence (Chairman)

These rankings of the Top Eleven RINOs in the United States Senate was compiled and primarily based upon the Senate rankings from Heritage Action (the 501c4 arm of the Heritage Foundation) Scorecard and secondarily using rankings from the American Conservative Union and Conservative Review Scorecards.  We encourage you to visit those sites for more detailed information.

  • The Frog Prince

    Smoke & Mirrors RINO



  • Nancy Norton

    You should have John Cornyn of Texas on this list…

  • http://none Charles

    that one really surprised me. I always thought he was as advertised. He
    Always answered the email I sent him, he always said he was against
    Gun control and so on. I kind of feel bad ’cause I sort of liked the guy.
    Now I must shun him, which I will do as I’m a libertarian and staunch
    Right winger. Doesn’t t leave much around here does it.

  • http://none Charles

    I already posted a comment

  • Carolyn

    I PRAY Greg Brannon will run again. NC deserves an HONORABLE Senator, not a lying SOB like Burr.

  • http://outlook Bill

    I would like to know from an attorney if it would be feasible and legal to file a suit in small claims court to get donation money back from a politician that campaigned on issues then did a complete 180 from those issues when actually voting in congress. I know that if our current Sen Gardner from Colorado had told the truth during his campaign I would not have contributed or voted for him!

    If their is an attorney out there please respond.

  • katjan68

    So where is John McCain on this list?? He votes 98% of the time with the Demonratsa!

  • Dirty Daug

    This does not surprise me as most members of the House and Senate are for sale to the highest bidder. When it gets close to election we all should be reminded who the RHINO’s are.

  • Patriot41

    Burr is definitely no patriotic conservative. Burr is for Burr period!